Looking at this year’s Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match we have some strong names and potential winners including Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Alexa Bliss but despite being arguably the weakest qualifier, Lana, is currently one of the fan favourites to go all the way and walk out Miss Money in the Bank ’18. Making her in-ring debut one year ago at this exact pay per view Lana looks to make history and capture the briefcase that could change her career massively!

If we’re being honest, over the past twelve months Lana hasn’t shown great improvements in the ring from her debut. She’s still rather green and when compared to her Money in The Bank opponents she isn’t as technically strong, experienced, or confident in the ring but what she does have over a lot of her opponents is the support of the fans. Of course, just as we see during every MITB ladder match the fans are divided as to who should get the win but with the rise of Rusev day and the fact Lana has always been a fan favourite she is heading into this pay per view a genuine favourite. If we take a look at last year’s historic women’s Money in the Bank ladder match Carmella wasn’t the strongest in-ring performer to compete but she did walk out with the briefcase in hand and so could Lana follow in her footsteps?

One of the most over stars in the WWE right now is, of course, Rusev who will also be a part of Money in the Bank this year competing in the men’s ladder match and he too is listed as one of the favourites for the win. Both Lana and Rusev have been highlighted as two of the most over stars over on Smackdown LIVE and so why not have the first ever Mr. and Mrs. Money in the Bank. Now, if this was to ever be done this does appear to be the best time to do so. The WWE has a brilliant opportunity to really grow and develop the Rusev day idea especially considering that throughout the build-up to this pay per view we have seen Aiden English, Rusev, and Lana work very close together as a trio. A recent singles bout saw English escort Lana to the ring where the ravishing Russian scored her first singles victory in the WWE and the crowd reaction really did speak volumes. One of the biggest reactions of the night was sure to grab everyone’s attention and it has been this that has also contributed to exactly why so many believe Lana could walk out Miss Money in the Bank.

Now, of course, Lana is far from being championship material in the ring. While she has the character and the following on her side she does need to work stronger matches and her in-ring performances must be stronger in order to come across like a legit champion, however, with the Money in the Bank briefcase in her hands it gives Lana the chance to work more matches, improve, and show she is, in fact, edging towards being a worthy champion. This gives her more opportunities and leeway in terms of storylines. We also have to remember that working as part of Rusev day will only increase her popularity as well as give her more of a chance to grow and come across as not only a worthy holder of the briefcase but a worthy future champion.

Lana is by far the dark horse of this match but she’s one to not rule out. She has the least experience and isn’t as technically strong or athletic as her fellow opponents, but she has the passion and the fan support. There is a story for her as this year’s Money in the Bank winner and I do believe the push is worthy and has a clear direction.