Welcome to my 100th article extravaganza for Steelchair magazine! What special plans do I have in place for this week’s review? Well, nothing actually considering SmackDown was nothing special this even though it’s the go home show ahead of Money in the Bank on Sunday. Welcome to the most must-see Vulture Hound weekly review in history; welcome to… The SmackDown Review.

The ladies of SmackDown Live opened the show alongside general manager, Paige, for a ‘Women’s Money in the Bank Summit’. I’m not sure if this was WWE’s attempt at referencing pop-culture given Trump’s landmark meeting with the Kim Jong Un but they could have named it something else.

All of the women involved declared that they would be the one to bring home the Money in the Bank contract to SmackDown Live before being interrupted by the IIconics. They cut a slightly racist promo mocking Becky Lynch for being Irish before being joined by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The insults were again traded before all eight women clashed outside of the ring and had to be separated by officials. More on this later.


The bits that didn’t involve women:

– Two technical masters in Daniel Bryan and Shelton Benjamin went one on one, which Bryan won by submission with a heel hook. Big Cass later cut a promo ahead of his match with Bryan at Money in the Bank where he again made jokes about Bryan’s height. Boring.

– Rusev took on Samoa Joe in what would be a clash of the bulldozers. The Miz was also the special guest referee for this match that saw Joe became frustrated with Miz’s refusal to count a pin after Joe accidentally hit him. This distraction allowed Rusev to hit a Machka Kick for the win before attacking Joe some more. Miz then attacked Rusev and climbed a ladder to grab a Money in the Bank briefcase. Yet, it was all a ruse(v) as, upon opening the briefcase, Miz discovered it was full of New Day’s pancakes.


– Jeff Hardy took on Shinsuke Nakamura for the first time ever but ended in disqualification following a low blow from Nakawhacker. This was followed up by a 10-count to “send a message” to AJ Styles. Memphis legend, Jerry Lawler, appeared in an earlier segment where he interviewed Styles who declared he will walk out of MITB with his WWE Championship still in-hand.

Let’s cram all the women into the main event:

Earlier in the show, Paige decided to book an 8-women tag team match for the main event between the squabbling stars that opening the show. This was later turned into a “10-girl tag team match” – Paige’s words, not mine – when Asuka declared she wanted a piece of ‘Mella.


In the end, it was the Money in the Bank ladies (Charlotte, Naomi, Becky Lynch and Lana) and Asuka who would seal the victory when the Empress locked in the Asuka Lock on Carmella. The most impressive moment in the match was Charlotte’s moonsault onto the IIconics outside the ring.

By Bradley Tiernan

"Wrestling is better than the things you like" - John Oliver