Since moving to Monday Night RAW, Natalya has found herself an ally in Ronda Rousey and as Money in the Bank rolls around there is a clear opportunity to create a dream contest between the two superstars further down the line. With Rousey set to challenge Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s championship, it opens the doors to set up a feud between Ronda and Natalya. With Nattie entering her second Money in the Bank ladder match she has a chance to not only make history but work possibly the standout rivalry of her career.

Natalya winning the Money in the Bank ladder match hopefully at the start of the show means later in the night a cash in could be made surprising everyone in the arena especially Ronda Rousey. With Ronda scoring the victory over Nia Jax becoming the brand new RAW Women’s champion we could very quickly after seeing Natalya cash in the briefcase on a worn down new champion. Turning on Rousey is a huge deal. Many believe Ronda vs Natalya is a dream match and that’s something I know I personally cannot argue. This time last year Nattie was on her way to a big push that would lead her to a championship victory at Summer Slam and in twenty eighteen we could once again see Nataly at the top of the women’s division.

We’ve seen the natural chemistry and the real friendship between Rousey and Natalya shown greatly on TV with the pair being a part of the each other’s Money in the Bank build up massively. Natalya winning the MITB ladder match not only sets up the push she deserves and the opportunity she also deserves to truly standout but gives Rousey the next push in the right direction. The pair is destined to work a solid rivalry and a singles match between the two could so easily work as a standout of both women’s careers. Their styles most certainly will complement each other, and this also sets up a brilliant story for the women’s division heading into Wrestlemania.

Since arriving on the scene Rousey has been very impressive but what she needs is a personal feud to really showcase what she can do not only in the ring but in carrying a story. We’ve seen throughout the past month the relationship between the two superstars grow and made a strong focus point during Nemours episodes of Monday night RAW and so the betrayal all makes sense. Natalya has been wrestling for years, a veteran in the WWE yet she isn’t given as many opportunities and so focusing the story on Natalya being frustrated makes plenty of sense also. This is about perfect timing, building Rousey up to be the star the WWE want her to be but also giving Natalya exactly what she deserves. Her role in the company and within the division at this stage is clearly changing. With so much experience and so much skill, she is the perfect candidate for this year’s Money in the Bank victory. Not only does this allow her to do exactly what she needs to do (put over Rousey) but in return receive the push she is worthy of herself.

This is a chance for her to have the title reign she has always been worthy of. Will it be a lengthy one? Unlikely, but this is an opportunity for her to work a brilliant storyline and pull off excellent bouts against a very different kind of opponent. She may not be the most popular pick for the win but she is one of the most logical and as one of the most decorated female superstars in the company’s history adding this huge MITB Victory to her name only adds to her caliber and her legacy.