This past Wednesday Lucha Underground made its ground-breaking return debuting season four for the world to see and what a night it was. With a new position of power taking control, a new temple, and Aztec warfare there was plenty keeping the Believers entertained! Less than forty-eight hours later and SteelChair has you covered as we take a look back at the five surprises Lucha Undergrounds Aztec Warfare brought this week and what we took away from this weeks return show as we look ahead to the rest of season four.

Welcome to the Underground

We last saw Lucha Underground on our screens back in October of twenty seventeen where the season three spectacular ended with the murder of Dario Cueto and in this week’s huge return we saw a new man Put in charge of the underground; the man who in fact ordered Dario’s death in the first place, his own father Antonio Cueto who of course we saw him on the phone to just seconds before Dario kayfabe died. We learned early on that Antonio has ordered the death of his son due to his weakness and promised not to make the same mistakes his son had previously made. Taking the key from Dario we saw Lucha Underground imply that Antonio now has full control of his only son left and back in the underground he made it perfectly clear to the believers that Dario was gone, and a new era was starting in his Lucha Underground.

The Trios Championship Situation

Antonio’s first order as the new manager of Lucha Underground was, of course, Aztec Warfare for the Lucha Underground championship. This is basically the Undergrounds version of the Royal Rumble minus the over the top elimination rule. Killshot and the Mack kick-started the star-studded contest however, with their fellow trio champion Dante Fox missing from action Antonio made the surprise announcement that the talent to enter the number three slot will join Mack and Killshot as the third member of their trios team and to the surprise of the Believers, the Mack, and Killshot it was former champion in his own right, Son of Havoc who was out next making him one third of the trios champions. Now, this is an interesting development. Both Mack and Killshot didn’t look too happy with the announcement and the revelation that Son of Havoc was their brand new partner. Watching the tension between these three especially considering Killshot eliminated Mack later in the contest will make for great TV in the coming weeks and with Antonio already getting under the skin of these two megastars the stories have officially begun for season four.

Tommy Dreamer Arrives in the Underground

A real OMG moment from this week’s episode of Lucha Underground came from a huge Aztec Warfare participant as Tommy Dreamer arrived in the Underground. Facing off with the current champion in Pentagon Dark this made for a standout moment of the night and one that many hardcore fans will be discussing in weeks, months, and even years to come. While Dreamer wasn’t apart of the match for very long he and the champ battled it out for quite some time fitting in some hardcore spots including thumbtacks and kendo sticks which of course left the Believers desperate for more. Will we see these two huge stars collide in the future? The reaction both in the Underground and online spoke volumes and I know I personally would love to see more work between these two over in Lucha Underground specifically in the near future.

What’s Up with Ricky?

One of my personal favourite moments from this weeks Lucha Underground season four debut was the brand-new interesting angle with Ricky Mundo. We have seen him borderline obsessed with top Lucha Underground star in Johnny Mundo for quite some time now to the point where Ricky kayfabe legally changed his name to Mundo but in this week’s episode, we saw a different kind of Ricky air on TV. While he still rocked the same name and ring gear Ricky came down to the ring holding a creepy looking doll he appeared to be completely attached too. Almost possessed, fans were given reason to believe Ricky was somehow controlled by this doll and seconds after a mini trans we saw Ricky attempt to eliminate Johnny from the match. This is most certainly a story to keep your eye on! Ricky is a talented performer and a with a new role and intense storyline looking to dominate this part of season four in his career I and many other believers are very intrigued and excited to see where this goes.

Look out for the Moth

Season three was another strong season for Marty the Moth Martinez. A brilliant character with a brilliant background and story to tell he was a key figure in last seasons shows and had a standout contest with Fenix at Ultima Lucha Tres. On this week’s season return Marty looked to gain some momentum after his huge loss on the season finale last October and boy did he make an impact. As the last entrant, he was the fresh star ready to take the Lucha Underground championship from Pentagon Dark. Now, he did have a few close calls and worked yet another brilliant performance, but it just wasn’t quite enough to take out Pentagon who walked in and out of Aztec Warfare the Lucha Underground champion. Marty’s performance is worth noting as he remains a talent to keep a close eye on this season with more promising matches and storyline’s set to take place.

As a whole, season four of Lucha Underground kick-started with a bang! A new temple, a new manager, brand new stories, and plenty to look forward to this season looks to be another must see! The show did conclude with Antonio Cueto announcing that Pentagon Dark will defend his Lucha Underground Championship against his only son remaining, Matanza Cueto giving fans yet another reason to tune in next week! We had plenty of new stories teased and plenty keeping us excited! Join me next week where will be looking at five more highlights from Lucha Underground!

All pics and screencaps courtesy of El Rey Network.