Looking at the line up for this year’s women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match there really isn’t any character that best suits the title of Miss Money in the Bank quite like little Miss Bliss. A leading face in the women’s division, the former champion has done it all since arriving on the main roster; from former Smackdown LIVE and RAW women’s champion to a title match at Wrestlemania and standout performances in the Mixed Match Challenge, Alexa Bliss is one of the biggest attractions in the WWE’s women’s division and is sure to be standout performer this coming weekend at Money in the Bank.

Now, Bliss’ success has divided fans. While many believe she is worthy and wish to see even more from her there are a great deal of fans on the other hand who also believe it’s time for her to take a step back and allow a new face to take the spotlight heading into the summer season, however, it’s evident the WWE is high on Bliss and have been from the get-go. Her booking has remained smart and strong since her title loss at Wrestlemania and she joins Natalya as one of the rumored favourites for the win this weekend. Despite her marmite vibe within the WWE universe, Alexa is a logical pick for this year’s women’s Money in the Bank winner and I highly doubt many would be surprised to see her walk out with another big victory added to her name.

Keeping all this In mind it’s fairly unlikely that we will see Alexa back in the title picture anytime soon. Nia Jax VS Ronda Rousey will dominate this weekend and opponents closer to Rousey including Natalya are far more likely to edge closer to a championship match and so the question as to what Bliss does next is still up in the air, but the answer may just lie with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Throughout the build to this match Bliss has played it smart, she’s tried to stay clear from heavy collisions and has played mind games with her fellow opponents heading into one of the biggest matches of her career with a clear game plan. This, of course, all have only contributed to why the title of Miss Money in the Bank is so well suited to a character like Bliss. She’s calculated, smart, and focused on being the best/ champion keen to do whatever she has to do in order to do so arguably more than any other talent competing this weekend. Now, regardless of whether she scores the win on Sunday Alexa will not be lacking momentum for very long, but she is quite evidently one of the most logical picks for the overall win this weekend. By far one of if not the strongest mic worker in the women’s division she can generate some serious heat as Miss Money in the Bank. Promos, segments, and storylines/feuds focused around her holding the briefcase can majorly benefit the RAW women’s division and create some interesting and entertaining angles over the next year.

Bliss is an unpredictable and ruthless daredevil. She’s an enemy to several women on the roster but with the briefcase by her side, she doesn’t need an ally anymore. There are, of course, still so many options the WWE can explore if Bliss is to get her hands on the briefcase come Sunday. She may not need an ally once the briefcase is in her possession but assistance in doing so may just be needed. This is where the likes of Mickie James and a possible returning James Ellsworth or even Braun Strowman come into play where assisting Bliss in the win to create a new story also is a strong prediction but also contributes to why she should take the win. Miss Money in the Bank is a title that should be a title given to Alexa Bliss Sunday for clear multiple reasons but the sheer fact this win allows her to push her character, even more, establish herself as an even stronger heel and create a fresh new buzz and entertainment factor around the division all contribute to why she should take this win.