It’s been a long weekend of wrestling, or sports entertainment, but we’re back again at Monday Night RAW. Money in the Bank gave us a few surprises, the biggest of which was Alexa Bliss not only winning the briefcase but cashing in on Nia Jax. There’s likely to be repercussions for that tonight. And we’ll be hearing from Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Braun Strowman about their respective plans as the build towards Extreme Rules begins.

I’m Amanda, and I’m here to guide you through RAW.

The Opening Segment

The show opened with a recap of Alexa Bliss cashing in on Nia Jax. When we cut to the ring Kurt Angle was stood with the RAW women’s title and the MITB briefcase on a table. He said how proud he was that RAW superstars won both briefcases, then brought Alexa Bliss out.

When Bliss got to the ring Angle said, ‘you demanded this presentation so here you go’, and handed her the belt.

He told us Nia Jax is doing physical therapy in Birmingham Alabama, but she has insisted on her rematch at Extreme Rules.

Bliss chastised him for not letting her talk about last night. She wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity… to rub it in everyone’s faces.

The crowd chanted, ‘we want Ronda’, and Bliss said last night she shocked the entire world when she cashed in the contract so from now on there will be no more talk of the irresistible force or the baddest woman on the planet, it’s just about her.

Kurt Angle gets between ROnda Rousey and Alexa Bliss
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Ronda Rousey barrelled down to the ring and Angle had to stop her getting to Bliss.

Bliss asked if Rousey was there to show her all the bruises she left on her with the briefcase. She suggested Rousey doesn’t understand the difference between UFC and WWE and said it looked like Rousey was seconds away from making Jax tap, but they’ll never know. Bliss also said Rousey couldn’t bear the fact she wasn’t in the spotlight. She told her she needs to get in the back of the line and called her an ‘overhyped rookie’.

Rousey dodged Angle, took Bliss down, threw Angle when he tried to restrain her, grabbed the briefcase and hit Bliss and Angle with it a bunch of times, then started hitting the officials who came to stop her. To finish up she hoisted Bliss onto her shoulder and slammed her through the table.

Ronda Rousey attacks officials
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Backstage Rousey and Angle argued. Kurt Angle suspended her for 30 days, effective immediately.

Renee Young approached Rousey on her way out. Rousey walked away until Young wished her luck. Rousey told her to save the good luck wishes for Alexa Bliss because when the time is up she’s going to come back and ‘kick her pink-haired ass’.

The Other Stuff

– Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler – Dolph Ziggler answered the open challenge, with Drew McIntyre at ringside. Great match with Ziggler having the edge on a clearly sore Rollins, until Seth Rollins slingshotted him into the ringpost and got some momentum. Rollins’ knee was looking increasingly painful as the match wore on and they threw everything at each other. In the end, it was not a big move that finished it. McIntyre caused a distraction then Ziggler and Rollins exchanged roll-ups. Dolph Ziggler had a handful of tights when he got the pin, echoing the Elias pin. When Rollins tried to confront him, Drew McIntyre attacked Rollins from behind and he took the Claymore/Zig Zag combo.

Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler
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– Backstage, Ziggler and McIntyre said Monday Night Rollins is cancelled, this is their show now. This is the first of many titles come. The difference between them and everybody else is when they say something, they mean it.

– Bobby Roode vs Curt Hawkins – Bobby Roode’s ribs were taped and it still took him around a minute to beat Hawkins with a Glorious DDT. Hawkins losing streak is now 204 matches.

– Braun Strowman was introduced as Mr Monster in the Bank. He listed some of the things he’s done like tipping an ambulance, winning Greatest Royal Rumble and playing a cello, but said winning the briefcase was the greatest. All Brock Lesnar has to do is show his face and he will cash in and become Universal Champion. The Beast is going to ‘Get These Hands’. Kevin Owens appeared and Strowman said he’s surprised to see him after he threw him off a 20-foot ladder yesterday. Owens said he probably shouldn’t be there, but he needed to talk to him. He wanted to be the first to be man enough to say congratulations. He knew he’d win, that’s why he tried to get everyone together to neutralize him. Then Owens tried to get Strowman to form an alliance with him. For them to watch each other’s backs until Strowman is champion, in return for giving Owens a shot. He offered him a handshake. Strowman shook his hand but didn’t let go and hefted Owens up for the running powerslam. Owens managed to wriggle away and escape.

Kevin Owens escapes Braun Strowman
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– Sasha Banks and Bayley locker room segment. Bayley sympathised with Banks about MITB and tried to get her to stop obsessing. She said there’s no-one else she’d rather have as her partner, she’s going to look after Banks tonight and it can be a new start for both of them.

– Deleters of Worlds vs Heath Slater and Rhyno – Before the match, The B-Team appeared on screen dressed and Hardy and Wyatt, with Bo Dallas dressed as his brother. They basically said they’re undefeated and they’re not scared of them. While Hardy and Wyatt were still looking perplexed, Slater and Rhyno attacked them from behind. Not a long match but decent enough. Deleters of Worlds won with the Kiss of Deletion.

Deleters of Worlds watch Dallas and Axel
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– Baron Corbin told Angle Stephanie McMahon is very pleased with how he handled Ronda Rousey, Angle started sounding off… then realised McMahon was on the phone. He took the phone and they were still talking after the ads. Apparently, there is big news, but Angle has to run everything past Constable Corbin.

– Jinder Mahal vs Chad Gable – Mahal is still feeling the winds of change, he had a bunch of stuff to say about it before the match. Short and aggressive match. Mahal won with the Khallas.

– The Riott Squad were shown causing chaos and destruction backstage.

– Profile of Special Olympics athlete Joshua Oakley.

– Sasha Banks and Bayley vs The Riott Squad (Morgan/Logan) –  Trouble started early for Bayley and Banks when Banks tagged herself in then Bayley did the same a few moments later. Banks saved Bayley from an ambush by Liv Morgan. Good match but it was all about Banks and Bayley really. Bayley wasn’t there when Banks needed a tag, and she inadvertently distracted the ref when Banks got double teamed which led to the pin. Bayley and Banks squared up after the match and Sasha Banks shoved Bayley to the mat.

Sasha Banks and Bayley square up
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– Backstage Bayley told Banks not to walk away from her and Banks told her not to tell her what to do, then they brawled. Surely this time it will lead somewhere.

– Kurt Angle said Stephanie McMahon had told him when Brock Lesnar will make his next title defence. The question is who against. Roman Reigns came out and said it should be him because he beat Lesnar at Greatest Royal Rumble etc. Bobby Lashley appeared and said he’d watched Reigns for three years and he doesn’t have what it takes. He can beat Lesnar and Reigns. Angle said there’ll be a multi-person match at Extreme Rules to determine Lesnar’s opponent, and they will be in it. The Revival joined them next. They were looking for a match. They got one.

– Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley vs The Revival –  This was all about the ego for Reigns and Lashley. Bobby Lashley got double teamed and ended up in trouble. Reigns came in and dominated. As he was ready to end it, Lashley tagged himself in speared Dash Wilder and got the pin.

Roman Reigns and The Revival
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– Finn Balor told Corbin and Angle he will do anything to be in the match. Baron Corbin jeered at him and put him down Kevin Owens arrived and joined in. Braun Strowman appeared behind him and challenged Owens and Corbin to get in the ring with them. Angle made the match during the ad break.

– AJ Styles will be on the cover of WWE 2K19.

– No Way Jose vs Mojo Rawley – Short and sharp. Rawley pinned Jose after an aggressive performance. Post-match he said he used to be known for staying hyped, now he’s all about staying focused.

Mojo Rawley and No Way Jose
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– Bayley caught Sasha Banks in the parking garage and said she’s not done with her. Banks said she’s done helping her and she’s done being her friend, then got in the car and drove away.

– Elias sang a song in which he called Seth Rollins out for cheating to beat him, told Kurt Angle he wants to be in the Extreme Rules match, and insulted the town.

– Seth Rollins was asked if his match at Money in the Bank had anything to do with his loss. He said he makes no excuses. He laid out the open challenge and Ziggler beat him. He’s invoking his rematch clause next week which gives him a week to solve the problem of Drew McIntyre.

The Closing Segment – Braun Strowman and Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens and Constable Baron Corbin

Corbin came out to wrestle in his office-wear. He started things off against Finn Balor and that was the majority pairing of the match. Kevin Owens tagged in for a few seconds before tagging back out clutching his ribs.

Balor managed to get to Strowman and Corbin reacted by talking off his waistcoat. Corbin got a little offence in, then Strowman tipped him over the top rope to the outside and knocked Kevin Owens out to join him. Strowman tagged Balor, picked him up over his head and threw him at Corbin and Owens.

By the time we were back from the ads, Corbin was back to dominating Balor.

Baron Corbin dominates Finn Balor
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Kevin Owens tagged in unseen, dragged Balor out of the ring and threw him into the barricade. Corbin and Owens made sure Balor didn’t get any chance to recover, but he kept kicking out and fighting back, even after a Deep Six.

Eventually, Strowman entered the ring threw Balor back to their corner and tagged himself in.

After levelling Corbin he chased Owens around the ring, but Corbin launched himself off the apron and took Strowman down. When he dodged out of the corner and sent Strowman into the post, Balor came back in.

Balor nearly got a pin on Baron Corbin, but Owen broke it up. Strowman knocked Owens out of the ring then bulldozed him through the timekeeper’s area.

Braun Strowman didn’t make it back to the ring in time to save his partner. Baron Corbin shoved Balor as he went for Coup de Grace and delivered the End of Days for the win.

Braun Storwman puts Kevin Owens through a barricade
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Not a bad episode of RAW, if a bit talk-heavy. Very much an episode to set things in motion. We shall see what the next few weeks bring.