Dolph Ziggler has been a part of the WWE for the best part of over a decade and throughout his career, Ziggler has proven to be one heck of an in-ring performer. Going toe to toe with some of the best the business has to offer including John Cena and Randy Orton we have also seen the show-off work solid feuds and storylines against the Miz in recent years as well as one of the most historic and memorable Money in the Bank cash-ins. He’s had alliances with several female stars including Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee and is known to be one of the best sellers the WWE has seen, however, despite spending so long listed as one of the most underrated and underutilized stars in the WWE Ziggler has become a marmatite star on the roster. Some still believe he is beyond underutilized while others believe he’s overrated and it’s time for him to part ways with the company. However, in twenty eighteen what really is Ziggler’s role in the WWE and what is he best for today?

As of right now, Ziggler has found himself standing alongside former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre in a fairly random alliance. Forming not very long after Wrestlemania the pair has ever since dominated action within the tag team division but have struggled to win over a great deal of the WWE universe. I personally haven’t been a fan of the idea and I strongly do believe a lot of the backlash and the lack of interest really has stemmed from fans wanting to see more from McIntyre and a stronger start on the main roster upon his return. The issue many are having is the general feel as though Ziggler is holding back McIntyre, a talent who could very easily go on to become a huge main event star. Now, on the other hand, however, Ziggler does still have a great deal to bring to the table whether it be as a heel or a face and a heel tag team with such a big star like McIntyre has some potential.

It’s evident that Ziggler will not be sporting a hot new push to the top anytime soon and probably won’t ever see that again, however, what his role within the WWE must now focus on pushing brand new stars and elevating them. An alliance with McIntyre is pretty much exactly that if done correctly. With a cocky McIntyre starting to believe he is the dominant force of the duo and the better of the pair a frustrated Ziggler expressing he believes he is the bigger star and comments touching on the fact McIntyre wouldn’t even be on RAW if it wasn’t for him would be a great start and solid way to introduce a short feud between the two which come the end will have Drew looking stronger and moving on to slightly better things while getting more character work and decent matches out of the show off.

The alliance with McIntyre however, is not anywhere near a breakup and as I mentioned, there is potential for the team to actually work. What Ziggler really does need is a purpose and a story. Show him to be frustrated with his career, the turn it has taken and the way he is booked. Frustrated at management, frustrated at other stars getting bigger opportunities, and frustrated at the audience. Promos, like we saw during his rivalry with the Miz only a couple of years ago, are brilliant for this kind of story. Focus the alliance between him and Drew on the pair being frustrated, believing they are better than everyone else and looking to make an impact. This means pushing what they are all about to new heights. Attacking superstars, referees, commentators, higher-ups, and even fake crowd members. Making these two look like destructive stars who simply have reached breaking point is so key in getting them over and more so important for Dolph.

Keeping on this theme, what we must see is Ziggler maintain this attitude, this means that opening the doors to other opportunities and ideas must be thought of. Expanding McIntyre and Ziggler’s alliance and introducing stars that have felt the same including the likes of Jinder Mahal and EC3, heck you could bring back Wade Barrett and introduce a new Nexus.

Another option that must be considered is moving Dolph down to NXT. This may seem like a huge step backwards but let’s remember that Ziggler is now left in a position where putting over new talent is pretty much his role. Over on the NXT roster, Ziggler has the chance to work matches and feuds that could very easily result in being some of the best we have ever seen from him simply because of the completely different feel NXT has to offer. With stars such as Johnny Gargano, EC3, Ricochet, and the Velveteen Dream, for example, all a part of the roster there are so many dream matches and stories the WWE can tell. A cocky Ziggler coming to NXT looking to get rid of the bright up and comers before they even make it to the big stage is such a solid story to start off with. Targeting those big names and fan favourites while putting them over in the process as well as getting good matches out of it can only do great things for Dolph and who’s to say a title run or a couple of title shots may not be on the cards while he down there too. Let’s also remember what going back to NXT did for the likes of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

There are of course plenty of roles to consider for Ziggler away from the ring also. This includes a role on the commentary team in the future as well as general manager roles!

Love him, hate him, or don’t care about him, there is no denying Ziggler is a solid talent. What he’s been lacking over the years, however, is character depth. He’s often come across stale and boring and it has reached a point where so many have lost interest. Now, Ziggler’s role in the WWE is no longer focused around chasing after the WWE Championship but instead elevating new stars, working strong matches and cementing his legacy in doing so. The roster is so strong right now and the future is so bright and its talent like Dolph who is so important in keeping that future looking strong and bright.