The WWE’s Tag Team division has over the years had its up and its downs and in 2018, the duos of World Wrestling Entertainment find themselves in a strange position. While not full of momentum, the division is full of strong promising teams who provided enough time have all the potential to deliver week in and week out and stand out on a regular basis (Even if their best team have been worst enemies for the last year. RIP DIY – Ed.). Looking at the division as a whole, today we are going to be taking an in-depth look at some of the WWE A teams and ranking the top five the company has to offer.

The Revival

While their momentum may not be at its best (even if Dash Wilder pinned Roman Reigns yesterday!), the Revival is one of the best all-round tag teams not only in the WWE but in professional wrestling today as a whole. Since their call-up to the main roster, Dash and Dawson have struggled to make a similar impact to what we saw from them during their time in NXT. However, it’s their NXT careers that have allowed the pair to find a place in this list today. The two represent an old-school style of pro wrestling and tag team wrestling on its own and while many doubts them to start off with Dash and Dawson proved themselves on numerous different occasions during their NXT run. Several matches showed them to be excellent in-ring performers capable of brilliant in-ring psychology as well as wrestling that puts them at the top of their fame. All these two need now is the opportunity to show the bigger audience what the NXT universe was so lucky to witness.

The Bludgeon Brothers

A rollercoaster of a career explains the journey Luke Harper & Erick Rowan have been on perfectly. Ups and downs yet the two remain one of the strongest tag teams in the WWE today. Their run as the current Smackdown Live tag team champions is yet to grab the attention of fans properly, but the potential is all there. The two have tried to go their separate ways in the past and while strong in-ring performers alone, together they are far stronger! Matches against the Usos prior to their change in character have been standouts of their careers and proved that given the time these two can really take the spotlight. Harper and Rowan are hidden gems in the WWE full of surprises, speed, strength, agility, and character and have plenty to offer.

The Undisputed Era

They may be the only NXT tag team to feature in today’s article but its backed up entirely. Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Riley, and Bobby Fish haven’t been apart of NXT for very long at all but have made one heck of an impact! Prior to Fish’s injury the trio was on fire and bursting with momentum and now Strong has joined the promising faction things have only got more interesting. These guys represent the old days of factions and team wrestling giving off and almost NWO vibe. In the ring, this is a team who know each other well. Their chemistry is evident, the trust within the group is there and they manage to work amazingly well as a team while shining individually as stars on their own. The future is very bright for the Undisputed Era and fans are yet to see a fraction of what these guys are capable of.

The New Day

The New Day has been one of the most consistent, entertaining, likeable and skilled tag teams in WWE history. Multi-time tag team champions, history makers, and damn good merch sellers! The idea of the New Day, however, wasn’t one that started out too well but a change in direction also saw a change in reaction and Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E, became the team in the WWE. Fans were hooked and have been ever since. A few years down the line and while they may be edging closer to a split the team remain strong, booked well and a key figure over on Smackdown LIVE. This is a perfect example of what brilliance the WWE can get from putting three extremely talented superstars together and creating something seriously entertaining. All three of these superstars had struggled throughout their careers but the moment we saw the New Day turned up to one hundred the charisma, character, and entertainment factor they provided surprised everyone and continues to do so to this day.

The Usos

On their way to be noted as one of the best WWE tag teams of all time, the Usos are fast creating their own legacy in the tag team division. While their careers are nowhere near done with the pair remain the team to beat with consistent performances in the ring, an evolving character, and a following that is forever growing. Officially apart of the WWE for ten years, the Usos have worked their way up to the position they now find themselves, but it wasn’t always plain sailing. Despite incredibly entertaining and strong in-ring performances, the Usos’ character was letting them down, however, their heel turn only a couple of years back saw them head down a direction that took them from one level to another. With an all-around better character on their side, the Usos are the full package; multi-time world champions, solid mic workers, an entertaining duo, and chemistry not alone with each other but fellow teams puts them at the top of the WWE tag team division today.

The WWE tag team division is forever growing and while it may not be booked the best at this current time the potential is all there and with these five top tag teams leading the way the future looks very bright for tag team wrestling in the WWE.