We are now three weeks into the brand-new season of Lucha Underground and boy have we been treated. This past Wednesday the show as jam-packed full of interesting character development, a brand-new challenger for the Lucha Underground Champion, and a must-see main event that may just be given the brand-new title of the best Lucha Underground match of all time. With such a spectacular episode taking place there were several highlight moments so let’s dive right into those and recap this week’s episode of Lucha Underground.

What’s Ricky’s Secret?

During the season four premiere, fans witnessed a new side to Ricky Mundo/Mandel. While sporting the same look he came down to the ring with something different, a new and intense kind of aura. Holding a creepy doll Ricky appeared completely mesmerized by his new possession, almost possessed and in the opening to this week’s episode of Lucha Underground we saw more of not only Ricky Mundo but his creepy new friend. In a backstage scene with the rest of Worldwide Underground, Ricky’s attention remained firmly on the doll he held introducing her to his fellow companions and after they had left the room, the camera zoomed in on the baby doll Ricky was holding and baby doll said out loud “don’t worry Ricky, your secret is safe with me”. The scene ended with the doll laughing while Ricky looked into the camera in an intense and creepy manner. This is a story that has generated a lot of attention. It fits into the Lucha Underground style for its creepy, intense, and dramatic nature but it is a new direction for Ricky and his character and this, of course, remains a key developing story to really pay attention to in the coming weeks.

A Debut in the Underground

Last week saw three new stars arrive in the temple including Jake Strong (otherwise known as Jack Swagger) and on this week’s episode of Lucha Underground, we saw the new arrivals continue to make their name heard in the temple as Xo Lishus made his debut against Jack Evans. A very flamboyant star, Xo most certainly grabbed the attention of the believers from appearance alone but once in the ring, he proved to be a star to watch. Athletic, quick, and able to keep up with an established Lucha Star in Evans, Lishus is one to keep your eye on throughout this season. Fresh faces in the underground are always fun to see but the standard is so high, and the competition is at another level; the character of Xo Lishus sure is bringing something different but can he keep up with what Lucha Underground has to offer?

Cage Sets His Sights on the Lucha Underground Championship

While he wasn’t apart of Aztec Warfare two weeks ago, Cage made his presence felt this past Wednesday night when he took out the current Lucha Underground champion, Pentagon Dark. The Champ had previously spent some time discussing his victory at Aztec Warfare where he held onto his championship despite the odds. Touching on the fact he now has a huge target on his back but to whoever wants a shot at his title will fail and they will end up broken. Following the in-ring promo Pentagon was attacked by Brian Cage who made it clear he had set his sights on becoming the next Lucha Underground champion, setting up and putting Pentagon through a table, Cage left all eyes on him and the believers wondering if they are set to see a new champion crowned in the coming weeks.

A Woman Scorned

A great deal of season three of Lucha Underground involved a story between Jeremiah Crane and Ivelisse. Their romance, the betrayal, and the breakdown of their relationship and the last time we saw Ivelisse in the temple she had scored a victory over her long-time nemesis in Catrina but had further collisions with her ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah, left scorned and frustrated. This week the fiery Luchador made her first appearance this season seeking revenge targeting Jeremiah. Moments away from eliminating Fenix from the Three-way to the Grave match Jeremiah was surprised to see Ivelisse back in plain sight and with a hammer in hand she was ready and prepared to punish Crane. Attacking her former lover, Ivelisse got the moment she had been waiting for and after closing the lid of the coffin with Jeremiah firmly inside he was eliminated from this match but in the coming weeks we can sure expect to see these two former lovers come to blows and their story to develop even more with must-see matches hopefully on the cards too.

Grave Consequences

One of the all-time great Lucha Underground matches saw Fenix and Mil Muertes go one-on-one in a Grave Consequences matches. Going down in history as one of the best bouts in Lucha history the pair were set to collide in the same match this week however with a third man involved in Jeremiah Crane. A violent, intense, and totally gripping contest the believers both in the temple and at home were left completely entertained from start to finish. Raising the bar once again these three Lucha Stars took part in what will surely be another promotion highlight and a new potential all-time great. With this match being so important to Catrina she remained rather quiet throughout, walking around the ring, watching the action very very closely and close calls for Fenix left anxiety fresh in the are for Catrina. Melissa Santos remained at ringside throughout this match also supporting her lover in Fenix. Mil Muertes did walk out with the victory but all three men had one heck of a performance and this bout is sure to be considered a wrestling highlight of twenty eighteen so far!

Destroy the Soul

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground concluded with a haunting and revealing segment between Antonio Cueto and his only remaining son Matanza Cueto. Matanza who was left chained up and looking very angry was stood hanging on every word his father said as Antonio told his son he held the key that holds Matanza’s soul. Claiming Dario Cueto caring about his brother had made him weak, Antonio also said that Matanza is meant to be his child but also meant to be so much more and so with that being said he threw the key to his chained child and told him to destroy the soul of his son and become a god. Doing so, the chains fell off and the screen faded to black… With a darker and more intense Matanza set to take over the Underground things are about to get very interesting in the next chapter of Matanza’s life in the temple.

Season four of Lucha Underground has so far been unmissable. Non-stop action, excellent new storyline’s, and the show overall being taken to the next level, the Underground is proving to be the place to be. There was so much we took from this week’s episode but join me here this time next week to take a look at all the new action and latest headlines in the world of Lucha Underground.

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey and screen captured by @frenchnygma