Following last week’s dramatic episode of Lucha Underground, we saw the must-see season return this past Wednesday in yet another eye-opening and action-packed hour of some of the best wrestling and entertainment on the scene right now. After Mil Muertes’ huge victory in last week’s main event, Ivelisse’s return, and new stars looking to make an impact there were plenty of reasons to tune into this week’s fallout show and today we are going to be looking back at the five highlight moments and why you should be watching Lucha Underground season four!

The Fallout to Last Week’s Main Event

The Three-Way to the grave (consequence) main event that took place last week is sure to go down in Lucha Underground history and highlighted as one of the best of all time and on Wednesday fans awaited the fallout to one of the most intense and action-packed matches ever seen in the Underground. With Mil Muertes putting Fénix in a coffin to end the match Catrina was given all she has ever wanted and in the opening to this weeks show we saw a far more relaxed Catrina, stronger and more intense than we have seen her in a while. Lucha focused on a grieving Melissa Santos who was shown looking through her phone at pictures of Fenix until Catrina walked up to her sporting a fiery red dress and heels to match; telling Melissa Fenix was never coming back because Fenix gave his life to the woman he truly loved she proceeded to give her the pendant and told Melissa  it was what kept her from dying but thanks to Fenix and his sacrifice she’s never felt more alive. Leaving Melissa with the pendant the believers were left wondering what will happen next. When would we next see Fenix, will we see more tensions rise between Catrina and Melissa in the near future and what awaits Catrina in her new chapter of life?

Jake Strong Makes His Singles Debut

A couple of weeks back we saw former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger, now Jake Strong, make his Lucha Underground debut under the management of Famous B. However, after his first night didn’t go quite as planned Strong attacked his partners of the night and Famous B leading the man that brought him to the Temple left in hospital. Fast forward to this past Wednesday and fans witnessed Jake Strong make his much-anticipated singles debut in the underground. Taking on one of his partners from two weeks ago in Big Bad Steve the two fought in a rather short contest that saw Strong in near complete control. Dominating the match, the size, strength and agility Strong possesses came into play against a talent weighing over three hundred pounds. A submission victory came as no surprise as Strong continues to gain momentum and with the believers firmly behind him, Jake Strong looks to have a very bright and interesting future in Lucha Underground.

A Chance at Revenge

With Antonio Cueto joined in his office by King Cuerno it was time for the Boss to discover the whereabouts of the Gauntlet of the Gods. With Cuerno telling Catrina that he gave it to someone to hide and this week telling Cueto it was stolen from it appears as though King Cuerno is playing a dangerous game, but Antonio had an interesting offer for Cuerno; an Aztec medallion of his tribe. With this, he would be able to go for the Lucha Underground championship but his opponent for the medallion would give Cuerno another opportunity, a chance at revenge with his opponent announced as Chavo Guerrero. Cage soon walked in after wanting a title shot against Pentagon following his attack on the champ during last week’s show, however, Antonio made it clear that attacking Pentagon did not mean he deserves a title match and instead he would need to earn it and do so by winning an Aztec medallion. With Revenge becoming a theme Antonio also announced that Cage will get his shot at revenge next week when he goes one on one with Mil Muertes. Two must-see matches made official and sweet revenge in the air Dario Cueto is most certainly making his presence felt.

Kobra Moon Sets Her Sights on Johnny Mundo

Season Four of Lucha Underground so far has greatly focused on the growing feud between two teams, Worldwide Underground, and the Reptiles. After Taya and Mundo scored a victory over Kobra Moon and Daga the Worldwide Underground celebrated their win in the ring with the numbers game once again coming into play for the trio however, they were soon joined by Vibora who alone took out Taya, Johnny, and PJ Black. With Daga and Kobra coming back into the ring the Reptiles made a bold statement and Kobra ended the segment speaking directly to Johnny Mundo vowing that Mundo will soon bow to her and call her his Queen. From Episode One of this season, it’s been evident these two rivals would come to blows and, as their story, develops this remains something to really keep your eye on and sure to prove excellent story work and fantastic in-ring performances from everyone involved.

Sacrifice to the Gods

With last week’s episode of Lucha Underground concluding with Antonio Cueto unleashing an even darker side to his son Matanza Cueto we saw him also introduce something brand new to the Underground named; the Sacrifice to the Gods. With Mr Pectacular already in the ring, Antonio told him that he would be the first sacrifice and the god is Antonio’s last remaining son, Matanza Cueto. The match was extremely short and Matanza picked up the predictable win. Matanza did appear even more intense if that was even possible and the growth of his side to his character as well as Sacrifice to the Gods make for excellent viewing and something to pay very close attention to in the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground was one that saw even more character development for the likes of Jake Strong, Catrina, and Matanza Cueto but we were also treated to must-see matches in the underground including the main event between Chavo Guerrero and King Cuerno. A battle of revenge it’s evident this is, in fact, the early theme of this season in the temple. The main event did see King Cuerno pick up the victory which really does add to his story this season but with so much more left in his journey what awaits Cuerno and the rest of the Lucha Underground roster? Join me here next week to find out!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey and screen captured by @frenchnygma