The Road to Slammiversary XVI, Chapter 2, Act 5. And a lot of question marks as we’re just 16 days before the PPV. Is Pentagon Dark ready to lose his soul if he loses his mask? To which point Eddie Edwards’ frantic behaviour will bring him? How did darkness affect Allie when she was in the coffin? A few answers will come up this week as Tommy Dreamer has a message for Eddie Edwards. Madison Rayne and Allie will team up against Su Yung and one of her Undead Bride. Killer Kross and Katarina will make his debut in the Impact Zone. Konnan will have a few words to say to The King. Rich Swann will square off with Fénix. And a colossal match is waiting for us as Kongo Kong and Brian Cage will face off. No more words, let’s get ready for some action, your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


Rich Swann vs. Fénix

When two high-flyers collide, you know what to expect. And it all started with a demonstration of what they were able of until Fénix grabbed Swann’s arm and hit a springboard with an arm drag. Fénix and Swann kept at it and matched each other’s moves, until the double dropkicks that reset the wrestlers. Fenix went to the outside and Swann tried to hit a moonsault but Fenix caught him. The action went outside with flips and dives. Then Fenix flipped over Swann and Rich landed a kick to the midsection so he could climb up and hit a flipping dive to the outside. Back in, they traded some counters until Fenix flipped out of the Tree of Woe and sent Swann out of the ring to hit a dive to the outside. 

Fénix climbed up top, Swann rolled away but Fénix landed on his feet and jumped up to hit a cutter. Swann countered a second cutter with a handstand. Some flips followed and double neck breakers at a crazy pace. Swann hit a modified Fisherman’s bomb, a kick to the head and a 450 splash, but Fénix turned things around when he put Swann on the top rope, hit a hurricanrana off the top rope, and a Fire Thunder Driver powerbomb. Swann tried to reach the top rope but Fénix cut him off the top rope and hit a Muscle Buster for the win.

After the match, Dave and Jake Crist ran down to assault Fenix. They tried to rip his mask off. His brother Pentagon hit the ring to clear them off but he kicked Fénix and landed the Penta Driver. He took off his mask to reveal it was, in fact, Sami Callihan. oVe tried to hold Fénix to rip off his mask but Swann jumped in and made the save. The real Pentagon Jr. ran down and took everyone out. 

Fallah Bahh (with KM) vs. Killer Kross

Everything Fallah Bahh was trying to put Kross down was a no-sold on him. Kross took a splash in the corner and a few chops, then he replied with some chops. Bahh tried again but Kross hit a nasty lariat. Kross invited Bahh to hit him as hard as he could. Kross smiled and hit a massive Saito suplex. Kross locked Bahh on a chokehold and it was over. 

After the match, Kross attacked Bahh, KM ran in to stop him but he was locked in the chokehold too. Petey Williams ran down and grabbed a chair. He hit Kross twice across his back, but he no-sold the shots and even enjoyed it. Williams threw the chair at Kross’ face, Kross rolled out of the ring smiling away.

I pass on the Madison Rayne/Allie and Jimmy Jacobs/Kongo interviews. Gama Singh told the Desi Hit Squad he would guide them to victory in order to make their country proud. And a mysterious blonde lady is coming soon…

Su Yung & an Undead Bride vs. Madison Rayne & Allie

Su Yung was choosing a Bride in the Legion, but Allie and Rayne decided to start things out by taking control. They connected with some stereo Thesz Presses and sliding forearms to the outside. Allie then punished the Undead Bride. Yung grabbed Allie’s hair and distracted her, the Bride took advantage. They worked some double team moves on Allie until Yung screamed in Allie’s face before throwing her across the ring.

Yung locked Allie in a submission hold, Allie replied with a clothesline. Rayne was tagged in and kicked The Bride in the head and hit the Chance Of Rayne. Madison didn’t go for the pin as the Undead Brides dragged her outside. Allie dove on them. Yung went for the Panic Switch but hit the referee with Madison’s legs. Madison hit the Cross Rayne but the referee wasn’t able to make the count. 

Here came Tessa Blanchard who pummeled Madison while the referee was KO. Allie jumped in and hit a big boot on Tessa to send her out of the ring. She sent Tessa into the guardrail on the outside. Madison hit the Cross Rayne on Su Yung for the win after getting out of another Panic Switch.

While The King was trying to convince Ortiz and Santana he did nothing, Gama Singh was making his protégés train hard. The oVe Creepy Cam aired, before a promo on Austin Aries’ journey who said, unlike Moose, wrestling was not his second choice. Konnan said war games were about to begin.

Tommy wants more blood

Tommy Dreamer cut a promo while still covered in blood after his attack from Eddie Edwards. He wasn’t happy and said he’s learned from his mistakes. He added Edwards is throwing his career away with his obsession with Callihan. Dreamer said he had enough, he never had an affair with Eddie’s wife, he never wanted all that happened. All he wants is to teach people how to get to the next level because people did the same for him. A House Of Hardcore Rules Match is made for Slammiversary between Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer.

Katarina (with Grado) vs. Rebel

Unlike her man, Katarina didn’t make the Titanic sink. Rebel took control, slammed Katarina’s face against the mat and lifted her up. Katarina took control and hit the head scissors. Rebel cut off Katarina, hit a flapjack and a torture rack into a slam. Rebel missed the back handspring elbow, allowing Katarina to hit a tornado DDT. Katarina then missed the high cross and Rebel hit the split into a leg drop. Katarina counters a suplex into a backbreaker for the win. Grado danced, so yes, the Titanic sank. Backstage, Katarina had a surprise for him in Joe Hendry singing about how he will make things better for Impact Wrestling. And steal the girlfriend too?

Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage

Jacobs was out with Kong but he let the action happen. They brawled at the bell and Kong hit Cage with a shoulder tackle. Cage fired back with a dropkick and a hurricanrana. Cage now wiped out Kong with a tope. Back in the ring, Kong cut off Cage with a belly-to-belly suplex and a corner splash. He then hit a hurricanrana to counter a powerbomb from Cage (yes, it’s true, it happened). Cage slammed Kong to the mat with a crossbody. He followed with clotheslines and hit a 619. The enzuigiri and a German suplex followed. Kong rallied with a headbutt and the chokeslam. Kong headed up top for the splash, but Cage followed and hit the superplex. The ring could have collapsed but no. Cage hit the F-5 for the win. Sorry but, THIS WAS AWESOME!!!

Konnan has the proof

Konnan came out to explain who took him out at Redemption. The King and LAX came out and Konnan said he was not so mad King put a hit out on him, but what upset him was a guy he helped betrayed him. King asked where Konnan’s proof was and Konnan said those phone calls never happened from the hospital. Konnan called him a “walking, talking glory hole” and a “punk ass b—h” then and now.

King snapped and admitted he did it. He said he put a hit out on him and Konnan needed to go out into the sunset before he got shot in the back of the head. King said he was the future and the rest of LAX gave him the finger. Konnan said he didn’t get the job done and then King said, “didn’t I?” Suddenly Homicide and Hernandez jumped on Konnan, Santana and Ortiz. The LAX “originals” did a proper beatdown, grabbed some flags to choke Konnan with, and the draped flags over the LAX “2.0” members. King said they are LAX 5150 and left the ring. A very Sharks vs. Jets moment…

I really, really liked that episode. It was focused on the build-up of Slammiversary, but that doesn’t mean action wasn’t there. I’m not a fan of behemoth matches but Kongo vs Cage was awesome. How can 2 big men be also great high-flyers? And Killer Kross… he just killed it! Fénix vs. Swann was incredible. LAX goes “West Side Story meets Gangs of New York”, pretty cool. The Tommy Dreamer segment was so true and it was nearly scary. Two matches were added to the card, but a little bird is telling at least 3 more can still be announced (you read my mind? Kross vs. Williams, LAX vs. LAX, Allie vs. Tessa…). And because you agree with me, of course, I see you next week… And never forget to stay #eNYGMAtic… 

Slammiversary XVI card (as of Friday 7 PM):

Impact World Championship Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Moose

Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Su Yung (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Impact X Division Championship Match: Matt Sydal (c) vs. Brian Cage

House of Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Edwards

Mask vs. Hair Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan

Four-Way Match: Johnny Impact vs. Ishimori vs. Fénix vs. Rich Swann

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All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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