The RAW and SmackDown Live after WrestleMania have become notorious as a hard reset for the WWE.  Often seeing debuts, returns, feuds kicking off and most importantly NXT Call-Ups.  While this makes for extremely entertaining TV at the moment, it has often lead to people getting lost in the shuffle.  The main question is should WWE stagger Call-Ups like they did with Asuka or Samoa Joe instead of throwing three acts on the big stage at once like they did to Ember Moon, Authors Of Pain and No Way José this year.

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The easiest argument for staggering Call-ups is that it gives each superstar the chance to have a bigger spotlight and allows fans to focus on one new name instead of three or four.  Just use the case of Asuka for example, she was called up at TLC on her own when there were no other call-ups.  With all the attention on her, she was able to get over and remains one of the most over members of the roster.  When a superstar becomes the only call up both creative and fans have one place to direct their attention allowing the superstar a bigger chance to get over.  It also prevents congestion and people getting lost in the shuffle when there are a few call-ups as well as re-debuts cause any newer superstars who fail to make an immediate impact to get lost and lose their opportunity to get over.  Even just this year SmackdownLive saw one NXT call up on the show after mania in the IIconics and put them into a big angle and put all eyes on the girls which should be the aim of call-ups.


Fans know when to tune back in and return their attention to the product.  The night after Mania is one of the most watched Raw’s of the year every year and calling up NXT stars in front of the biggest audience possible can only be a good thing for them.  On top of that, you have a crowd of rabid wrestling fans who know who these NXT stars are and you guarantee these debutants a pop that can only help their confidence.  Being called up in one sweep puts the talent in a sink or swim environment that will bring the best out of the better stars and allow the WWE to see if these superstars can survive the pressure on the big stage.  The biggest reason to keep NXT call-ups to the one time is that the WWE is a promotion about creating moments and calling up new stars creates great TV segments and memorable moments.  Who could ever forget Paige’s call-up? Or the moment Shinsuke Nakamura arrived on SmackDown Live.

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There are arguments to be made both for and against staggering the NXT Call-ups in the WWE.  At the end of the day, the WWE will continue to do what it does whether it is the most intelligent course of action or not.  Whether you believe they should call up NXT stars when they have a feud ready or when the wrestlers are ready for such a big stage or if you enjoy the surprise and excitement os seeing them perform on the night after Mania we can all agree that some people are best off staying in NXT as long as possible.