We are now five episodes into the brand-new season of Lucha Underground and what a start we have seen! The gripping action and has had fans hooked from day one with new arrivals, hot new rivalries, and top-quality matches and we saw the series continue on this week in another must-see episode. With more stars edging closer to the Gifts of the Gods Championship we have plenty to discuss in this week’s latest Lucha Underground highlights!

The Next Sacrifice

Last week’s episode of Lucha Underground saw Antonio Cueto introduce a brand-new concept to Lucha Underground, the Sacrifice to the Gods. With his last remaining son Matanza Cueto taking out Mr. Pectacular on the previous show this week we saw the monster rise once again when he stood toe to toe with another sacrifice in Cortez Castro. Cortez did look to try and get the upper hand by using a kendo stick in attempts to take out Matanza Cueto, but his efforts didn’t go very far, and it wasn’t long before Cueto was in complete control and picking up yet another victory. Now, this is an interesting yet entertaining twist to Matanza’s character, however, much needed. The believers had to be introduced to an even darker side of Matanza and his character was in need of something more. With his story growing and the Sacrifice to the Gods continuing this is a new stage for Matanza Cueto and I have to say, it’s very exciting seeing where Lucha Underground go next with a true rising star!

Ivelisse Is Back in Action

It was only two weeks back during the Three Way to the Grave match that we saw Ivelisse make her first appearance for Season four of Lucha Underground when she took out her former lover turned rival in Jeremiah Crane. This week the baddest B in the building made her return to in-ring action in the Underground when she took on Joey Ryan in an Aztec Medallion match, a first for Ivelisse. The booking was smart and fitting and the two worked well together to provide an entertaining contest. Joey Ryan was his typical usual self and spent some time in control of this match that led to several close calls however the fight and determination was strong in Ivelisse and she, in the end, picked up one of the biggest victories in her Lucha Underground career winning one of the Aztec Medallions.

Things Just Got Interesting

Since Antonio Cueto took over Lucha Underground things haven’t been so easy for the trios champions. The Mack and Killshot were forced to work alongside Son of Havoc despite showing they were not all for the idea and on this week’s episode we saw the trios champions pitted against one another when Antonio made a huge announcement. The Mack, Killshot, and Son of Havoc will compete for not one but two medallions with the man who loses leaving with nothing. A decision sure to divide the trios champions even more and cause greater problems within the group! The match, however, was sure to be a great one and these three stars did not disappoint! The action from the get-go was very fast paced and very even. Split so early on it was difficult to predict who would be the odd one out and not walk out with a medallion.  The Mack was a stand out with his agility and strikes within the first five minutes of this match as we saw Mack and Killshot go at it with Son of Havoc waiting for the right moment.  Throughout this match the action was very back and forth, everyone had their standout moments and a story was told with personal issues with Son of Havoc highlighted particularly with Killshot. The Mack was the guy to score the victory with both men down he had to decide who to pin and in a surprise move it was Killshot who was covered and the divide between the champions was very very clear with the Mack and Son of Havoc advancing.

A Shot at Revenge

It’s been highlighted that one of the biggest themes of this season so far has been revenge and that was showcased brilliantly in this week’s main event when Cage and Mil Muertes went one on one for the first time in the temple. We, of course, have seen these two collide previously at Ultima Lucha Tres and so revenge was a theme here but with this being the first time the two went one on one things were about to get interesting. For two of the biggest guys on the roster the match was very fast paced very early on and with Catrina by ringside, there was plenty going on! Muertes took control outside of the ring but it was Cage who was on top most of the time inside the ring. A key turning point in this match revolved around the accidental spear from Muertes to the referee which meant Cage had the chance to gain momentum, however, was unable to officially score the win with the ref down for the three count. The exact same thing happened for Muertes moments later and with three referees out fans were left on the edge of their seat as this match grew to become more personal and far more intense!

As the action moved back outside the ring Cage remained in control but his actions from the past few weeks came back to haunt him when Pentagon Dark appeared and took out the Machine allowing Mil Muertes to take advantage and score the victory over Cage. The fallout saw an interesting development in the relationship between Catrina and Mil hinting at a new attitude for Catrina upon her new look. We also saw Pentagon mock Cage for losing but also announce he will defend the Lucha Underground Championship against Cage next week!

We now know Dragon Azteca JR, King Cuerno, Ivelisse, The Mack, Son of Havoc, and Mil Muertes hold six of the seven Aztec Medallions and season four his heating up more and more as the weeks go by! This week’s episode concluded with Mascarita Sagrada meeting with the rabbit tribe and taking them to meet the elusive white rabbit, who is of course Killer Kross. Asking for his guidance and offering him anything, he wants them to prove it by killing Mascarita Sagrada. London smashes Sagrada’s head with a staff pleasing his new master. A story sure to develop in the coming weeks, join me back here this time next week with the latest Lucha Underground highlights.

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey and screen captured by @frenchnygma