The past couple of weeks have been rather interesting in the world of Lucha Underground. After scoring a victory over Cage and retaining his Championship, Pentagon Dark looked to close a chapter in his Lucha Underground career yet the rivalry between these two top stars appears to be far from over. We’ve also seen things heat up between the Reptile tribe and Worldwide Underground and of course last week the believers witnessed El Dragon Azteca Jr emerge victorious in the Gift Of The God Championship match. This week Lucha Underground provided more must-see action and today we are going to be looking at the highlight moments!

Who Gets What They Want?

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground kick-started with a singles match between Daga and PJ Black. As we know, the two have been apart of one of the most engaging feuds of the season so far. With Daga representing the Reptiles and PJ Black Worldwide underground, this match was key in gaining momentum. A fast paced, action packed, bout saw a fun start to the night and Daga’s impressive victory gave him and the Reptiles the edge they truly needed. After the match, it didn’t take long until the rest of the Reptiles made their presence known and a beat down further taking out PJ made for rather uncomfortable viewing. The numbers were soon made even however, and the segment progressed ending with a match for next being made official; the two teams will do battle next week with interesting and revealing consequences attached. It will be four on four and if Kobra Moon and the rest of the reptiles score the win then Mundo will have no choice but to bow to her but will Moon finally get what she wants?

The Mack Makes a New Enemy

After winning an over the top battle Royal only two weeks ago, the Mack was given the chance on the same night to eliminate someone from the Gift of the Gods Championship match that took place one week ago. After choosing Mil Muertes the Mack had created a new enemy in one of the most intense names in the Underground. In a backstage segment, Catrina appeared in the locker room confronting the Mack revealing Mil Muertes is coming for him. Making it clear he had no problem dropping Muertes without a second though Catrina made sure to play some mind games before leaving. Mentioning the cousin of the Mack, Catrina slammed on a locker leaving the door to open revealing a skull inside with a cigar in its mouth. The segment ended with the Mack looking concerned saying it was Big Rick. This of course if a growing story sure to produce some amazing and must-see matches in the near the future.

More Problems for the Trios Champions

Throughout season four of Lucha Underground, we have seen the struggles between the Trios champions (Killshot, the Mac, and Son of Havoc) grow while the Rabbit tribe have grown from strength to strength. This week the two teams collided in a trios championship bout you did not want to miss! The action was very much split down the middle in terms of momentum and control but it must be pointed out that the Rabbit tribe had a very strong and impressive performance. The trios champions were able to put their differences aside during the majority of this match and perform as a cohesive team, however, It was evident Killshot was the man keeping the momentum going for his side. In the end, the trios champions came up on top but Killshots ego may have just created even more problems.

Cage Sends a Message to the Champ

And finally, it was main event time. With the champion set to take part in tag team action against Cage and his partner for the night King Cuerno, however, the champ took to the mic before entering the ring and revealed he didn’t need a tag team partner as this was his temple and he, of course, has zero fear. With the main event now, a handicap match, things grew even more interesting as this was the chance for Cage to gain extra momentum against the champ but also a night key in allowing Pentagon to prove exactly why he is the champion and the underground is his temple. Despite strong efforts and impressive performance as expected, Pentagon was unable to beat the odds and it was Cage who scored a much-needed win and continued to make an impact, attacking the champion following the match.

This Means War

The closing moments of this weeks Lucha Underground saw things take a dark and unexpected turn. With Taya and Johnny Mundo exploring the reptiles lair it wasn’t long before they came face to face with trouble yet the duo was able to come out on top in a rather intense manner. With Vibora now down thanks to Taya coming to the save of Mundo she proceeded to take things much further by “removing the head of the snake”. Moments later it was revealed she had cut the head off Vibora leaving more questions and the understanding that next week will present even darker and more intense action between these rival teams.

The action in this weeks Lucha Underground left believers with every reason to tune back into next weeks show but with Kobra Moon sure to want even darker revenge what awaits Johnny Mundo and Worldwide Underground next week and what more will go down in the temple? Join me here next week to find out!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey