British wrestling is at a high at the moment, and there’s plenty of supplemental listening for a scene that appears to be growing day-by-day. There are interviews, reviews and opinions aplenty. Podcasts come and podcasts go, it’s a big commitment on the presenters time and the rewards may not be apparent if they’re successful at all, but some have stood head-and-shoulders above the others. Here’s five worth listening to:

Tuesday Night Jaw

Jim Smallman’s podcast, Tuesday Night Jaw, is a mix of Tuesday Night Jaw Meets (interviews), Roundtables where Jim and a select team review big wrestling events and Q&A sessions where Jim answers questions submitted via social media. He’s incredibly positive about wrestling and the people in it but he’s not afraid to tackle sensitive subjects with honesty.  Despite being a co-owner of PROGRESS Wrestling, Smallman is very adept at not making the podcast about the company and treads carefully when it comes to those “the best?” questions that often pop up in the Q&As.


Flash Morgan Webster’s Wrestling Friends

The master of the modcast, Webster has crafted a wonderful series of interviews with a gamut of talent from the UK and occasionally further afield in Flash Morgan Webster’s Wrestling Friends, a podcast that has grown in stature since Webster launched it whilst injured. Capturing Webster’s jovial tone perfectly and giving him a chance to be a counsellor as he draws out what makes wrestlers what they are today.


How WoS It?

A newcomer to the podcast world, How WoS It? features Stixx and Notts TV/Gem Radio’s Iain Chambers in a new podcast that covers the recently revived WoS Wrestling. Chambers is an enthusiastic presenter and a lifelong wrestling fan tempered by the thoughtful tones of The Heavy House of Pain, a man with more than a decade of in-ring experience. The first edition was only 30 minutes, so you’re in for a quick listen with this review show that digs underneath the surface, but never gets too smart.


Joe Hendry Show

The Joe Hendry Show gives us one of the most charismatic men in British wrestling, Joe Hendry, who is joined by Bantz and Jabicus as he dissects wrestling, throws in a whole lot of silliness and reflects upon his life in and outside of wrestling. Hendry has a wonderful way of telling stories that have the habit of reducing his co-presenters to fits of laughter, but he’s able to deliver serious content too with flawless charm. It’s not all about The Prestigious One, as The Joe Hendry Show brings us interviews, too, including Matt Riddle and James Storm.

Dirtsheet Mania

It’d be wrong to completely ignore WWE, of course, and Craig Anderson and Kieran Smith present Dirtsheet Mania, a weekly podcast looking at all current WWE activities on NXT, 205 Live, Raw and Smackdown, along with covering the PPVs. Anderson’s train of thought delivery contrasts with Smith’s more thoughtful approach as they talk about the shows with wit, wisdom and a sense of irreverence that, despite the name, certainly isn’t filled with rumour and innuendo… well, rumour, anyway.


All five of these podcasts should be available via your favourite podcasting source.