Last weeks episode of Lucha Underground was an interesting one. Fans were treated to a must see and revealing main event as well as more from Temple newcomers and rising stars! With so much to enjoy it left us with plenty to talk about and so today we are going to be diving into the reasons why last week’s Lucha Underground was a true must see and an important episode in the impressive season four spectacular!

“Money is the Ultimate aphrodisiac”

Season four of Lucha Underground has been missing a little bit of Mariposa but this week’s episode kick-started with the star herself looking to make a deal with Antonio Cueto in a revealing backstage segment. Wanting in on a Gift of the Gods match she used charm and money to get exactly what she wanted. Touching on her previous desire to be with Cueto arising likely because it was forbidden she proceeded to claim she wasn’t there to seduce Antonio and placed two stacks of cash from her family in front of Cueto. With the Temple master declaring “Money is the ultimate aphrodisiac” it was long until Mariposa was given exactly what she wanted. An interesting an unexpected turn of events, this segment gave Mariposa what she needed this season. More depth, more understanding of her character and family, and an insight into what the coming weeks may hold for her.

Season Highlights Continue to Shine

From the beginning of the brand-new season, believers have been introduced to new faces in the temple as well as darker sides to Underground veterans. Last weeks episode saw Matanza continue his reign of dominance and increase momentum after taking out Mala Suerte in a short and simple opening match. The Sacrifice to the Gods matches have all kept the same feel and outcome and with the story growing as well as Matanza’s outstanding performances fans await to see just how far Matanza will go and just how sinister his character can truly get.

We also witnessed XO Lishus gain more momentum also in a rather unexpected manner. While he and Ivelisse did not walk away with the victory last week against Joey Ryan and Jack Evans, XO was a true standout in this bout. From the strong reaction, positive commentary and general performance, Lishus showed even more depth to his growing character and while we haven’t seen all too much of him since his debut Lishus is proving to be one to watch and the closing moments of that match indicated far more to come between him and Evans. It should also be noted that this performance highlighted the fact there is much more to Lishus than we may believe.

A Change in The Line-Up

One of the biggest main events of the season so far took place just last week when the Reptile Tribe took on World Wide Underground following weeks of a growing rivalry. With so much on the line of Johnny Mundo, in particular, there was no space for errors and both teams made sure they were strong, ready and not in line for a bad night. The brutal attack that took place the week before on Vibora meant the Reptile Tribe were lacking in numbers and needed a strong force to join them on the night and in a surprise turn of events, it was Jeremiah Crane introduced as Jeremiah Snake who stood alongside surprising allies. With Kobra Moon resurrecting Jeremiah’s dead body with venom she had found the perfect new member for her tribe as season four and this stable took an interesting turn of events. We very soon after saw Mundo announce he would be replacing Ricky Mundo with the now “Aerostar Mundo” for the night, which put great emphasis once again on the growing story of Ricky and Rosa the doll.

Johnny Mundo’s Wish

The main event overall was by far one of the best of the season so far and for sure will go down as an overall Lucha Underground highlight Every single star in this match had their moment, the storytelling was simply excellent, and the wrestling was at the typical Lucha Underground standard that is difficult to top. With Worldwide Underground scoring the victory it meant that Johnny Mundo had a wish, and still in the ring Mundo called for Kobra before she could leave saying that “There’s somebody here that I know could use a wish real bad”. And while his next action may have surprised Taya they left fans even more shocked when Mundo revealed he wanted to use his wish for Aerostar. Wishing that Kobra Moon free Drago, Aerostar proceeded to remove Dragos collar and the two left the temple together.

The attention soon moved back to Mundo and Taya and the feel in the temple changed once again. Revealing that Kobra could not grant his wish because only Taya herself could do just that Mundo soon proposed to Taya in the middle of the ring leaving the latest episode of Lucha Underground ending on an unexerted positive and romantic manner.

This was a special episode of Lucha Underground. We witnessed more of the type of person Antonio Cueto is in the opening segment, we saw great development within the Reptile Tribe and their story, as well as rising stars, continue to make an impact. What separated this week’s episode to the rest was how much information we got on so many of the stars of Lucha Underground as well as the clear direction so many names and storylines will be taking. With so much left to come our way join me here next week to look back on more Lucha Underground Highlights.

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey