Flip Gordon is one of the fastest rising stars in the professional wrestling landscape today. Gordon has steadily been earning his stripes in Ring of Honor, CMLL, and even the likes of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Tonight in Edinburgh, Scotland, Gordon will be participating in the inaugural Ring of Honor International Cup Tournament – as a part of RoH’s Honor Re-United Tour. Gordon’s opponent in the first round is fellow high-flyer “Superbad” Kip Sabian, making his Ring of Honor debut.

Flip Gordon took some time to chat with us about the International Cup, RoH & NJPW’s G1 Supercard selling out Madison Square Garden, and All In.

On “Superbad” Kip Sabian:

“I’m very excited. I think it’s going to be a cool mix of both of our styles, I think we’re gonna work very, very well together. And hopefully, we wrestle more than once. We’ll see what happens this first time.”

On who Gordon would like to work with this most in the International Cup:

“I’d love to work with “Hangman” [Adam Page], just ‘cause I think he’s a phenomenal performer. We’ve got our little history in the past. We’ve only got to wrestle one time – a singles match. I think that would be really cool to wrestle with him over there in the UK.”

On being considered to participate in the International Cup:

“I honestly didn’t think they would consider me, because they only bring in four or five – you know, just a handful of guys. And so to be in the handful of guys that [RoH] chose to bring on this international tour, it means so much. And it means that they really believe in what I’m doing and they have trust in me.”

RING OF HONOR/Bruno Silveira
RING OF HONOR/Bruno Silveira

On RoH & NJPW selling out Madison Square Garden:

“It’s insane. Three months ago, if we were talking about even performing in the Garden, people would’ve said we’re nuts, and here we are. And we just sold out of the stadium. ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena,’ Ring of Honor and New Japan, just sold out, in just two days. That’s just a testament to how popular wrestling is right now.”

“I first heard about [the announcement] when it was rumored online that we got blocked by the WWE, and then next thing we know they’ve announced, and I found out just like everybody else on Twitter, that we secured the date. Then, obviously, the ticket sales were released for the HonorClub and we get 9,000 – which is insane! So, now it’s sold out the very next day. It’s a dream come true, we’re making history. Flip Gordon gets to perform at Madison Square Garden – and not just Madison Square Garden, but a sold out Madison Square Garden. The same weekend of WrestleMania. That’s insane.”

On a Madison Square Garden dream opponent:

“Either Ospreay or Rey Fenix. Those would be my top two that I think would absolutely tear apart in MSG.”

On accomplishing the biggest goal at G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden:

“I wanna have Match of the Night. I wanna go out there and I have the best performance out of anybody. That’s my goal every night, and it’s gonna be no different on that night.”

On being “All Out” in relation to the “All In” event:

“I’m going to throw an “All Out” party before All In starts in the parking lot of the Sears Center. We are already sold out. We’ve sold 2,000 tickets in just a little over two hours. I think that’s as close as I’m gonna get this year to All In, unless I can figure out a way between now and the final bell to get booked. And I’m not going to quit fighting. I want to be on this show, but as of right now, I’m “All Out.””

On the dream-in-mind for “All In”:

“I want to be a part of history. I want to be a part of a memory, which is All In. I think just being a part of it is gonna be such a special moment in itself.”

Tickets to RoH’s Honor Re-United Tour can be found at rohwrestling.com. All In will also be available to order through RoH’s Honor Club at discounted prices.