Romance, resurrection, and utter tension, season four of Lucha Underground has left fans with plenty to talk about however, with this weeks episode seeing new champions crowned, first ever matches announced, and further character development we have been left with even more to discuss and so lets dive into some of the highlights from this weeks episode of Lucha Underground.

Kobra Moon Sets the Record Straight 

Last week’s episode of Lucha Underground concluded in true romantic movie fashion after Johnny Mundo proposed to Taya in the middle of the ring following their must-see main event. This past Wednesday their love story remained a key focus point with the night opening with a backstage segment involving Antonio Cueto checking his mail to see an invitation to the up and coming wedding.  The pessimistic opinions of the temple boss came as no surprise and with Kobra Moon making an appearance the attention moved to the trios titles with Moon pointing out the Reptile Tribe had never received their match. Promising to come up on top and prove their strength Moon is granted what she wants and Antonio books the match for later that night. A strong opening segment that continued brilliantly from last week’s episode.

How Many More Sacrifices?

One of the key stories Lucha Underground has been focusing on so far this season revolves around the Sacrifice to the Gods matches. Its here we have witnessed Matanza Cueto punish varies stars from the underground and this week it was the turn of Saltador. Following Mala Suerte’s death it was a hunt for redemption however, Saltador of course failed to come up on top and yet another sacrifice was made. This is clearly an interesting angle and it has given Matanza something solid to do almost every week allowing him to build momentum and push his character forward even more, however, exactly when will we see more of Cueto? Will Antonio push for an even darker side to come out of his only remaining son? And are fans growing bored of this concept already?

The Man with Plenty to Prove

A man the believers truly have not been able to get enough of has of course been, Killshot. Competing in one of the biggest matches of season three against Dante Fox, one of Lucha Undergrounds biggest stars has not slowed down here on this fresh new season. There has been clear tension between the trios champions thanks to the arrival of Son of Havoc amongst the team. The shake up was sure to do just that and shake things up but with more problems arising between Killshot and the Mack fans have been left on the edge of their seats waiting for things to truly explode between these talents. During this week’s episode a backstage segment put further emphasis on these issues and with Killshot promising to walk out with the Gift of the Gods title before they defended the trios titles, he became a man with plenty to prove especially after admitting he believes the tension is there because of his disliking for Havoc.

The championship match up between Dragon Azteca Jr and Killshot was yet another must see. Both men had an excellent display of their skills and in ring ability and this was a bout that once again highlighted Lucha Underground as a place for top quality, fast paced, modern wrestling. Exchanging strikes and kicks this was an intense and entertaining contest that gave you genuine reason to be glued to your screen. The closing moments saw Azteca hit the tornado DDT for the win ending a fun match where Azteca successfully defended his title for a second time.

There is No Stopping this Tribe

In my personal opinion the Reptile Tribe have been one of the most exciting and must see set of stars this season so far. From episode one this interesting and dynamic team have been at the forefront of some of the most gripping and entertaining action with their stoylines and in ring work matching so amazingly well. Their second main event in two weeks, the reptile tribe showed no signs of slowing down on momentum and regained exactly that when they scored the huge victory becoming the brand-new Trios champions. Despite having their own rough patch and a shake up in the dynamic of the tribe, Daga, Jeremiah Snake, and Kobra Moon worked exceptionally well together as a team and took advantage of the tension and issues between their opponents right to the very end. The key was to focus on the weakness of their rivals and with Killshot and Havoc experiencing more poor lack of communication the result ended in new champions being crowned but what does this mean for the future of the now former champions? The action in this match was simply fantastic and yet another Underground must see!

Last Man Standing

The machine, Cage, has been the biggest obstacle current Lucha Underground champion, Pentagon Dark has faced so far this season and with their segment going to the next level on this past week’s episode the believers have been left with the knowledge that their last mand standing match next week is sure to be a highlight of the season and after Cage has spent so many weeks getting one up on the champion and making an impact, could we about to see a brand new champion crowned?

What to Expect in the Coming weeks

The quality of storyline’s and rivalries really has increased massively this season in Lucha Underground. With brand new trios champions being crowned the coming weeks make for interesting viewing as believers are sure to witness more go down between Son of Havoc and Killshot as well as figuring out exactly where the Mack fits in all of this especially considering this weeks episode ended with the Mack agreeing to a “haunted house” match against Killshot. Next weeks show will consist of this first ever match as well as  a last man standing match between Cage and Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground championship so make sure to join me here this time next week for a full run down of what is sure to be a must see one hour of wrestling!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey