Some of you may know that Tessa Blanchard is the new Knockouts Champion. Even if the match will probably not take place this week, Impact Wrestling acknowledged what happened during the recent set of tapings. But let’s focus on this week because Tessa is still an uncrowned Champ as of today and World Champion Austin Aries will have to explain why Killer Kross came to help him last week. A Street Fight will reunite LAX 5150 and LAX OG’z, not for the best. And Su Yung and Allie will finally square off. Let’s see where all of this will bring us, so no more words, let’s get ready for some action so, your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week 

  • Fénix defeated Sami Callihan. The Crist brothers and Pentagon Junior were involved, of course
  • Allie promised to defeat Su Yung for Madison Rayne
  • Johnny Impact defeated Jimmy Jacobs, thanks to an interference by Kongo Kong
  • In the first episode of The Smoke Show, Scarlett Bordeaux drove KM and Fallah Bahh crazy
  • Austin Aries explained if you cross the Champion, you will be “Krossed” out. Eddie Edwards showed up but got Krossed. Alisha checked on her husband who was unable to understand why people were calling him crazy

  • Eli Drake defeated Joe Hendry w/ Katarina and Grado
  • Matt Sydal was meditating when Sami Callihan said oVe wanted revenge against Pentagon Jr. in a Mexican Death match
  • Allie defeated Knockouts Champion Su Yung, due to interferences by the Brides and Tessa Blanchard
  • The Street Fight between LAX 5150 vs. LAX OG’z turned into a brawl. Konnan had the last word when he lowered his fist on The King

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Sami Callihan vs. Fénix
My first impression as I’m preparing this review is “here they are again”. The Ohio brothers vs. Lucha brothers has already pushed a bunch of limits. But in the end, once the match is over, you want more. Because the chemistry between this 5 guys is just incredible and together they make wrestling be better.
Sami laid in strikes on Fénix right away. Fénix battled back with an hurricanrana and a dropkick. He took out Jake and connected with a Lucha arm drag. The Tope wiped out oVe on the floor. Back in the ring, the Swanton connected. Fénix followed with chops but Jake tripped him up, allowing Sami to ground things with a headlock and slow the pace. Fénix fought to his feet but ate a nasty lariat. They worked to the floor, Sami laid in chops, slammed Fénix to the barricade.
Back in the ring, Jake choked out Fenix in the ropes, Sami then attacked the mask before grounding things again. Callihan pummeled Fénix who battled back with a superkick and headed up top, but Sami tossed him off onto the ramp. Sami followed him and teased a powerbomb on the ramp, but Fénix escaped and hit the Lethal Injection on the ramp. Sami went back in the ring and Fenix ran in with a step-up cutter. After commercials, they were trading strikes. Fénix attacked with kicks but Sami cut him off and hit a powerbomb. Sami locked the luchador in a half Boston crab and turned it into an STF. He then turned it onto the crossface, but Fénix grabbed the ropes.
Sami stroke again and pulled Fénix up top, but he cut him off and ran from the ramp into a super hurricanrana. The Code Red connected but Sami strangled the eyes of Fénix who caught him up with a spinning kick. They traded strikes, but Fénix laid him out with a big spinning kick. Fénix headed up top but oVe grabbed his legs and attacked him. Pentagon rushed to make the save and allow his brother to hit the Muscle Buster on Callihan for the win. An 18-minute great moment of wrestling.

– LAX 5150 vs. LAX OG’z in a Street Fight
Calling that brawl a wrestling match would be inappropriate. In a West Side Story Sharks vs. Jets way, they defended the honour of the LAX name in the streets. King and Konnan agreed to let the others fight and to stay back. So they rumbled in a parking lot to begin. They used trashcans, a fence, a traffic cone, and it was chaos. Homicide teased a Gringo Killer on the concrete, but Ortiz cut him off, using King’s slapjack. Hernandez powerbombed Ortiz onto a pile of people before choking him out with a rope. Hernandez got an ice pick but Santana beat the hell out of him with a slapjack.
LAX 5150 stood tall and took back their tag titles, claiming the story was over. King checked on the OGz and said it wasn’t over. He dared Konnan to give the word but says he won’t because he’s an old b**ch. He again dared Konnan to take him out, and Konnan swang the slapjack right to his face. The King is dead, all hail King Konnan. In a very cinematic way, this brawl was a beauty to watch. My only disappointment: where was Maria?

–Impact: Redefined in 2 weeks
After a brilliant PPV like Slammiversary was, and the lack of interest the recent episodes offered, it’s time for a strong event to bring new life to the product. These special episodes, like Under Pressure or Crossroads, were of the level of a PPV, despite being aired on Thursday nights. The title of this new special event is clearly sending its message. The rules are ready to change…

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week

I will soon call this category The Nygma’s Broken Record of the Week…

Scarlett Bordeaux
The Smoke Show may have driven KM and Fallah Bahh crazy, but definitely not me…

The Grado/Katarina/Joe Hendry/Eli Drake thing
Poor Eli Drake… At least things aren’t running too smoothly for the Love Boat trio…

Matt Sydal
They really made a third eye appear on his forehead. Seriously…

The Nygma’s Award(s) of the Week

Killer Kross
What a better personal insurance than the C.O.A.T. himself. To quote A-Double, to be the change, force the change. Seven months ago, Aries surprised the world when he came back and won the title the same night. Kross has the potential to be a Superstar on Impact, Austin Aries couldn’t be a better mentor.

Jimmy Jacobs
How many times in your life are you going to see a nail-painted wearing a tiara making his way to the ring on national television? Jacobs is a genius, he perfectly sold this storyline that could lead both Johnny Impact, Kongo Kong and himself to something way more brutal and definitive.

I’ve had Allie in sight for a while now. I love the way she has developed her dark side. The little sweet girl in pink attire is now a grown-up woman wearing black. In the ring, she’s way more fierce, her repertoire has evolved. She now has all the qualities to be the Knockouts Champion, but when is it going to happen again?

To be eNYGMAtic…

We have a long road to ride until Bound for Glory on October 14. But the announcement of Impact: Redefined is enough to give me hope a little. I said last week there was something rotten in the Impact’s Kingdom. And that was true. Impact Wrestling is not very talkative when it comes to its wrestlers’ injury. The last set of tapings have been like “we did with what we had”, because of injuries. This episode was again not bad, but not good too. oVe and The Lucha Brothers are doing the show, again and again, the war of the LAX is taking a nice twist. But that’s not enough yet. X-Division Champion Brian Cage is back next week. And I can’t wait to see what a Mexican Death Match is. And because you agree with me, of course, I see you next week… And never forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

By Steph Franchomme

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