From the debut of the new matches to developments in highlight feuds of the season, episode eleven in the latest series of Lucha Underground was most certainly a standout so far. While we didn’t have several matches this week we did have two very important and season highlights that will go down as two of the possibly best in Lucha Underground history. With such an interesting and entertaining episode taking place, let‘s dive into the action we saw straight from the temple this week.

A Difficult Time for Melissa Santos

Season four in the Underground has not treated ring announcer Melissa Santos very well. Despite her and Fenix standing tall at the end of series three, the past few weeks have proven to be difficult for Santos. The loss of Fenix has shown to truly effect Melissa and in this opening, a touching segment between herself and Dragon Azteca Jr set the tone for what the rest of the night followed for Santos. Azteca Jr reminded Melissa that Fenix lives in her heart and the more she grieves means the more she loved. The backstage segment concluded with Santos thanking Azteca for his support as a true friend, however, the night was far from over for Melissa who would soon come to blows with Catrina. After failing and refusing to announce her, Santos was brutally attacked by Catrina and with the two have so much history and Catrina being the true reason why Fenix is dead this is a rivalry that we will see continue for weeks to come sure to dominate a good chunk of this season.

Haunted House

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground saw the debut of yet another brand-new match in the temple; the first ever Haunted House match. After the Mack won a battle Royal earning the chance to eliminate one man from the Gift of the Gods Championship match one of the Undergrounds top stars created a monster opponent for himself in Mil Muertes, taking away a big opportunity from the former Lucha Underground champion. The match did see Mil Muertes dominate a good chunk. The Mack struggled to get the upper hand and turn the momentum around within those first five to ten minutes as Muertes showcased his evil intentions, ability to use weapons to his advantage, but also his sheer athleticism and strength. Unlike most steel cage matches, this one didn’t end after a talent climbs over/escapes the cage which meant the pure brutality was at another level. Muertes took full control in of the most one-sided, intense, and barbaric matches in Lucha Underground history.

Throughout the match, we did see the Mack have moments of momentum where showed signs of a possible turn around however there was simply no stopping Mil Muertes who dominated this first ever contest and walked away with a huge victory. Catrina once again refused to give Muertes fallen victim the lick of death which again indicates more to come between these two and particularly Catrina and her character.

Love and Growth

The first episode of season four of Lucha Underground saw another former WWE superstar arrive in the temple as Jake Strong made his debut. It’s been a couple of weeks since we last saw Strong inside of the ring, but he returned to action this past Wednesday picking up another victory this time over Aerostar who of course made a return to Lucha Underground recently. Talking of Returns, famous B was, of course, sat at ringside throughout this match, but the attention moved to Daga who after being set free from the Reptile Tribe came to the aid of his friend Aerostar this week when Strong refused to let go of the ankle lock. This is the stronger rivalry Jake has needed and hopefully will give him a bigger spot on the roster as well as a standout contest.

Another backstage segment highlighted the forever growing relationship between Johnny Mundo and Taya but ultimately focused on the fact that a week after their wedding Mundo will receive a one on one Lucha Underground championship match. This part of the show ended with that darker new side or Ricky Mundo being emphasised in a sinister manner.

Last Man Standing

The Machine, Cage, has had his eyes set on the Lucha Underground championship since the start of season four with his rivalry against Pentagon Dark growing more personal as the weeks have gone by. This past Wednesday the two collided in a huge must-see last man standing contest for the title and this sure was one you did not want to miss. From the get-go, the two clashed in a brutal matchup that left the believers up on their feet. Cage instantly involved weapons in the looks to punish Pentagon that highlighted just how personal their feud has reached. Cage to the surprise of many dominated a huge chunk of this match but what was expected was how brutal their bout reached. Back and forth it was tough to call just who would be leaving the temple as champion.

The spots performed throughout this match highlighted exactly why wrestling fans should be tuning into Lucha Underground. The standard the in-ring performance was at from start to finish of this match was simply phenomenal and while Cage put on one of the best performances of his entire career and a true fight it just wasn’t enough and a package piledriver through steel chairs resulted in Pentagon Dark walking away with the win and still your Lucha Underground Champion.

To round things up this was one heck of a brutal, barbaric, intense, and most certainly entertaining episode of Lucha Underground. There was great emphasis on the personal rivalries currently running throughout the season and again more reasons left to tune in again! Join me here next week where we will run through the latest episode!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey