After ten episodes, fans have been left with plenty to discuss regarding season four of Lucha Underground. New faces must-see matches and gripping storyline’s, the wrestling worlds dark horse has been shining bright this Summer and with things only set to heat up and get even more interesting, there really is every reason to tune into the action from the underground. Today we are going to be looking back at the past couple of months and discussing exactly why this has been such a must-see season, who the main attractions have been, and what storyline’s have grabbed the attention of the believers the most!

Welcome the New Arrivals

Every season we see the underground welcome new stars to the temple and season four has been no different. From Jake strong to XO Lishus, the new names to enter the underground have been standing strong and making an impact giving fans even more of a reason to tune in. To the surprise of many, we are yet to witness more from former WWE superstar in Jake Strong (Jack Swagger) however, his storyline with Famous B is sure to be one we will see develop in the coming months as the season progresses.  A newcomer we have been seeing a lot more of, however, is rising star, XO Lishus. New to the temple, his striking look and unique persona have set him apart from the rest and while flamboyant and slightly “extra” Lishus has been performing to an extremely high standard in the ring proving that the more see of him the more impressed we’re sure to be left. With so much more of the season left to go, Lishus remains a name to keep an eye on with much more set to come our way from this unique star.

Antonio Cueto

One of the biggest and most effective new arrivals has of course been Antonio Cueto. After ordering his son’s death at the end of season three, Antonio made his debut for the temple at the start of season four shaking things up in the Underground but there have been mixed reviews. While the differences between Antonio and Dario are rather slim he does bring a slightly different feel to the temple and we all know that change sparks conversation and mixed opinions. Is Antonio’s character working? Should Dario make a comeback? And what does the new boss of the Underground really have up his sleeve for later in the season?

The Reptile Tribe

There is no denying that many of the most entertaining and gripping segments, storylines, and matches so far this season have come from the Reptile Tribe. Episode one witnessed the team kick-start a fresh feud against Worldwide underground witch dominated weeks’ worth of Lucha Underground content. With Kobra Moon setting her sights on Johnny Mundo becoming the newest member of the Reptile Tribe the segments, scenes, and promos we saw throughout this rivalry were beyond entertaining and while the Tribe failed to score the win over Worldwide underground they continue to build momentum and remain a focal point on the roster. New Trios Champions, Jeremiah Crane the newest member, and a new fire in their belly, the Reptile Tribe have been key figures in bringing back fans every week.

Three Way to the Grave

Season four has so far produced several standouts matches sure to keep fans talking for a long time but one of the biggest standouts has by far been the Three Way to the Grave match between Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane, and Fenix. With the first Grave Consequences matches going down as one of the best Lucha Underground matches of all time the pressure was on a second time around, but these three talents did not disappoint. Delivering an action-packed, entertaining, intense, and all-around excellent pro wrestling matches, Crane, Fenix, and Muertes raised the bar extremely high. Also going down as an all-time great for the company, this match set the tone for the rest of the season and the results that took place shook things up massively for the weeks that followed.

A Change in Alliances

Things really have been shaking up and changing this season in the temple in terms of alliances. Catrina and Mil Muertes have shown signs of issues within their relationship, Ricky Mundo has developed an interesting and intense relationship with a creepy doll, and tensions have risen to extreme points between the now former Trios Champions. The Shakeup here has been needed. While these alliances all make sense and work extremely well these fresh new storylines have made things even more interesting and changed the dynamics in a way that was most certainly appropriate and needed.

A Weakened Matanza

While the sacrifice to the Gods concept is one that has at least given Matanza Cueto something to do and a way to build momentum and stay relevant of some sorts, but it has become evident that Matanza Is not the same monster fans witnessed last season. Struggling to bounce back from a loss against Pentagon Dark there has since been the feeling of something missing when it comes to Antonio Cueto’s last remaining son. While he’s structure remains eye-catching, to say the least, and the potential for him to grow even stronger and darker is there we also must consider whether Matanza has been weakened this season.

So Much More to Come

From the Sacrifice to the Gods to Ricky Mundo and the creepy doll, there is still so much more to come this season on Lucha Underground. We have been given snippets of little storylines and characters that have only given us even more reason to keep tuning in. We are constantly being left with questions and interest and it’s exactly what makes Lucha Underground so special and stand out from so many other wrestling promotions on the scene today. We still have more to see from Jake Strong, there is the growing story involving Ricky Mundo, as well as what is set to go down between Catrina and Muertes. With so much set to come in terms of storylines, one can only imagine what else is set to come in the ring.

Lucha Underground continues to raise the bar, deliver must-see wrestling, entertaining storyline’s, and introduce new talents while pushing the stars that have made the temple what it is today. We still have plenty more to see this season and you can join me here every week for full Lucha Underground reviews/highlights!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey