Over ten episodes into the latest season of Lucha Underground and the temple continues to deliver high-quality entertainment. This week’s show saw an anticipated wedding take place in the temple as well as further collisions between feuding foes and storyline development. With so much to discuss let’s jump right into the latest Lucha Underground review.


Who Can Stop Jake Strong?

Following the collision between Jake Strong and Drago during last weeks episode of Lucha Underground the two went one on one for the first time in the temple to open the show this past Wednesday. The bout was short and was yet another impressive showing from Jake Strong. The former WWE Superstar used his size to gain an early advantage and while Drago attempted to fight back and use his veteran skills to gain the upper hand. After finding himself on the top tope Drago hit a perfect DDT on Strong and nailed a one-legged dropkick resulting in a two count but in the end, it just wasn’t not enough. Jake soon was able to turn things around and the ankle lock allowed him to score yet another victory adding to his momentum.

No Mas Match

After showing a lack of respect for Temple newcomer XO Lishus, Jack Evans looked to prove once and for all that Lishus didn’t deserve to be in the ring with Lucha’s one true god but the harsh words from Evans hit a nerve for XO who took him down attacked him around the ring. While Evans looked for a way out Lishus was once again on fire, standing out like he has done from day one. Throughout this contest, the action was very split down the middle with the in-ring skill and athleticism of both men shining through very brightly. This proved to be an intense and personal match up with the crowd chanting “bully” at Evans and with Lishus’ not so polite response to Evans asking Lishus to give up more than once the crowd were completely invested in the action as was everyone at home and with the involvement of Ivelisse and Joey Ryan things grew even more interesting.

As the action grew more barbaric and intense along with new outside additions this contest became one of the most entertaining and gripping of the season so far and while we have witnessed Lishus and Evans collide before this was by far their best match up to date. The closing moments saw Evans place XO across a chair and moments before he was about to snap XO’s neck, Joey Ryan came down to the ring in an attempt to convince him to not do it. The distraction allowed Ivelisse to pull Lishus away setting up the end result which would see XO lock another submission on Evans which resulted in Jack saying, “No Mas!”. A surprising turn of events and interesting development in the relationship between Ivelisse and Joey Ryan which most certainly is one to watch in the coming weeks!

The Wedding of the Year

And of course, the biggest focal point of this week’s episode of Lucha Underground was, of course, the wedding of Johnny Mundo and Taya. As two of the Undergrounds biggest stars/attractions, this was made into a huge specular and what a way this was to close the night! Famous B started things off by asking if anyone had any reason to believe that the pair should not be joining in marriage to speak now or forever hold their piece. In true dramatic wedding fashion, Antonio Cueto came out and again spoke of his son, claiming that unlike him he likes the pair and ordered more celebrations for the two as the wedding proceeded. Taya said her vows as did Mundo and it wasn’t long before the pair were finally married but the night was far from over.

Fans witnessed more strange behavior from Ricky Mundo and his creepy doll but it was Matanza Cueto who came running out and floored the wedding party that left the believers in shock. Slamming cheerleader Melissa and attacking Famous B this was the Matanza we had been waiting and needed to see for weeks. By far his standout showing of the season so far Matanza caused complete chaos while Taya cried at the sight of her wedding being ruined and in another corner Ricky Mundo sat with his doll enjoying every moment.


Focusing his attention on the bride and groom both Taya and Mundo took a beating at the hands of Matanza Cueto in what will go down as one of the most entertaining and well-done pro wrestling weddings.

What an entertaining episode of Lucha Underground fans were treated to this week! The matchup between XO Lishus and Jack Evans went down as another highlight of the season as the temple newcomer continues to make a huge impact in the Underground. The Wedding was an anticipated segment of series also and proved to also go down as a season four highlight. Matanza’s involvement was very well done and something Cueto needed massively! The fallout to Matanza’s attack will be very interesting as well as more to come for this new side of Ricky Mundo. Join me here next week to discuss more Lucha Underground highlights!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey