When you have to redefine a concept or a way of working, whatever, that means something doesn’t work and the whole process has to be thought of again. The choice of this title, Impact ReDefined, is not meaningless. Because, as you’re fellow readers of this review, week after week, you know that since Slammiversary XVI, there’d been something rotten in Impact Wrestling’s Kingdom. It culminated last week with the LAX segment that was absolutely unappropriated. So yes, let’s go for a necessary ReDefinition… 

Four matches have been announced, but only 2 Impact titles will be on the line. Su Yung will face off both Allie and Tessa Blanchard, while Brian Cage will defend the X-Division Title against Fénix. Impact World Champion Austin and his acolyte Killer Kross will team up against Eddie Edwards and Moose. Rich Swann, who’s back in the Impact Zone after an injury he sustained before Slammiversary XVI, will square off with the Canadian Destroyer himself, Petey Williams. Scarlett Bordeaux will host a Smoke Show too… This “special event” is taking place during IMPACT weekly broadcast time slot. But we’re still ready for some action,  your French Enygma Steph way.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KcHLcAN0po]

Impact X-Division Championship match: Brian Cage (c) vs. Fénix w/ Pentagon Junior

These 2 guys have known each other very well over the years and, even if it seems like a David vs. Goliath match, this first title defence for Brian Cage was meant to be interesting.

They immediately worked into the power vs. speed dynamic, but Cage hit a 619. Fénix battled back with the Lucha arm drag but Cage stopped him with a lariat. Fénix tried to pick up the pace again, but Cage stopped him with a deadlift superplex. Fénix fired back with kicks, headed up top but Cage caught him in the air and hit an uranage. Cage connected with strikes, but Fénix replied with kicks but got tossed over the top rope and onto the ramp. Fénix fought off a powerbomb and hit a rolling cutter on the ramp, then a running double stomp on the floor.

Back in the ring, Fénix went up top and the Swanton connected. After some counters, Cage hit an enzuigiri and the Angle Slam. Fénix countered the Weapon X into a Code Red for 2, unloaded more kicks and the double stomp. Fénix double jumped but got caught with an F5. Cage looked to superplex Fénix to the floor, but the Luchador countered it out into an apron double stomp. The suicide dive missed as Cage caught him into a suplex on the floor. After the break, Cage was hitting a pop-up neck breaker. He headed up top but Fénix cut him off with kicks. The top-rope powerbomb ended up Fénix and Cage retained.

After the match, oVe attacked. After taking a moment to decide what he was going to do, Brian Cage jumped in the ring and cleared the ring, before celebrating with the Lucha brothers.

The Nygma View: Match of the night. Period. Flawless wrestling, a perfect mix of power and speed and high-flying action… It seems like the Ohio brothers vs. Lucha Brothers storyline is not done yet… What’s next for Cage now? Wait and see…

In the LAX OGz lair…

The young boy that was run over by The King is alive. The King accused Homicide and Hernandez about being soft because they worried about the kid. King said they have to come together, and he got a phone call. He looked worried and said not to make any moves until he said so.

The Nygma View: No comment…

Eli Drake vs. Brandon Tidwell

If you remember the 2 jobbers that defeated the Cult of Lee last week, Eli Drake took 20 seconds to destroy Tidwell and his friend Mr Atlantis…

The Nygma View: Just the pleasure to see Drake pull his t-shirt off…

Triple Threat Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Su Yung (c) vs. Allie vs. Tessa Blanchard

We all knew Tessa Blanchard won this match, thanks to TMZ. The unanswered question was how?
They all brawled at the bell, Allie hits a backstabber on Tessa and a dropkick on Su Yung. The Senton connected, corner clotheslines too. Allie worked over Yung in the corner, but Yung cuts her off and attacked Tessa. Allie knocked Yung onto the Brides and kept control until Tessa hit a cutter on Allie. She locked on a figure four variation, but Yung arrives and locks on an armbar on Tessa.

Allie broke the double lock and now worked over Yung with chops and strikes, but Yung cut her off with head scissors to the turnbuckles. Yung headed up top but Tessa cut her off and press slammed her onto the Brides. Allie attacked with chops, strikes, and clotheslines. The suplex to the buckles on Yung connected. Tessa cut off Allie and then ran into a superkick. Yung got the mandible claw on Tessa but Allie made the save. Yung then got the mandible claw on Allie. Allie escaped and Tessa rolled up Allie for the win and the title.

The Nygma View: It was meant to happen. Tessa Blanchard is the Knockouts Champion, like 4 months after her debut. I told it before, I’m not a fan of Tessa but she obviously is the face the division needs. As a heel Champion, she will be good, of course, and succeed where Su Yung failed. But she still has to convince me…

In the LAX 5150 lair…

(Gama Singh was beating down his boys with a broom for disgracing his name…) Konnan said King didn’t care about the code; no kids and no families. Konnan told his boys to take care of the hospital bill and smooth things over with the family. Konnan got the same call as King, from the Big Boss. Like King, Konnan told Santana and Ortiz not to do anything until he gave them the word.

The Nygma View: No comment on the kid story. But who’s the Big Boss?

Scarlett Bordeaux’s Smoke Show

Grado brought Katarina and Joe Hendry to The Smoke Show and there was fighting from the start. Joe said he’s written some music that will explain everything. Then there was some petting from Scarlett to Grado and he ran off with Katarina wondering what just happened. Katarina warned Scarlett not to get between her and her boys.

The Nygma View: Scarlett Bordeaux is a wrestler, put her in a ring. Period.

Rich Swann vs. Petey Williams

Swann played around to begin, frustrating Petey who hit a dropkick and a code breaker to stop him. Petey connected with rights, but Swann picked up the pace, dumped Petey to the floor, but missed an apron cannonball. After the break, Petey set him in the Tree of Woe and does the splendid, magnificent, Oh, Canada nut stomper. Swann fought back, hit a clothesline, the head scissors, the running knee strike and some kicks.

Swann headed up top but Petey cut him off, hit an enzuigiri and connected with a German Suplex and a Russian leg sweep. Petey went for the destroyer, but Swann cut him off with a spin kick. Petey licked him on the Sharpshooter but Swann reached the ropes. Petey hit a powerbomb, but Swann countered the Destroyer into a Michinoku driver. Swann head up top but missed a Phoenix splash. Petey tried a Canadian Destroyer but Swann reversed it into a Standing Shooting Star Press for the win.

The Nygma View: A modern classic, like I love to call them. But the end was a little quick. Swann said after the win itvwill catapult him to the X-Division title (catapulting into Brian Cage… a mosquito sting for him…). Sydal interrupted and said he could guide him. Swann told him he doesn’t need his help…

Impact World Champion Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards & Moose

Eddie was out by himself since Moose was laid out backstage, the X sign on his chest. Kross and Eddie to begin and Eddie fired away with chops. Aries, in, attacked Edwards. Eddie fired back and hits an overhead toss and kicked Kross in the face. Eddie dumped Aries to the floor and Kross cut off the suicide dive. Aries hit the neck breaker in the ropes. Kross, back in, pummeled Eddie with strikes. The running boot connected. He and Aries then worked some double team moves, until Eddie cut off Aries and hit a backpack stunner, chops and a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Kross made the save. Eddie dumped Kross and hit a brainbuster on Aries.

Aries was sent to the floor, Eddie hit a suicide dive. Kross cut off Eddie with a suplex on the floor and rolled him back in. Eddie fought back, hit the Tiger Bomb. Moose finally made his way out, fired up and got the tag as Kross dropped to the floor, laughing. Moose was tagged in and attacked Aries, who stared at Kross in despair. Kross still laughing witnessed Mosse spearing Eddie Edwards. Aries dumped the ref as Moose beat down Eddie. Alisha rushed to ringside to take care of her husband and slapped Moose.

The Nygma View: Do you remember what I told you last week? Moose has a rematch to earn against Aries… And turning heel may be the best way to reach his goal. The match itself was not bad. But the whole thing was focused on Moose turning heel and betraying his friend. I like that…

Was the ReDefinition good? Yes and no. New talents, new Champions are taking control of the Impact Zone. Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann, Killer Kross, Moose, of course, they are the future of the company. But on the flip side of the coin, I was not really able to “read” in the 5 matches what the future holds, storyline wise. It’s not a bad thing in some ways, but it can also become a matter of threat after the recent shows. My goal is not to be pessimistic, I think the ReDefinition has just started. So wait and see, because we have a long, long road until Bound for Glory on October 14. And for the moment, the Nygma’s Crystal Ball has nothing else to tell you but, read the upcoming reviews… And because you agree with me, of course, I see you next week… And never forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…


ReDefined Full Results:

* Impact X-Division Championship Match: Brian Cage (c) defeated Fénix w/ Pentagon Junior

* Eli Drake defeated Brandon Tidwell

* Triple Threat Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung (c) and Allie 

* Rich Swann defeated Petey Williams

* Killer Kross & Impact World Champion vs. Eddie Edwards & Moose ended in a no-contest

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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