Have you heard? WWE is holding an all-female pay-per-view in October? I know you had no idea! Poking fun at the PR machine that is WWE, this is a big deal, even the most jaded among us can see that. Yes, SHIMMER and Stardom exist, Impact Wrestling did this years ago, WWE is putting themselves up on a pedestal that they hardly have earned. Yet, can you imagine if they had announced this just four or five years ago? It would’ve been impossible to fill 4 hours of programming with the stories and character established. 10 years ago? How many bra and panty matches could you possibly book in one show? Progress is progress, especially on the biggest stage of WWE. In that spirit, and a complete disregard for the rumour mill, we’ve picked out the top Evolution matches we’re excited to see.

WWE Evolution
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The Bella Twins vs. The IIconics

Iiconics SmackDown Live
Image courtesy of WWE

It’s simple: The IIconics are EVERYTHING The Bellas should’ve been but weren’t. The Bellas are beautiful, they’re athletic, they have pretty hair, they have multiple business empires and they make it all look so easy. We know it’s not, and that their hair is fake, but still can’t help but hate them a little bit. That’s not an obstacle, that’s a character. Peyton and Billie only have the first part going for them right now, although they’ll probably take over the world and make it look effortless soon enough. Still, it’s easy to hate them for no other reason than the fact that it seems too easy, it feels unearned even if we know they worked hard to get here. What do The IIconics do? They lean in. They crank it up to 11. They are insufferable, and it is excellent. Imagine if The Bellas had done this back when Nikki was making a play for Longest Reigning Women’s champion. Imagine if the Bellatron had been on for weeks or if they had cheered themselves the way Billie and Peyton did. How hot could they have gotten as true heels? The IIconcis may someday soon show us. In the meantime, It’d be fun to see the Bellas pass the torch of top heel tag team to these ladies. The tag match will take pressure off Nikki and her neck, while both Peyton and Billie are skilled enough to keep her safe. This build can happen mostly on social media and get red hot within just a few days, in fact, they’ve already started.

Candice LeRae vs. Lana vs. Zelina Vega

Lana_Zelina Vega_Summerslam
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We call this the “Wives And Girlfriends” match because each of these women has spent the majority of the time with WWE managing their significant other (or in Zelina’s case, “business associate,” yeah right*). Evolution is primetime to give them their due! You wouldn’t know it from NXT’s current booking, but Candice LeRae might just be the best wrestler in the world today. She’s on the short list, that’s for sure. It’s been such a shame to see her take a backseat to Johnny to the extent that she has, and it probably is just an unfortunate byproduct of that feud being as good as it is. She deserves a moment to shine and show us what’s she’s got. Zelina has been doing this for the better part of ten years and seems poised to move into more of a wrestling heavy role. The same is true of Lana, though her experience is less extensive. All of them need a chance to perform without their respective male counterparts taking up the spotlight.

Ember Moon vs. Lacy Evans

Ember Moon RAW
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Why yes, this IS a very odd chapter of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign where a 1950’s pin-up girl/street fighter faces off against a literal warrior princess who might be a werewolf (unconfirmed). How could you not get behind that? Aside from the over-the-top aspect of both of their characters, these two are a classic case of styles make matches. Ember is a high risk, super flashy type wrestler, while Lacy is fundamentals all the way. It would be an interesting matchup to see how they form to each other. Lacy seems poised for a call-up, hopefully before the next Shakeup. She fills out the mid-card in an important way. Even though she hasn’t been particularly successful when it comes to the NXT Championship, she feels intimidating, she feels legit. Bring her up right now and she can instantly start cutting promos on everyone from Liv Morgan (trash) to Ronda Rousey (trash, trash, trash). Her gimmick is so perfect, she could bring it anywhere and instantly fit in because everywhere is beneath her and full of trash. Ember wouldn’t take lightly to that kind of disrespect, and she needs somewhere to put her energy too. They are a match made in heaven if a strange one.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch SmackDown Live
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This feud is hot, so they need to pull the trigger on it as soon as possible. We have a few feelings about the quick succession reigns of this era’s women’s division- Charlotte is a 7-time champion, Alexa is a 5-time, and Sasha is a 4-time. So in the interest of not taking the belt off Charlotte too quickly while keeping Becky looking strong, she ought to be DQ’d for taking things too far. Maybe it’s a chair shot or just her cornering Charlotte and relentlessly striking her despite ref direction. Want a little extra theatrics? When Becky is coming down to the ring she should stop at Sami Zayn sitting ringside like many of the men’s division, and two can share a knowing look. It harkens back to the days of the Ginger Snaps and a newly heel Sami trying to get Becky onto the dark side. On her way out after letting her anger get the better of her, she can stop by Finn Balor who is also ringside. The disappointment on the face of her mentor will tell us everything we need to know

Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks w/ Bayley for the RAW Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks Raw
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Right now, rumour has it that Nikki Bella will be the one to face Ronda Rousey in the new champion’s title defence at Evolution. While Nikki has had a great career despite those who are begrudged to give her credit, it seems unworthy of this particular stage on this particular night. Plus, Ronda has not been doing this nearly long enough to protect her neck. Instead, Sasha should take that spot, with Bayley in her corner. The Boss and Hug Connection has been going well, but maybe that’s only because both of them are out of the title picture. What happens when once again, Sasha gets an opportunity before Bayley and rubs it in her face? Sasha is one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster, she would be able to give Ronda a different kind of match than Alexa Bliss or Stephanie McMahon did. She can bump like a champion for Ronda but she can always bring a very strong offence. When Bayley turns on her best friend (er, again?), tells her “you ain’t s**t” (again), and reveals she knew Sasha was just putting on a front to use her to get to the championship, the response will be LOUD.

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* (Though let’s face it, we all know Zelina and Aleister Black are a thing now. Otherwise why would they keep turning up on each other’s Cat’s Instagrams? – Feature’s Ed.)