Since the announcement of the historic, first-ever all women’s Network Special, Evolution, there has been one woman making the headlines becoming one of the biggest talking points amongst the Wrestling community once again. With the WWE promising to involve fifty of the best female wrestlers at this special event in October including past and present superstars’ fans have made it perfectly that former Divas Champion AJ Lee tops their list in terms of who they want to see return in the fall. While rumours and reports continue to flood in it may seem a little farfetched to believe Lee will, in fact, make a comeback but if she was, in fact, to do so just what could fans expect from one of wrestling’s most popular female talents?

Confronting / Match Against Stephanie McMahon

Throughout her WWE career, tensions were rife between Lee & McMahon and no one could deny, they had chemistry. Several backstages and in-ring segments involving Lee and McMahon took place leaving fans to believe that at some point the two women would in fact collide. AJ owned the role of the woman against the Authority figures questioning and challenging Stephanie’s role as division leader. Segments and promos proved these two women did not have a strong on-screen relationship and while McMahon may not be the woman many want to watch compete in the ring there is no denying that a match between these two could generate serious attention. A basic segment in fact, that sees Lee return to confront Stephanie on the real women’s evolution and the role AJ herself played could make for a genuine WWE highlight of the year.

The Pipebomb 2.0

One of the highlights of AJ Lee’s WWE career was, of course, her killer promo on the entire divas’ division. Confronting the cast of Total Divas, AJ Lee took to the mic to personally attack each woman from The Bella Twins to Natalya, Naomi, and Cameron, all the way to newcomers JoJo and Eva Marie. The segment went down in history as one of the most iconic moments in women’s wrestling with Lee proving to be one of the best female mic workers of all time. Since her departure from the WWE AJ’s track record and all of which she brought to the division has pretty much been ignored by the WWE and so a shock returns not exactly to compete in the ring at Evolution but another major pipe bomb could, in fact, become one of the biggest moments the division has seen since the Evolution. Speaking truthy on the movement, her history, and what she thinks of the Evolution would sure keep fans engaged and invested. However, giving AJ Lee the mic and telling her to say whatever is on her mind may just be a tad bit dangerous a second time around…

A Collision Course With The Future

The timing in which AJ Lee decided to part ways with the WWE wasn’t technically the best for hardcore fans. With the likes of The Four Horsewomen, Ember Moon & Asuka easing their way up to the main roster, Lee missed out on colliding with some of the best female wrestlers to ever grace a WWE stage. Prior to these girls even getting the call-up fans has spoken of dream matches that would see AJ collide with the likes of Banks with many believing this could, in fact, go down in history as an all-time great. With all these women now up on the main roster and the perfect opportunity for AJ to make a return the timing could not be more perfect.

Adding Depth to the SmackDown Live Women’s Division

While both RAW and SmackDown Live evidently have a talented women’s division it’s also clear that the blue brand could benefit from a huge name. The decision for Lee to work a part-time role is something we will discuss a little later but what must be said is how important her role could, in fact, be for SmackDown Live. Not only is their history between AJ and SD Live general manager Paige, it will also allow some of the up and coming talents or simply the women who have got a little lost in the shuffle to step up. A rivalry of sorts between Asuka and AJ Lee is something I know I personally can get into! The SmackDown Live Women’s division has some great names but with Rousey dominating RAW the blue brand is crying out for a woman who can make a similar impact.

A Part-Time Role

We’ve just touched on it and so here we go in detail; the chances of AJ Lee Making any return to the WWE is slim let alone a full-time role. With that being said, many have touched on how special it would be for Lee to take on the position of a part-timer. This exact role is something the women’s division as a whole is lacking and her character could make for the perfect position. This, of course, is something that would either work massively well or incredibly bad but with Lee being so popular and so talented it does make sense not to mention the deeper issues the relationship between AJ and the WWE have.

Ending Her Career Properly

Regardless of your personal opinions on AJ Lee, I don’t believe anyone can deny the fact this woman was a huge part of the movement we have seen in the division over the past five years. Before an Evolution became a trend, Lee was fighting for something more; she sported a different image, character, and role within the WWE and created the foundation for something that would become so huge we now have an all women’s pay per view on our hands. Keeping all that in mind it’s clear that the way Lee’s career ended just isn’t fitting enough. AJ deserves to go out in much better style and whether it be as a one-night role, a part-time position, or a full return, AJ most certainly should have the chance to close the chapter of her wrestling career far stronger than she has.

To conclude, AJ Lee returning to the WWE remains something many highly doubt. It still feels impossible to believe there is a chance of this happening, but she is currently massively spoken about and as we have proven today there is plenty waiting for her in the WWE today.

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