Alexa Bliss just booked her dream match. She will face her idol, Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution. How did she find out? On Twitter. Just like all the rest of us.
For all the uncertainty of the business, Bliss seemed nothing short of comfortable on the WWE conference call. Programs can change as fast as the weather, but Bliss realizes that “I can’t control creative, all I can do is my best.” That attitude has brought her to the top of the women’s division in a mere three years. Recalling the tutu-clad sparkle fairy princess that showed up on NXT back in 2014, it’s evident whatever she is doing is working.
Alexa Bliss on Raw
Image courtesy of WWE
Bliss herself laughs when we bring up that infamous tutu. While she may never want to put it on ever again, she also acknowledges the tutu was only part of the problem. “I didn’t know how to act out a character.” Face Bliss was so sweet it was hard to imagine her as anything else, but it was also bland. It lacked voice, Bliss says. When she turned heel, she found that voice and learned how to convey a character. Now she has easily the best character work in the whole division.
People took her light, and she’s proved them wrong. Bliss gives all the credit in the world to NXT and feels no shame in her fitness modelling background. It’s a key part of her personality that draws parallels to her Evolution opponent. Stratus wasn’t trained, she came in from the bodybuilding world, and she worked hard. Bliss has always respected and looked up to Tratus for this reason. Whether she was the best woman for the job aside, it’s moving how much clearly it means to her.
What does the future hold for Alexa Bliss? She’s taking it day by day. At Hell in a Cell, she wants to become a 6-time women’s champion. At Evolution, she plans on beating Trish Stratus. If she were to get a WrestleMania main event? The answer is obvious: a Trish Stratus rematch, for the Raw Women’s Championship. Some dreams are so incredible you just want to do them over and over again.