We are now fourteen weeks into season four of Lucha Underground and as things progress we begin to see brand new rivalries surface, old foes reunite, and the action heats up in the temple. This week’s show was all about returns, title matches, and fellow relationships surfacing once again. With yet another action-packed episode of Lucha Underground lets dive into all the biggest talking points of the week in the underground world!

Following last weeks scenes, Wednesdays show opened with a focus on Fenix. Vampiro and Matt Striker announced that the main event will see Fenix team up with Aerostar and Drago to challenge the Reptile Tribe for the Trios Championships, but this was of course not the only title match of the night with the first bout looking at the Gift of the Gods Championship.

With Ivelisse taking on the current champ in El Dragon Azteca Jr. things were sure to get interesting in the temple. The two do have some history and so the chemistry was evident, but it didn’t take long for the action to truly kick start. Ivelisse gained an early advantage thanks to several arm drags followed up by a frankensteiner from the middle rope. Throughout the contest, Ivelisse proved to be a tough challenge for the title holder the two engaged in a strong opening contest that had believers both hooked and entertained. Azteca showed off some nice submission work during this singles match up while Ivelisse was able to impress also with her agility and all fight attitude. The closing moments saw both stars on the top rope, but it was Azteca who truly gained the advantage. A headbutt to knock his opponent off it was a top rope leg dropped that followed which concluded the match leaving Azteca still the Gift of the Gods champion!

After the match, Dragon Azteca Jr. showed his sign of respect by raising the hand of his opponent which resulted in more positive comments from the announce team. Ivelisse was soon joined by Joey Ryan and XO Lishus who came out to congratulate her on her performance of the night. The duo went on to ask her if she would be interested in joining them as a partner and challenging whoever wins the nights main event in the future. After agreeing it was made official, a new team had been formed. This, of course, makes for a very interesting and bright new team in the temple. Underground veterans, bags of character and charisma, and a newbie, this is for a sure an exciting new team to watch out for and a move that will benefit all three performers.

After attacking the Lucha Underground Champion during last week’s show, Antonio Cueto informed King Cuerno that his actions towards Pentagon Dark could put him in line to become the number one contender to the championship. However, it was later revealed that El Jefe believed another man is also in line for a title shot who is equally as dangerous and man who hates the guys of King Cuerno, who is that man? Mil Muertes.

The contest between Mil Muertes and King Cuerno was an interesting, intense, and barbaric one. Again, fans were left totally entertained from start to finish. Cuerno, of course, used his speed to gain an advantage but long-term Lucha Underground fans will know that Mil Muertes is a hybrid performer and that was showcased completely this past week, but it was his sheer power that really allowed Muertes to switch things up and gain the upper hand. The action was very back and forth and very barbaric with the personal problems between the two-shining bright. The match didn’t last very long with Muertes and Cuerno struggling to remain inside of the ring. The pair brawled outside the ring into the crowd where the bout was soon ruled as a no contest leaving the believers with plenty more to expect to come from these two foes and the wait would not be too long. Antonio Cueto soon made another appearance revealing that both had proven themselves and earned an opportunity and Pentagon Dark will defend his title in an up and coming triple threat match.

We then had the main event which as we mentioned earlier saw Fenix compete in his return match teaming up with Drago and Aerostar to take on the Trios Champions, the Reptile Tribe, in a title bout. Before the action could kick-start Jake Strong made an appearance of his own revealing that he is willing to challenge whoever walks out the victory without any teammates for he is a wrestler and wrestlers are better than luchadores. This is an interesting development in Strong’s character but considering his recent collisions the timing made sense as did the targets he picked.

The early stages of this match really showed the changes in Fenix. He moved and appeared differently was expected and needed. Jeremiah and Drago kick-started the action and it didn’t take long for the champs to prove why they are indeed the champions. They worked amazingly well to isolate Drago from his team but once Fenix was able to enter the matchup there was a drastic change in exactly who was in control. Fenix was by far the main attraction here. He struggled to work well with his teammate and a surprise superkick to Aerostar gave the Reptile Tribe the advantage needed and eventually, Jeremiah was able to take advantage of a perfect moment and score the win.

Final Thoughts

Fenix was a big focal point this week in the temple. His change in attitude is something that really does make for an interesting development in his Lucha Underground journey and part two of this season will be very revealing and must-see regarding this star of the underground. The closing segment of the night saw Marty The Moth Martinez make an unexpected appearance where he was granted a Gift of the Gods Championship match like his sister earlier in the season but also revealed he wanted more but the show faded to black before we the fans could know his intentions.

So, what does the rest of this season of Lucha Underground hold? What does Marty desire? And what will become of a new Fenix and a new team in the temple? Join me here next week where we will take an in-depth look at another episode of Lucha Underground!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey