There’s no denying that the Knockouts division in Impact Wrestling has some of the finest women’s competitors in professional wrestling. There’s such a diversity amongst the roster, and whether it’s their character or their in-ring performances that makes them unique, there’s always great matches to look forward to. The latest addition to the division is the gorgeous Scarlett Bordeaux, and we recently had the chance to talk to her in an Impact Wrestling media call. Whilst she’s certainly turning heads for both good and controversial reasons, there’s no denying she can wrestle. If her past track record is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat when she finally starts to go after the best that IMPACT has to offer.

She’s been performing in AAW for a few years now, and in her last five singles performances she’s managed to win four of them, toppling the likes of Shotzi Blackheart and Kylie Rae in the process. In 2017, Scarlett had a run of victories with other female wrestlers in World Wonder Ring Stardom, and most recently she debuted in Mexico for AAA, proving that she’s not just a pretty face. We’ve only seen her take on Katarina in IMPACT, and even though she lost, the future seems bright for the most recent Knockouts debutant.

Scarlett may have seldom matches under her belt for IMPACT, but she’s ready to take on the best of the Knockouts, and she has various motives for taking on each one. “There’s a different reason I want to get in the ring with all of them. I think Tessa’s amazing, I definitely want to get in the ring with her, just because she’s at the top right now and I always want to go big. I really want to wrestle everyone – Su Yung, Allie – Keira’s amazing. This is the most talented group of girls and I can’t wait.”

On July 26th, she made her grand entrance in IMPACT after weeks of vignettes teasing her arrival, delivering a great promo during an interview with Alicia Atout, telling the world that she wants to be “remembered as the greatest women’s activist of all time.” After declaring celebrities like “Marilyn Monroe and Cardi B” as her inspirations, Scarlett went on to tell the world that she will not be covered up – that the empowerment of women comes by taking control of what you wear and how you look, and most importantly, she won’t be “hot-shamed” – a phrase thought up by Executive Vice President and commentator Don Callis, it perfectly encapsulates just what Scarlett Bordeaux is about.


It was a refreshing take on what we expect from women in the modern era, and after criticisms she is helping to regress the evolution of women’s wrestling by dressing in skimpy dresses and flaunting sexuality to get ahead, it’s much more than that. Scarlett Bordeaux is smart, and she’s empowering women in a different way, allowing all the 10s in the world to use their sex appeal to get what they want and manipulate men with their sexuality.

Since her debut, Scarlett has showed more of her hosting abilities through her weekly segment, “The Smoke Show.” It has already featured the likes of KM, Fallah Bahh, Joe Hendry and Grado, and its potential for the segment is building after every week; it’s tongue-in-cheek, funny, and most importantly, entertaining. Everyone involved plays up to the general idea that Scarlett Bordeaux’s sexy and provocative visage is enough to turn any man to jelly, and already it’s proving successful.

When it comes to her performances in the ring, Scarlett Bordeaux is a skilful competitor with a ruthless edge to her offence. She’s constantly improving and training hard to make sure she gets the three count, and with a vast array of historic female competitors to be inspired by, Scarlett has managed to build her own style without necessarily copying anyone.  “For the most part I don’t try and copy anyone else. We all watch things we get inspired by. I love Maryse – I love her attitude, and she’s beautiful, but I’ve never tried to mimic any other women.

Time will tell how IMPACT will utilize her both on “The Smoke Show” and in the ring, but things are looking good for Scarlett Bordeaux. Her gimmick is a much-needed pastiche on the current women’s revolution that’s being laboured by the WWE, and her take on empowerment and feminism is refreshing, especially as it taps into using confidence of a woman’s sensual prowess as opposed to the standard tropes within the movement. Women’s wrestling has become ground-breaking in recent years, and Impact Wrestling has been at the forefront.

Whether Scarlett Bordeaux’s arrival and subsequent persona is a direct response to what Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are doing in the World Wrestling Federation or not, there’s no denying that what she’s doing is making an impact. Not only can she show off her acting ability in “The Smoke Show,” she’s a gifted wrestler and it won’t be long before she’s setting the Knockout division on fire.

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