Throughout 2018, Rey Mysterio has been a huge talking point with discussions around a possible return to the WWE as well as a brilliant twelve months on the indie scene. In January, Mysterio made an appearance in the Royal Rumble match as a surprise entrant and since then there has been great talk on a possible run with the company once again very soon. In recent months those rumours have continued to dominate Wrestling news outlets with the most recent news being Mysterio may have signed a two year deal with the company and with that in mind, I thought that it was time to look at some of storylines, matches, and brands fans would love to see the king of the 619 take part in upon a huge return!

A Return to Smackdown LIVE

While Monday night RAW may still be dubbed as the WWE A show it’s the blue brand over on Tuesday nights where many believe Rey should make a comeback to upon a future return. As one of the original leading faces of Smackdown and a huge anniversary coming up for the brand it all appears to write itself. Rey belongs on Smackdown LIVE, it feels like his home, and in all fairness, it’s a roster that could benefit from his presence. While Tuesday nights are jam-packed full of amazing talent consisting of all-time greats, veterans, and newcomers such as Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Daniel Bryan a huge star in Mysterio could really shake things up and add to the star quality. It’s collisions against the names above as well as top stars such as Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura that could really give Smackdown LIVE the added edge and must-see feel creating the ultimate dominant and A show in the WWE.

Close Work With Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and Zelina Vega 

If there is anything I personally want to see Rey Mysterio involved in upon a return, it’s work alongside one of the hottest rising stars in Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas. The former NXT champion has been a part of some truly phenomenal matches throughout the past year in particular and is set to be a part of even bigger moments, matches, and feuds in the near future and nothing can quite set up Andrade for that bigger push than a collision with the one and only Rey Mysterio. Their Lucha backgrounds ensure that a personal story can be built but the in-ring work is something no fan of any age would risk missing out on. As of right now, it appears to be the perfect return feud for Mysterio and an excellent way to push Andrade to the next stage of his career; not to mention some mic work from Zelina to Mysterio would seriously shake things up for the better!

A Trip to 205 Live

While 205 Live does undoubtedly still have its issues, to say the least, the brand does do exceptionally well in providing consistently strong content and must-see matches that go massively underrated. The show, however, is still drastically in need of something bigger. More star power is needed and generally bigger names a part of the roster is a must and there is no one that can fulfill those needs as much as former world champion Rey Mysterio. He may not have full-time involvement with the roster, but frequent appearances would massively boost the popularity and standard of the show overall and I know I would not want to be missing out on bouts involving Mysterio against names such as Cedric Alexander, Buddy Murphy, and Mustafa Ali to name just a few!


A Brand New Faction

There has been a lot of rumors regarding a possible Rey Mysterio return as well as the signing of Lucha Underground stars Pentagon Jr./Dark/El 0M and Fénix with even more rumors focusing on a possible alliance between the three. Now, while the news of Fénix and Pentagon possibly signing with the WWE had divided opinion there really is no denying the fact that these three men working together as part of a new hot faction make for something to be very much excited about! All three amazingly talented and paving the way for Lucha Libre they all have the chance to bring something completely new and exciting to the WWE particularly Smackdown: LIVE and if done right could be extremely special. This could be a totally new direction for Mysterio, a risk but one most defiantly worth taking not to mention what this elegance could do for this particular style of wrestling in the WWE.

Making Lucha Libre Work in the WWE Again

If there is one area the WWE has failed to truly succeed in recent years, it’s the style of Lucha Libre. While the names are there the WWE fails to push their masked stars in particular to the very top and this while a popular area of wrestling in twenty eighteen isn’t being massively shown in the WWE. Andrade Cien Almas is doing a fantastic job keeping things alive in this department but Mysterio’s return along with possible new names signing means a new light can be shone on this style and for the first time in a long time Lucha Libre can climb to the top.

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Old Flames and Dream Matches 

The state of the WWE roster has changed massively since the last time Rey Mysterio was a full-time WWE superstar. Both RAW and Smackdown are jam-packed full of amazing, diverse, talent creating an array of dream matches for the Lucha star. Over on Smackdown LIVE alone, its collisions involving AJ Styles, Andrade Cien Almas, and Samoa Joe that make for bouts at one-point fans could only ever dream of seeing on WWE TV. These dream matches create something exciting and fresh yet fulfilling and satisfying for the older and more hardcore of fans. You look over to Monday night RAW and again, matches against names including Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre all go down as collisions you would not want to miss out. Since his last run stars like Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy have made a return while Roman Reigns and McIntyre are amongst those in much bigger positions. Mysterio has a fantastic role he can now play within the WWE making these potential opponents exciting beyond belief.

To conclude, Rey Mysterio making a return to the WWE is a big deal! He’s been making a huge impact around the world competing for some of the biggest and best promotions proving he really is an all-time great. As of right now, there is plenty awaiting Mysterio in the WWE and the future with this masked star apart of the company looks very bright, very entertaining, and very much must-see!