The Lucha Brothers are one of the greatest tag team currently wrestling in the world right now up there with the likes of The Young Bucks & the Undisputed Era. Made up of Penta El 0 M (aka Pentagon Jr. aka Pentagon Dark) and Rey Fénix (aka Fénix), they not only put on fantastic performances in every match, but have such an understanding of each other that their matches ooze technicality and maturity. Both experienced in the art of Lucha Libre, the pair have spread their wings in America over recent years, specifically making waves in Impact Wrestling, but what’s next for The Lucha Bros?

I had heard about The Lucha Brothers a year or so before they made their debut on IMPACT. Being in the UK, Lucha Underground isn’t available on TV, and as yet there’s no On Demand service available to watch the show. Through rumblings on social media and seldom videos on YouTube, I’d grown excited of the two brothers, but it wasn’t until their appearance on IMPACT that my interest in the pair started to grow. Luchadors tend to be hit or miss in America; WWE has had legendary stars like Rey Mysterio, Kalisto, and Sin Cara on their programming, and WCW had guys like La Parka, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis and Rey Mysterio, but ultimately they’ve thrived back home in Mexico, fighting in legendary organisations such as CMLL and AAA. When the two came to IMPACT, I was worried that they wouldn’t be given the guidance and support so many had suffered within the US, but with Don Callis and Scott D’Amore doing a great job with a variety of talent at the moment, Pentagon Jr. and Fénix have been excellent ever since.

Whilst Fénix has yet to hold a championship in the promotion, his real-life brother Pentagon Jr. has been IMPACT World Champion, beating his brother and Austin Aries for the belt at Redemption early this year. It almost wasn’t to be, and had it not been for Alberto El Patron’s dismissal from the company, he may still have been without a title like his brother. Fénix did get a shot at X-Division Championship against Brian Cage, but failed to beat The Machine on the August 30 episode. Accomplishments on IMPACT aside, the two have a great chemistry in the ring, and as they wrestle more and more within the Impact Zone, I’m hoping the two will get a shot at the Impact World Tag Team Champions Santana and Ortiz, assuming they don’t lose to LAX OGz at Bound for Glory.

With every match, both Penta and Fénix become even more impressive, and if you were lucky enough to watch the CMLL 85th Anniversary show, you’ll have seen one of their greatest matches come to fruition. The two teamed up with Diamante Azul and took on Carístico, El Hijo de L.A. Park, and L.A. Park in a heated match. There were some excellent moments including Fénix doing a hurricanrana on his brother from the top rope and sending him onto El Hijo and Carístico outside the ring. It all ended when the brothers won the match with the package piledriver and double stomp, followed by the Fénix Driver for the third and final fall.

As well as Penta El 0 M’s awesome performance against Kenny Omega at All In, and Fénix’s involvement in the main event with The Young Bucks, Rey Mysterio, and Bandido, the entire world is starting to take notice. Along with his brother, the two currently hold the Major League Wrestling and Wrestling Alliance Revolution Tag Team Championships, meaning it won’t be long before the pair gets their gold in Impact Wrestling. The two also have belts individually, ranging from Penta’s current run as PCW World Heavyweight Champion to Fénix being the current AAA Mega Champion, so could we see the two go off for more individual runs within IMPACT?

At present, The Lucha Brothers are wrestling together more than on their own, but now the two have started to cement a healthier dominance in IMPACT thanks to their outstanding performances in the ring, a rematch with Austin Aries or a new rivalry with fellow Lucha Underground star Johnny Mundo/Impact/Blackheart etc., anything is possible. Rumours are always flying about in the world of professional wrestling, normally filled with idle gossip, but the thought of Vince McMahon landing the two superstars would be damaging for them. There are already too many wrestlers in the company, and adding these two to the mix could dilute their appeal. They both have three seasons left on Lucha Underground, so it’s highly unlikely anything will come of it.

For now, the brothers look to continue their reign on the indies, and if anything they’ll become highly successful within IMPACT. As I mentioned earlier, seeing Fénix in the title picture would be special, because I believe he is the better wrestler, but there’s something so intriguing about Penta’s dark persona. I can’t wait to see more from The Lucha Brothers this year and heading into 2019, and with the number of championships the two can gun for in Impact Wrestling, the world should pay more attention to these two masked masterminds.

Pics courtesy of Impact Wrestling and Lucha El Rey

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