Next Wednesday Lucha Underground fans will witness the start of Ultima Lucha Cuatro, the must-see Lucha event of the year, however, ahead of that the believers had one last episode of the weekly product to enjoy; consisting of more thrilling in-ring action, total entertainment, and even a shocking title change, the final push seven days before Ultima Lucha has left fans on the edge of their seats for what is sure to be a must-see event but exactly why should you really be excited for Ultima Lucha Cuatro? Let’s look back at what has been an epic season and what we can expect in the coming weeks!

Two out of Three Falls

One of the most gripping storylines for a single Lucha Underground character this past season has of course been the devastating journey Fenix has been a part of. After losing a three-way to the death match at the start of the season, Fenix was announced dead yet found life again months later thanks to several events and the help of long-time friend Aerostar however upon his resurrection Fenix was evidently not the person he was before and has since collided with another former close friend in El Dragon Azteca Jr. Following the death of Fenix, Azteca and Melisa Santos had grown closer and with Fenix’s change in attitude dominating the lives of all three this has become an intense and personal rivalry with great fire added throughout the season. As one of the most personal feuds heading into Ultima Lucha, this is sure to be an intense and entertaining bout likely to very easily standout as an Ultima Lucha Cuatro highlight.  Fenix has had one of the most interesting and entertaining storylines of the series and seeing how things will conclude and which of these two Underground favourites will come up on top will make for an entertaining ending to an epic story and journey.

The Biggest Sacrifice

Throughout season four of Lucha Underground, Matanza Cueto has continued his reign of dominance introducing the “Sacrifice to the Gods Matches”. While the direction has questioned the position in witch he plays on the roster the rivalry between Matanza and Johnny Mundo has been vital in keeping Matanza on top and relevant amongst a stacked underground roster. Yet another personal rivalry, the destruction of Mundo’s wedding falls in the hands of the Monster himself but with no one currently able to defeat Matanza in a sacrifice to the Gods contest can Mundo break the cycle and put down the temple’s most fearful character? As one of the biggest stars in the Underground Mundo is sure to be Matanza’s toughest challenge yet but who will be walk out on top? This is sure to be a must- collision in witch one of the temples biggest names will fall.

The Rise or Fall?

The fourth season of Lucha Underground introduced a new side of Ricky Mundo. Spending a great deal of his time in the temple following in the shadows of Johnny Mundo this season saw the outcast of World-Wide Underground create a new friendship with a creepy doll. Under the power of this almost demonic figure Mundo spent the entire series causing havoc in the darkness the sinister side of Ricky soon was brought to the light and after targeting Taya and blaming her for the failed relationship between him and her husband Johnny Mundo a singles match between the two was booked but will this be the rise or the fall of Ricky? This has been one of the most exciting character developments we have seen in the temple this series and Ultima Lucha will be a test of its effectiveness and an insight as to what the future holds for the new side Ricky Mundo.


Death Match

After months of rising tension between the Mack and Mil Muertes, the two are set to do battle in a huge Death Match during the two-week Ultima Lucha event. As two of the Undergrounds biggest stars, this is a contest that has grabbed the attention of fans around the world. This will be yet another match promising barbaric action sure to have you totally invested. We have two huge characters colliding here, two favourites, and two extremely talented performers. This is a match that is most certainly sure to have fans up on their feet, entertained, and completely hooked not to mention this is one of the most unpredictable matches on the card.


Mask vs Mask

With Son of Havoc joining The Mack and Killshot during the very first episode of season four tensions raised within the trio’s champions. From the get-go Killshot struggled to create a healthy relationship with his new partner and as the weeks progressed a new attitude developed. With the titles no longer in possession of these three talents, it didn’t take all too long for Killshot to snap leading us to the Ultima Lucha mask vs mask match. Two extremely respected men in the Lucha Underground world one of these two men are set to receive the biggest disrespect this coming week and the closing moments as well as the entertaining action and storytelling to be told this is one you do not want to miss out on!


Ciero Miedo

Last season, Marty the Moth Martinez impressed Lucha Underground fans on a near-weekly basis. Competing in both standouts matches and rivalries of the year, Martinez climbed the ladder and in twenty eighteen earned the right to be crowned the Lucha Underground champion. Next week at Ultima Lucha he and temple favourite Pentagon Dark will collide in a Ciero Miedo match. Sure, to be one of the most barbaric, intense, and gripping matches on the card both these talents are very much in their element with no rules and their intense characters set to shine in a brutal matchup. The sadistic side of Marty the Moth will most certainly come through here proving once and for all he is worthy of being champion but with the fans firmly behind Pentagon and the former champ also possessing a very dark and barbaric side the pair are in fact evenly matched but can Martinez score one of the biggest victories career this coming week or will Pentagon climb back to the top?

Ultima Lucha is typically an event you do not want to miss out on. Throughout the years the temple has provided sheer entertainment, surprises, and outstanding wrestling that ultimately goes rather underrated. The card this year is yet again exciting and intense full of personal storylines and matches involving barbaric consequences. The two-week event kick starts next Wednesday and we have loads to look forward to!

All pics courtesy of Lucha El Rey