Just last Wednesday we saw part one of Ultima Lucha Cuatro air in a must-see show full of action packed in-ring competition, epic storytelling, and the beginning of the end of a dramatic series in the temple. The much-anticipated event kick-started with an array of intense collisions, title bouts and a mask vs mask match no wrestling fan wants to miss out on. With part one done with let’s take a look back at what is the most must-see event in the underground.

Kick-starting with the focus on the Trios Championships the Reptile Tribe were set the task of defending the titles in a triple threat elimination style match up opening Ultima Lucha on a massive high. To the surprise of many, the match was kept rather short but the action we did get was completely captivating and entertaining. The Rabbit Tribe gained early control thanks to leader the White Rabbit. Showcasing his dominance and control over his allies the biggest figure in the match booted Jeremiah’s face and took out everyone in sight. The momentum of the Rabbit tribe, however, didn’t last all too long and after Paul London was pinned by Guevara the young up and comer was brutally attacked by the White Rabbit and despite an impressive performance that sure grabbed the attention of the believers Guevara was forced to exit the match leaving XO Lishus and Ivelisse with the numbers against them.

Guevara’s elimination truly did tell a great story. Joey Ryan not being able to compete in this match for the same reason allowed everything to tie in well and the story between these talents continue. With the numbers against Lishus and Ivelisse, the pair struggled to remain on top and it wasn’t long before the Reptile tribe had their opponents exactly where they wanted them and three walked out still the trios champions officially ending a dominant season for them on a huge high.


It’s been an intense season for Ricky Mundo with a huge character change he entered the dark side having a creepy doll alongside him from episode one. Believing Taya to be the problem within his friendship with Johnny Mundo part one of Ultima Lucha saw Ricky and Taya go head to head in another short encounter full of great storytelling. There was, of course, plenty of history between the two making this one of the most personal and intense matches on the card. The fire behind Taya was strong while Ricky’s dark intentions and obsession with his creepy doll may have worked against him here. Taya was focused and despite a few close calls was able to score a big victory over her opponent and former friend forcing Ricky to submit in the middle of the ring. This was a satisfying ending to a personal rivalry but what truly is next for Ricky after his failed attempt at taking out Taya?

Season four of episode one of Lucha Underground saw the start of an interesting series for Killshot. Ultima Lucha Tres saw the man himself compete in one of the biggest and best matches to ever take place In the underground and with momentum fresh on his side there looked to be no slowing down Killshot; however with Son of Havoc now joining him and The Mack as trios champions tensions were rising quick and it wasn’t long before Killshot became the outcast of what could have been a very dominant team.

The forever rising tension between Killshot and Son of Havoc, of course, led to a huge must-see collision in a mask vs mask match sure to be an early show stealer. Instantly standing out as the match of Ultima Lucha so far: Fans watching could feel the emotion coming from Killshot who again had a dominant performance at an Ultima Lucha event but with Son of Havoc so strongly on form, the believers behind him, and an impressive showing he scored a huge victory sure to go down as one of the biggest of his Lucha Underground career so far. This was an intense, action-packed match with a lengthy time slot and content that left believers totally hooked from start to finish. The believers got to learn of the story behind Killshot, his journey to where he is now, and a chapter in his career come to a conclusion. The removal of the mask from Son of Havoc to Killshot made for a shocking, emotional and dramatic conclusion to part one of Ultima Lucha Tres and the standard has officially been set high by this week’s main event.

Its safe to say this was a dominant start to Ultima Lucha Cuatro. The first matches were kept short but with such an intense and dramatic match up concluding this weeks show fans were left completely satisfied. This has been a strong start to Ultima Lucha and you can join me here next week to catch up on part two which promises to be equally as entertaining and must see!