Even though Matt Hardy’s in-ring future is up in the air, his brilliant mind has not stopped ticking as his new House Hardy Halloween special premiered on the WWE Network after Evolution. This new special throws seemingly everything at the audience but the kitchen sink, making it a ridiculous, yet entertaining Halloween treat.

The best shows on the WWE Network are generally the ones that have an actual narrative driving it. Whether that is a non-fiction show like Table For 3 or a hype video for Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker in 2015. They all had stories, and this is where some of their comedic content has fallen short. The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness is a perfect example, as it is entertaining in small doses, but makes you lose interest because it is one skit after another with no direction.

However, where Edge and Christian failed, their in-ring rivals have succeeded. In House Hardy, our Woken Warrior senses an evil that wants to wipe out the Hardy Compound during their Halloween Ball. So in order to find the dastardly villain, they each have specific tasks for the Ball. While the story is simple, it gives the characters a reason to do certain things, instead of acting foolish for the sake of it (which does happen at times).

Much like Matt Hardy’s career, the Halloween special does not rest on its laurels. Woken Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, and the rest of the popular characters from the Broken/Woken universe do not disappoint the loyal fanbase as you will see “premonitions” and the “I knew you’d come” dialogue. But there are also some nice new additions in this presentation.

The popular internet chant “fight forever” is humorously inserted into a scene with Matt and Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin have some of the standout moments, becoming the comedic duo of this special. One of the highlights being when Senor Benjamin says, “I feel so lonely” after discovering Vanguard 1 has a date for the Ball.

Also, The Godfather and, wait for it, The Boogeyman are welcome additions to this unique world. They fit right into the madness and provide their fair share of entertaining moments as well. One of them also has a little interaction with the ‘lake of reincarnation,’ which leads to an intelligent and amusing climax.

House Hardy could have done with a reduced runtime. Twenty-six minutes may have been a tad too long, and there were moments that felt like filler such as Matt Hardy and The Boogeyman’s absurdly long laughing scene. And like all comedies, it will feature jokes that don’t quite hit the mark. Jeff Hardy may also disappoint some fans because, truthfully, he does not add a lot to this network special.

Fortunately, the good out ways the bad. House Hardy retains the great qualities of the Final Deletion and The Ultimate Deletion, while also sprinkling some nice visuals and characters that come with being under the WWE umbrella. Like all the previous Hardy videos, people will either love or hate this. However, most fans will agree, it is “wonderful” to see Matt Hardy still entertaining his loyal Woken Warriors.

By Humza Hussain

Humza Hussain is SteelChair Magazine's Interviews editor. He has been a lifelong professional wrestling fan and has conducted interviews with names such as DDP, Aleister Black, and Bayley. He also writes film news, reviews, and interviews!