Say hello to Raw’s next General Manager: Alexa Bliss. The recently appointed captain of Team Raw is taking a little break from the ring to focus on her managerial duties. At least, in Kayfabe she is. In real life, Bliss suffered from multiple concussions in a short period of time, causing the medical team to be concerned for her health and safety. For the time being, Bliss is not cleared to compete in the ring, though it seems to be a precautionary and temporary measure. She has the Team Captain slot until the end of Survivor Series, but with Bliss’ mic skills and character work, WWE would be wise to extend her tenure. Stephanie McMahon could make Bliss into her new protégée and promote her instead of Baron Corbin.

Alexa Bliss Team Captain

A stint as General Manager could be really good for Bliss. This doesn’t have to be the end of her in-ring career. Look at AJ Lee, who took some time as SmackDown’s GM and then returned to competition to have some of the best runs of her career. Hopefully, Bliss’ current status is just to be on the safe side and we won’t see a retirement speech from her anytime soon. Still, some time away could be beneficial. After a few months, Bliss could return to the ring, perhaps by booking herself in a championship match and stealing the championship away. She would get some time away without losing any heat. If anything, being an authority figure would just increase it.

Bliss has been largely injury-free for most of her career but got hit pretty bad with a few different ones back in the summer. She never got the chance to just rest up because Raw (and WWE on the whole) rely so heavily on her. As Bliss is so good in PR roles, they often book her for this meet-and-greet or that company event. She’s constantly on promotional materials, often times requiring photoshoots. That amount of travel isn’t easy on anyone. When it comes to in-ring, she has been a constant on Raw, the live shows, and on pay-per-views. Obviously, she’s been doing a lot, and everyone responds differently. If Bliss needs some time for her body to heal up, this is the perfect opportunity.

Alexa Bliss Champion
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Raw desperately needs it too, they lean too heavily on Bliss. Anytime they’re unsure of their creative direction they pop the belt on her. Which is fine, except when it gets out of control. Lately, that’s how it’s felt with Bliss constantly at the centre of the Championship and people are getting a little bit antsy about it. There are a lot of talented women on Raw and since there’s still only the one women’s title, their programs are limited. Getting Bliss out of that scene would give it just a little bit more elbow room so that Bayley, Sasha Banks, or Ember Moon can get a chance.

Then there’s the obvious reason: she’s good in this role. She looks great in that biz-cas, she’s quick and witty on the mic, and people already hate her. It doesn’t take much to believe her as a power-hungry authority figure, her character lends itself to the job perfectly. Bliss’ ring work is fine but her promo work is where she really excels. She’s easily one of the best talkers in WWE today and she pairs it with exceptional facial expressions that are so captivating. Not to mention, she can control a crowd. GMs often hit a wall of “WHAT” from antsy audiences, and Bliss can handle them like a champ.

We hope WWE takes the opportunity to let Bliss rest and take a step back from the championship scene. There really is no better choice right now for Raw general manager. Bliss is the character they’ve got going for them. Corbin might’ve been entertaining for a while, but it’s already feeling stale. Bliss is fresh and will provide value to the Raw brand. Over on SmackDown, Paige is already kicking butt as a capable GM. Bliss should join her in the GM’s table for a little while.