After Chapter 76: Hello Wembley, it’s hard to deny just how big Progress Wrestling has become in the UK. It achieved a crowd of nearly 5,000, featured eight matches that could’ve all been the main event, and saw British wrestling elevated to the heights it deserves. That said, there are still some wrestlers on the independent circuit that deserve a shot in the punk rock promotion, and would blend perfectly with their ideals and style. We’ve compiled a list of those that deserve a shot in PROGRESS, along with some of the current roster who’d we’d like to see them perform against:

Cara Noir

If you haven’t witnessed this guy in action, you should rectify that now. He’s one of the most fascinating people to watch in the ring, and his persona is both flamboyant and melancholy. Walking to the ring to the music from Swan Lake, and brandishing a black cloak of feathers and a reflective mask, he’s as much mysterious as he is fascinating. Guys like Paul Robinson and Kip Sabian have shown their support of Noir on Twitter, and having a buzz like this should be alerting all of the top indie promotions. There’s nobody like him in PROGRESS, let alone wrestling, and seeing him at the Electric Ballroom would blow the roof off – there’s nobody quite like him. He’s a theatrical high flyer that would give guys like Mark Andrews and Will Ospreay a run for their money.

Ace Romero

Watching Ace Romero is a breath of fresh air. He’s a big man that isn’t restricted to the mat, never afraid to take big risks from the top rope. His agility and speed isn’t something you’d expect from such a big guy, but in fact, he has more in common with guys like Vader, never restricted by his size. He’s already fought the likes of Sami Callihan and JT Dunn and although he’s never really been overseas, PROGRESS would be a great stage for him. There are seldom guys like him in the promotion and much like Rikishi in the WWE, he could be that guy for PROGRESS. Imagine him in a fight with a guy like Timothy Thatcher – two strong guys that could bring out the best in each other. Jim, Glen, and Jon, it’s not long till Super Strong Style 16 rolls around again, so why not give him a call?

Rocky Mac

What does PROGRESS stand for? It’s one of the most recognisable and regarded UK wrestling promotions that has thrived by standing out from the crowd. So at this point, it should be a crime that unofficial spokesperson for Flavans (TM) Irish Oats has yet to make a debut. Where is the appreciation for the man known as Rocky Mac?

For those unaware, Rocky is a former Hockey Player that has taken to the ring and spreading the good lord’s name in the process. He can be seen taking a moment to pray in the designated prayer corner before he springs into action. When I say spring, it’s more like brisk jog into action as it seems the moment gets the better of him and he’ll need a breather (or a pint).

Putting Kayfabe aside, Rocky is a fantastic worker that puts all he has in the ring and wins over the crowd in the process. His comedic style and timing have me for one always wanting more. With unique characters that progress on display like Flash Morgan Webster, Chuck Mambo, Chief Deputy Dunne. Frankly? Rocky Mac has been overlooked and if they have any sense, we’ll be hearing his theme song on the next [Insert PROGRESS related funny PPV name, maybe it’s a Simpsons reference this time] on full blast.

Shotzi Blackheart

If there’s any female that embodies punk rock more than Shotzi Blackheart, I’d like to know. Not only is she a visual treat on the eyes with her bright green hair and black leather attire, the Ballsy Badass can wrestle. She’s already made waves in SHIMMER and RISE, along with her debut in Impact Wrestling this year against Allie. She’s strong, a great striker, and her toughness would certainly match up well with women like Millie McKenzie especially with such a wide range of dangerous moves in her arsenal. We’ve seen Jinny as the Women’s Champion for too long now, it wouldn’t bother me if the House of Couture were nothing more than spectators, but they’re not. If Jordynne Grace is in PROGRESS to stop her, then fine, but add Shotzi to the mix to make it even more of a spectacle. Also, she loves pizza, which is cool.

Hustle Malone

Hustle Malone is a brawler – someone who excels with a weapon in his hand, and above all else, someone who could be an excellent opponent for psychopaths like Paul Robinson. Last year he faced Jimmy Havoc at a DOA show in Ipswich, but to see them go against each other in PROGRESS would be awesome. There aren’t many guys who’d do well in a hardcore match, especially against Havoc, but it seems as though Malone would do a sterling job against the most dangerous man on Earth. He fits the bill of a Grizzled Young Veteran and who knows, maybe forming a partnership with the tag team could be just what they need to get themselves back on top in PROGRESS. Regardless, Hustle Malone would be a great addition to the roster, and easily one of the coolest new guys to appear in 2019.

Of course, there are so many indie wrestlers that’d fit well in PROGRESS, but the above have that special something to merge well with the rest of the roster. Whoever comes to PROGRESS in the coming months, it’s going to be exciting.

Is there anyone you’d like to see debut? Do you agree with the above picks? Whatever your thoughts, why not let us know on Twitter @SteelChairMag.

Photos by The Ringside Perspective. You can find him here, here & here.

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