There’s a lot of buzz going round about All Elite Wrestling, the new promotion founded by the members of The Elite, and with them already signing a lot of great stars to their brand with the likes of Pac, Cody, The Young Bucks and even Chris Jericho signing on the dotted line they’ve got themselves off to an exciting start.

My name is Alan Kay, and today I will be going through who, in my opinion, AEW should sign next to improve their roster.

1. Sami Callihan.

Since leaving the WWE, Sami Callihan has gone from strength to strength. With strong stints in Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground and PWG Callihan could easily become a major star with the right creative direction.

2. Will Ospreay

What needs to be said about Will that you don’t know already? New Japan Pro Wrestling star, Ring of Honor star, British wrestling Legend, hated by Vader. Someone who can make a company or show go viral in just one gif. The only hold back would be any current contracts with ROH and even his own promotion Frontline Wrestling.

3. The Revival

Every promotion needs a world-class tag team and that’s exactly what The Revival is. One of the greatest tag teams ever seen in NXT sadly has lost their way on the main roster, partly due to injuries sustained over the last year or so. With rumours surfacing of them asking for their release, could it only be a matter of time before we see them in AEW?

4. Bray Wyatt

Controversial right? I KNOW! But just think how good Bray Wyatt could be with some internet buzz with his promos, a bit of freedom to perform and an open mic. While, in my opinion, he is not exactly a world-class wrestler, his character is one of the most interesting things I have seen in years.

5. Tenille Dashwood

Ever since leaving WWE Tenille has enjoyed a slow rebuild under her real name. She has enjoyed success in ROH since leaving WWE and has a bit of name value and a grand social media following to help build external buzz around AEW.

So there we go, there are my 5 picks for who AEW should sign. Obviously, there are other names that could have been mentioned but I think there are reasons they won’t go. for example, Kenny Omega is WWE-bound in my eyes, CM Punk hates wrestling and needs millions upon millions to even be tempted near a wrestling appearance even for his pals, Nakamura has always been linked with a release request but at 37 I honestly think he’s just enjoying a massive payday before he retires.

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