The Royal Rumble PPV is for many a favourite of the year, including mine, and with the twenty nineteen edition looking to be one of the most unpredictable of all time, there are plenty of reasons to be excited! From surprise entrants, debuts, unexpected booking decisions, twists, and turns, and must-see matches this Sunday’s show is one not to miss out on; but exactly what surprises could be awaiting the WWE universe this weekend? Who will pop up? Will Title changes take place? And what shocking booking decisions will leave us all stunned?

Vince McMahon Puts into Action Operation “The Chosen One”

Okay, so we are starting things off with a personal favourite booking decision of mine, however, there is still enough evidence to suggest this little fantasy booking of mine could become a reality. With Vince McMahon now making weekly appearances for both RAW and Smackdown LIVE we can expect to see the Boss insert himself into  a major storyline at some point and with his former “Chosen one” now competing on Monday nights once again and the pair sharing a great deal of screen time together could fans witness Vince put this former NXT Champion in a very special position. Many have expected big things for McIntyre to take place upon his huge return to the WWE and the build to exactly that has been slow but well done and with the Rumble match taking place this weekend there may just be no better time than to go full steam ahead with that big push we have all been waiting for. Vince hand picking and interjecting himself into the Rumble match making sure to secure a win for McIntyre could result in some major storyline work ahead of the rumble. Picture the final two set as Drew and Rollins only for Rollins to get screwed over, could this be the year we see a triple threat or maybe even a fatal four-way main event Wrestlemania due to Vince’s possible actions this weekend?


Stephanie McMahon enters the Royal Rumble

Keeping on the theme of the McMahon family, last years first ever all women’s Royal Rumble match saw Stephanie McMahon take a seat at the commentary table however, twenty nineteen may just see the woman herself step back in the ring. Now, of course, there is an extremely thin/non-existent chance of Steph walking out as the winner if she was to enter but her involvement in this year’s women’s Rumble contest remains something fans can most certainly expect to see this weekend and could very easily be a little entertaining and interesting moment or simply Stephanie filling a needed spot.

Finn Balor Becomes the Universal Champion

Two thousand and nineteen have kick-started strong for Finn Balor with stronger booking on RAW, an appearance at NXT UK Takeover, and a universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble but could things about to get even better for the former NXT Champ? While defeating Brock Lesnar this weekend may appear far fetched and stuck in a dream world of fantasy booking the ideas doesn’t appear to be totally insane. The WWE have promised a new start, a new era, and change and what better way to prove that than a major change in who holds the Universal Championship. Now, the build may not have been strong enough for such a surprise win to take place but with this being one of the most unpredictable wrestling nights of the year its safe to say anything could happen and a major shock like this will most certainly change the game completely in the WWE today.

The New Day Split

The past few years have established the New Day as one of the best teams in the history of the WWE and while I would love to see them stand alongside each other till the end of days, all good things must come to an end. As of right now, the New Day are not involved in a major storyline and the feeling of they have done all they can do as a trio is beginning to become stronger and while there are storyline’s they could still possibly be apart of existing a split could be on the horizon this weekend. Now, it is a touch far fetched but the former tag team champions are currently not apart of a major story heading into Wrestlemania however, a triple threat at the biggest stage of them all is something fans could begin to possibly predict. The story of the Fall of the new day is an angle to consider taking place this weekend with crack beginning to show in the Rumble match. Again, this is a little farfetched but the timing may just be perfect.

Becky Lynch wins the Women’s Royal Rumble

While there are several different options as to how it can be done one thing must be kept in mind over the coming months; Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch has got to happen and this years Wrestlemania. With this being one of if not the most anticipated matches in the WWE right now it’s a contest that must go ahead in April and this Sunday’s PPV is a vital step in making sure that goes ahead perfectly. We already know that Lynch will be competing for the Smackdown LIVE women’s championship in a match against Asuka this weekend but with many believing (including myself) Asuka will retain it leaves Lynch with no other option but to win the Rumble and chose Rousey as her opponent at Mania. Whether the match turns into a brawl, ends in DQ/count out Rousey herself gets involved, or Asuka wins clean during that singles bout, Lynch’s music hitting in the Rumble match will make for a very special and standout moment of the night and what is so amazing is simply how clear Lynch is the favourite to win the women’s rumble amongst fans without even being officially announced as an entrant. This is a booking decision the WWE must go ahead with.

Every year, the Royal Rumble PPV promises to be an exciting and unpredictable night and this year is no different. There are so many possible shocking moments that could take place this weekend and we have only touched on five today! With Braun Strowman possibly being a surprise entrant in the Rumble match along with heavily demanded and rumoured returns such as Batista and Victoria there really is plenty to look forward to this Sunday at the Royal Rumble pay per view.



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