It’s a sad way to start a review to tell you Abyss and Sonjay Dutt left Impact Wrestling this week. The last TNA Original and one of the pillars of the company… But we can choose to stay on this emotion, or to do what we decided to do in 2019, move forward. Konnan and Tommy Dreamer, for sure, will do a great job as the new Creatives of Impact Wrestling.
On the menu this week, viva Mexico again! In the land of Lucha Libre AAA, X-Division Champion Rich Swann will square off with El Hijo del Vikingo, Taya Valkyrie will be back in action, The Desi Hit Squad will compete against Dez & Wentz, while the last member of the Rascalz Trey Miguel will fight Ethan Page. Let’s not forget Johnny Impact who puts his title on the line against Killer Kross. 
So, no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

  • Rich Swann defeated AAA Trios Champion El Hijo del Vikingo. After the match, oVe appeared on the ramp. Sami Callihan congratulated Swann on his victory and told him he’s proud of all his accomplishments.  Callihan said they’re truly like brothers and Swann needs to step up, put on the oVe shirt, and join their family. Callihan told him that he’s the one that saved Swann, and if it wasn’t for him, he would probably be dead somewhere in Baltimore. Callihan brought up Swann’s family and asked him where they were at when he was eighteen and homeless. Swann considered it further but told them that he doesn’t think it’s the right fit. Callihan told him that he better think about it because he gave him everything he’s needed.
  • Backstage, Killer Kross told Melissa Santos that he feels highly homicidal and it’s the night that Impact’s legacy finally dies. Kross said he’s going to choke Impact out tonight. Moose got on the mic and said that they won’t have to worry about Cage because he was having trouble with customs at the border.
  • Backstage, Jordynne Grace told Melissa Santos that she and Keira Hogan have been training to face Dark Allie and Su Yung again. Hogan said that they’re prepared for whatever they can bring in the ring and whatever they may bring with the mind games. The lights flickered and the screen behind them read, “The Darkness Will Take You Too. This Is Not Your Fight.” – R

  • Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie defeated Kiera. After the match, Valkyrie talked about how excited she was to be back in Mexico, claiming that they made her who she is. She was thrilled to be back with the Championship around her waist. She said that Killer Kross ruined Homecoming but Johnny Impact will take care of that tonight. Valkyrie told Tessa Blanchard that she’s waiting for her to return from suspension and they could finish their business at that time. She also told everyone else in the locker room that she’s ready for them, too.
  • Backstage, Rich Swann confirmed that what Callihan claimed about their past is true but there’s more to the story. He walked off. 
  • Another “That 70s Show” pot smoking parody with The Rascalz, while Scarlett Bordeaux was training for in-ring debut in 3 weeks. 

  • The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh w/ Gama Singh).
  • Backstage, Johnny Impact said that seeing Taya return tonight reminded him of how badass Taya is, but it also reminded him about how bad he wants to hurt Killer Kross. He added all people will ultimately remember Kross for being a piece of garbage. He was not worried about Brian Cage tonight and Kross could bring Moose along because he’ll still walk out as Champion.
  • In LAX’s lair, Konnan was still frustrated about what happened with The Lucha Brothers last week. They said that next week, they’re going to add 2 more members of their family to the mix and have a match together. It shouldn’t be any bother, though, as LAX is like “scarecrows in a field”.

  • Trey Miguel defeated Ethan Page.
  • Eli met up with Eddie backstage. He asked for the old Eddie to come back, but he’s not liking it. Drake told him they have a match against The Rascalz next week, and to keep Kenny (the kendo stick) home. 
  • World Champion Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross w/ Moose ended in a no contest. Kross has the Kross Jacket hold on Impact but Brian Cage came to the ring and began attacking. Big brawl between the 4. Johnny and Cage ended up face to face in the ring. Impact held up the title in Cage’s face as the show ended.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Trey Miguel vs. Ethan Page
The Ultimate-X match has opened the gates for a lot of one-on-one matches. And when it comes to X-Division, it can only be good or great matches.
Trey hit a head scissors takeover on Page, sending him outside. Trey tried a baseball slide, got caught and was nearly powerbombed. He landed on his feet but ate a kick from Page. Page tried to send Trey into the ring but Trey slid around, kicked him, hit an Asai moonsault and tossed Page back into the ring. Trey tried a sunset move, winded up trying a cross body, but was caught by Page who hit a spin-out slam. Page sent Trey to the ropes and hit a big slam, followed by knees to the back and a forearm. Page then threw Trey hard across the ring into the corner. Trey then Ethan landed an elbow of his own, but Page then stun-gunned Trey on the top rope.

Page locked up a chin lock, Trey fought on his feet with punches and an elbow. He avoided a clothesline, hit a Pelé kick, but ran into a pump kick that floored him. Page pulled Trey up, set for a kind of uranage, but Trey countered and hit a neck breaker. Trey charged Page in the corner, hit an elbow, a 619 and a split leg moonsault. Page replied with a back elbow and a springboard suplex. Page got Trey in a Fireman’s carry, climbed the ropes, but Trey slipped off and hit a 619 as Page was hung up. Trey missed a double stomp but connected with the Fresh 2 Death to pick up the win.

– Rich Swann vs. El Hijo del Vikingo
We can say Rich Swann is a fighting Champion. Since he became X-Division Champion at Homecoming, he has put the title on the line week after week. El Hijo del Vikingo is one-third of AAA World Trio Champions. The son of King Vikingo is only 21, but damn he’s gifted…
Vikingo and Swann shook hands to begin. Swann got the arm wrench, Vikingo broke it by stepping through the ropes, they traded headlocks. Both men traded head scissors that the other cartwheeled out of, followed by arm drags, leg sweeps, and a stereo double dropkick. Vikingo hit a tornado kick to take the momentum. Swann winded up in the corner, but got chopped and tossed to the other side, then Vikingo got a springboard takedown and Swann powdered. Vikingo hit a no-touch dive over the top rope to the floor. Vikingo charged at Swann, but Swann avoided and sent Vikingo into the barricade. Swann then connected with a knee strike and hit a springboard off the barricade onto Vikingo. Swann rolled Vikingo into the ring, hit a rolling splash and a snap mare into a kick to the spine.

Swann got a seated abdominal stretch, moving into a Boston half crab that forced Vikingo to get to the ropes. Swann got a modified stretch muffler and transitioned it into a crucifix pinning sequence. Vikingo hit an enzuigiri out of nowhere, then rolled into a fisherman jackhammer. Very impressive sequence. Vikingo missed a charge, hits a double kick and climbed the ropes. Swann caught him with a kick and a jumping hurricanrana. Vikingo avoided a scoop attempt, ran into a big boot, Swann jumped for a cross body but Vikingo caught him and hits a Black Hole Slam. Swann replied with a kick and a Snow Plow variant. He fired up with a superkick and hit a 450 splash for the win.
One hell of a great match…

– Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross
This one was personal…
Johnny hit a front kick to the body and Kross a hard leg kick. Johnny got a headlock but ran into a shoulder block after they hit the ropes. He bounced up and hit an elbow on Kross. Kross got a takedown into full mount, then hit a series of elbows. Johnny slung him over the top and hit a side Russian leg sweep and a spinning leg drop. Johnny climbed the ropes, Kross avoided a flying attack then hit a flying knee. Kross drove Johnny to the corner, hit some knees and a gut wrench suplex. He went for a powerbomb, but Johnny rolled and hit kicks to Kross. Kross reversed a whip attempt, Johnny slipped around the ropes and hit a kick, but Moose interfered. Johnny took him out with kicks, but Kross kicked him in the spine and took control of the match. Kross hit a running elbow drop.

Johnny backed up but Kross decided to beat the hell out of Johnny. He continued with a snap mare into a hard roundhouse to the chest, a punch to the face and a DDT. Johnny was set up in the corner, he landed a kick to counter a rush, then went for a tornado DDT, but Kross connected with a northern lights release suplex and a cobra clutch. Johnny and Kross started trading blows to the head. Johnny rallied with kicks to the chest and a springboard kick into the Shining Wizard. Johnny went for a neck breaker, but Kross blocked it with a palm heel to the throat and another overhead throw. Kross went for the Kross Jacket/Saito Suplex but Johnny forced a break, Kross switched to an armbar and a kneebar.

Johnny crawled to the ropes but Moose pulled the rope away from him. Kross went for the Kross Jacket but Johnny grabbed the ropes. Kross hold that as long as he could. Johnny avoided a clothesline and hit a kick, as Kross was seated on the ropes. Johnny hit the sliding German suplex. Kross tried a roll-up but hit a knee and went for the Starship Pain. Kross caught him, Johnny landed on the apron and hit a springboard spear. Johnny went for the Starship Pain again, but again Kross avoided it and went for the Kross Jacket. Brian Cage rushed and laid out both men with clotheslines that ended the match.

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week (or the Nygma’s Broken Record Moment of the Week)

Message to Austin Aries. Please come back! Scarlett Bordeaux is torturing bananas during her workout…

The Nygma’s Award of the Week

– Konnan
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Konnan is perfectly aware of what’s going to happen in the upcoming weeks. What we were all expecting to see at Homecoming will happen soon. Ortiz had better shut his mouth last week because Lucha Brothers vs LAX rematch will be something to remember… 

– Eli Drake
To be or not to be hardcore, Eli is turning Eddie Edwards into a Hamlet of his own. We know how good Eli can be in a ring and with a mic, but he’s also a very good wrestling Shakespeare…

– Taya Valkyrie
So cool to have a Knockouts Champion that is smiling and defending her title with pride… The wrestler Taya Valkyrie was born and raised in Mexico, she worked hard to learn Lucha Libre. Taya being “home” was a great moment to witness. At the same time, Tessa is still ready to attack and I honestly don’t want to see a fourth or fifth match between the 2…

– The Lucha Libre AAA roster
Impact Wrestling is a solid company thanks to its partnerships. Every time Impact is coming to Mexico, in Lucha Libre land, we have the chance to see incredible talents. El Hijo del Vikingo stole the show this week, Keira is such a talented woman. Next week, Psycho Clown, Taurus and Daga will, for sure, impress you. And me…

– The Hot Fire Flame
The most exciting finisher in the business today. That’s just mind-blowing. Look below how it works, picture per picture. The Rascalz are really, but really cool…

To be eNYGMAtic…

I don’t know what to say about this episode… again. Of course, unlike all the males that will jump on YouTube to see Scarlett Bordeaux swallow an entire banana, I hated this moment. I have nothing about sexiness in wrestling, but not this way…
Even if it was expected, Cage interfering in the Kross-Impact match was a little bittersweet to me. I don’t know where we are going, but it should end in a cage where the 3 men could “kill” each other, to quote Killer Kross. It’s very nice to be back in Mexico and enjoy the talent of the Luchadores and Luchadoras. Another very good note, Impact Wrestling is able to build a show with young talents, Rich Swann, Ethan Page and The Rascalz may not be as renowned as Johnny Impact, but they’re able to provide some solid action and great matches. Isn’t it moving forward?
On this very Lucha note, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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