If you asked any woman on the WWE roster what their ultimate goal is, they would probably say main event WrestleMania. Sure, that’s true of any superstar, but for the women, it means something special. In the 34 years that the show of shows has run, a women’s division match has never got the prime spot. The first women to do it will not only get to main event the biggest show of the year but they’ll also get to make history. To get that spot from the Universal Championship program, the competitors in the program can’t simply be as good, they have to be twice as good. It looks like we finally have that very feud and it’s frankly the only choice for WrestleMania 35’s main event: Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and the RAW Women’s Championship.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch invasion
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This time last year, the conversation was largely the same, with one very important difference. It was Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey, and Becky Lynch was nothing more than a fan-favourite afterthought. Then SummerSlam happened. Lynch went from the middle of the pack to the hottest thing in WWE, period. You can hear it when she walks into an arena, every crowd all across the country is waiting to see her. Just the other week, WWE put her in the ring with John Cena, which was a test of strength for sure. Up against the mega-star, Lynch looked just as at home, just as in command of the crowd, and just as comfortable on the top of the mountain, if not more so. Cena also put her over after, he didn’t seem to mind competing with the shine of The Man. Fans were crushed when Lynch was pulled from Survivor Series due to a concussion and broken face, but it was the best thing that could’ve happened in this situation. Now, you simply cannot do the first women’s WrestleMania main event without her.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania

Charlotte Flair was always going to take up this mantle. Before Rousey was ever rumoured to be on her way to WWE, Flair was getting this spot. Honestly, she deserves it. She is a once in a lifetime champion, much like her father. Flair is head to toe, a complete package and one of the best characters they have. Whenever she’s a face, she does feel a little less comfortable, mostly because they don’t understand how to write her. When she’s a heel though, there is no one better. Her athleticism, confidence, strength, look, storytelling, everything, everything is on point. Maybe she’s not the greatest women’s wrestler in the world, but she is without a doubt the all-time greatest women’s champion in WWE. The argument is that Charlotte has done it all, main event pay-per-views and won the championship belt 7 times, so she doesn’t really need this program. Of course, she doesn’t need it, it needs her. Flair is credible, she’s been built so strong in a way they haven’t successfully built anyone else in the women’s division. She’s never more than a step or two outside the title picture and that is by design.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

Finally, Rousey’s the mainstream star, she’s their big draw. The reality is, if she’s not in this match, it doesn’t go on last. That may not be fair, but this is not unique to the women’s division. After all, how much of Lesnar’s main eventing had to do with his UFC spotlight? Or for that matter, how many years did Cena main event because he was the biggest mainstream star they had seen since the Rock? Rousey also brings something else important to the table, and that’s the RAW Women’s Championship. You could do this match without it, it doesn’t need the belt, but again, it just won’t go on last. They’re not going to give the main event to a women’s grudge match without a title on the line, they’re just not. Credit where credit is due, Rousey has taken very quickly to wrestling and has performed well, especially against ring generals who can guide her. WWE is convinced she’s a babyface, but she will not get cheered against Becky, so this could be a critical heel turn moment for her. This character has already run its course and for a face, she sure does say a lot of nasty things. WWE can turn her while being confident that she’ll still sell merch, so they absolutely should.

The Program

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

All three of these women in the same ring is a very combustible situation. Rousey and Lynch hate each other and the promo that Lynch cut on Rousey after announcing her injury gave us chills. Lynch knows exactly how to play an audience and in this promo, she so perfectly invigorated the feud so that it couldn’t just die when she handed it off to Flair. It was the program we never knew we wanted, but now we absolutely need. Speaking of Flair, her history with Lynch is long and deeply emotional. It’s a long burn story of what competition can do to friendship, with the depth to show that there’s still a part of Flair who loves Lynch and vice versa. WWE and depth? It’s a special thing. Rousey and Flair have beef because Flair took the easy way out at Survivor Series. There’s probably a broken arm in Flair’s future.

So who wins? In our minds, it’s got to be Lynch. Any other winner would leave the crowd deflated and there is no worse feeling than walking out of a major WWE event with disappointment in the air. As the first women’s main event, this has to end on a high note, or fans will view it negatively even if it was great. For the past years, Lynch has always felt like the 4th Horsewoman. She was never NXT Women’s Champion, and although she did win the inaugural SmackDown Live Women’s Championship, she hasn’t gotten the big rub of a major groundbreaking moment like the other three. This is her moment, and this is how you make Becky Lynch the star into Becky Lynch the Legend.

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