AEW press conference began with a small pre-show. The pre-show consisted of a summary of what occurred at the first rally announcing All Elite Wrestling. It ended with an MJF insulting the analyst for the pre-show. The press conference began with chants of AEW! AEW! AEW! Conrad Thomas discussed other talent being added. The crowd continues to chant Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!

Sonny Kiss passed out merchandise and walks up to stage. He stated he’s for everyone just like AEW. Sonny announces he will be at Double or Nothing. He blew a kiss to the audience after he said at Double or Nothing he will be kicking ass.

Brandi was given credit for singing out Sonny Kiss. Cody came out with smiling taking pictures with fans at the location. Cody approached the stage as everyone chants Cody! Cody! Cody! The American Nightmare, Executive Vice President, was greeted with “Thank you, Cody” chants.

He asked, if not us, if not now, if not when? He stated this sounds like a revolution. Cody discussed his friendship with The Young Bucks and announcing the partnership with AAA Lucha Libre, to provide the audience with the best pro wrestling show.

Cody then went into tickets and announced pre-sale tickets.

February 11, 2019, 12 pm EST (February 12 9 AM GMT) public ticket sales will go up. General tickets will go on sale that Wednesday, February 13. Fans will receive a pre-sale access code when they sign up on the website now (ever since, they have received hundreds of requests).

Sammy Guevara was announced and entered.

Sammy announces he’s with AEW and claims he’s the best Cruiserweights in the world. He also said he’s one of the best damn wrestlers in the world. The crowd chanted “AAA! AAA! AAA!”

Hangman Adam Page was announced and walked to the stage. Hangman apologized to everyone for not wearing full gear and stated he was told he didn’t have the body for it. He promised he will be in the best shape at Double or Nothing. Page talks about his last announcement that was interrupted by PAC.

PAC appears via satellite to interrupt him. PAC talks about humbling the arrogant like Page and how he is exceptional, Page is not on his level. Page issues a challenge to PAC for Double or Nothing and how PAC will be pulling his cowboy boots out of his ass. The first official match announced Hangman Page vs. PAC.

Young Bucks greeted the fans and entered the stage. The crowd chanted The Elite and Young Bucks. Matt talked about the early years and the performances from 90’s wrestlers he loved. That he and his brother promised themselves they will be wrestlers and be the best tag team. Matt discussed how tag team wrestling is a lost art and how it’s about to change. Nick asked the crowd if tag team wrestling can be the main event.

Nick introduced The Best Friends. Trent and Chuckie T entered the stage. Best Friends announced that they will be All Elite. Trent talks about changing tag team wrestling through the power of friendship.

The Lucha Brothers Pentagon Jr and Fénix then entered the stage. Lucha Bros attacked The Young Bucks. The crowd chanted Cero Miedo and ended with “holy shit” chants.

The Lucha Bros told the crowd to be ready at AEW for them and they are the best tag team in the universe. They also stated that in Spanish.

Brandi entered the stage. Brandi asked the crowd to wish her brother a happy birthday and to chant her brother’s name, Jason. Brandi talked about women being signed. She announced 2 Japanese women wrestlers Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong for Double or Nothing. Brandi introduced Kylie Rae.

Kylie Rae entered the stage. Kylie talked about how thankful she is and how she can’t wait to take AEW’s women’s division by storm. Brandi introduced Nyla Rose.

Nyla Rose locked eyes on Kylie Rae and confronted her. Excalibur announced SCU.

SCU entered the stage. SCU makes an announcement for SCU All Night, which is the after party. Excalibur introduced a quick video on OWE. OWE’s CEO and vice president entered the stage. OWE provided thanks and promised Kung Fu to the US with pro wrestling. Through wrestling, China and America will stand together. SCU issued a challenge to OWE for Double or Nothing.

The last announcement was made.

Kenny Omega enters the stage as Executive Vice-President. Kenny greeted the fans. He apologized for the wait and just signed officially this morning.  He is a full-time member of the roster. Omega announced they will make wrestling bigger and better before. Kenny answered what he means to change the world. Omega stated how they will change the world. He was interrupted by Chris Jericho.

Jericho confrontedOmega and they proceeded to fight. The two were separated. The crowd chanted rematch. Jericho was escorted out. Kenny Omega closed. “Good Night, Good Bye, Bang.”


The roster

Cody Rhodes (Executive Vice President)
Matt Jackson (Executive Vice President)
Nick Jackson (Executive Vice President)
Kenny Omega (Executive Vice President)
Chris Jericho
“Hangman” Adam Page
Christopher Daniels (Head of Talent Relations)
Frankie Kazarian
Scorpio Sky
Pentagon Jr.
Rey Fenix
Trent Barreta
Chuck Taylor
Jimmy Havoc
Sammy Guevara
Joey Janela
Jungle Boy
Sonny Kiss

Brandi Rhodes (Chief Brand Officer, Talent Scout)
Britt Baker
Penelope Ford
Aja Kong
Yuka Sakazaki
Kylie Rae
Nyla Rose

The matches announced for Double or Nothing

Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho

PAC vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

The Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fénix

Team All Elite Wrestling vs. Team Oriental Entertainment Wrestling: SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky) vs. Cima and 2 partners to be announced

Aja Kong vs. Yuka Sakazaki (TBC)

Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose (TBC)

After the press conference (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

After the event, Cody was asked if he would be using WCW as an inspiration for AEW. “It sounds super romantic when you think about it,” Cody said.

“Dusty Rhodes feuded with Vince McMahon, and he lost, and here is his youngest son who is going to go and try to cut Vince’s head off.” Cody said while the storyline of recreating WCW and avenging his father “sounds super Game of Thrones,” the thought is in the back of his mind.

“In the back of my mind, when it’s just me, I think about it a lot,” Cody admitted. “But then I have these guys with me who have different visions. You can’t turn the clock on old wrestling. WCW was friggin’ awesome. What AEW is going to be is a whole separate animal.”

While AEW will be its own animal, Cody and Nick Jackson admitted that they plan to use elements of WCW and other old school wrestling, while blending it with today’s wrestling. Cody reiterated that he wants AEW to have more of a sports feel to it.

“I said tonight, we’re going to try and keep it very sports-centric,” Cody said. “Tony [Khan], his background is in sports. To me, I still get goosebumps when I hear someone like Ric Flair say ‘the sport of professional wrestling.’ We get that it’s entertainment. I understand the suspension of disbelief. But guys are trying to beat the other guys in many different ways, and women try to beat the other women in many different ways. [It’s] a very sports-centric presentation that we’re going for.

“We’ve talked about something like a ranking system,” Cody continued. “We’ve talked about a deep analytical level of something that’s as specific of how many times an individual has lost to a certain manoeuvre. Things that fans can really lock in to.”

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