Twenty-four hours after winning the second all women’s Royal Rumble match Becky Lynch confronted Ronda Rousey to break the news she was choosing her to challenge for the RAW women’s championship at Wrestlemania in April. With the man becoming one of the hottest things in sports entertainment and this match noted as one of the biggest and most anticipated bouts in the WWE possibly of all time the world is buzzing for this epic collision. It’s evident most of the WWE universe are sitting firmly behind Lynch but exactly why is it important the challenger walks away with the big-time win?

It’s What the Fans Want

While there is no denying Ronda Rouse has done great things for the WWE Women’s division over the last year and has become one of the biggest attractions in the company today Becky Lynch has created a buzz unlike no other and has risen from the near bottom to the very top of this industry let alone the WWE. Fans have completely taken to Lynch’s story, journey, character and all-around personality and it’s clear she is the woman fans are backing heading into this huge Mania match. There is almost no WWE superstar generating the kind of reaction Lynch is today and the live reaction to Becky picking up the win at Mania is one that brings Goosebumps just imagining. We are in an era of change and Becky Lynch is the sheer representation of that change. Give the fans what they want, create the change you are talking about and allow one of the biggest and most joyous of victories take place at the grandest stage of them all.

To Set Up the Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen Match

It’s inevitable that the four horsewomen of the WWE and the four horsemen of MMA will at some point collide. With Marina, Jessamyn, and Shayna all signed alongside Rousey now the seeds have been planted for this epic and much-anticipated collision to take place, however, Rousey walking away with the win come Wrestlemania could put that match in great jeopardy. We need the fire to remain on these two sides, we need tension, a story and a reason for this contest to take place and if all four of the WWE Four Horsewomen are left standing tall with WWE gold come the end of Mania it sets the perfect foundation for a complete takeover of the four horsewomen of MMA finally coming together in the WWE to individually take down the women of the WWE who created this evolution. Lynch and Rousey’s matchup here is key in making this match happen!

She’s the Perfect Superstar to End Rousey’s Reign and Streak

As of right now, no woman in the WWE has pinned or submitted the current RAW women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and looking at the roster while there are many options in regards to who could change that status its evident Becky Lynch is the perfect woman for the job. With both women specialising in submissions, being rather evenly matched in the ring, and of such a high popularity amongst the WWE Universe as of this moment there is truly no greater legitimate threat to Rousey’s title and undefeated streak.

A Move to Monday Night RAW

In all fairness, I personally really enjoy Lynch being a part of the Smackdown LIVE roster and do feel as though she is a name the blue brand really needs, however, Lynch has been a part of Smackdown LIVE from the get-go originally drafted as the first women for the brand and fast forward to twenty nineteen and its clear it’s time for a change. Winning the RAW Women’s Championship will mean a move to Monday nights setting up an array of fresh new opponents, rivalries, and potentially more on-screen work with Stephanie McMahon. The man is in need of exactly those changes and the thought of some of those new opponents stepping forward is a very exciting prospect. We know that a superstar shake-up will be taking place after Mania and so in the weeks that follow I really do think the WWE has a great opportunity here to have Lynch appear on both brands, going against the rules and allowing Lynch to claim that she is the man and the champ and she can do whatever she wants and go wherever she wants to go before officially being moved to Monday night RAW full time.

To Cement Becky Lynch as the Real Top Dog in the Women’s Division

She’s held the Smackdown LIVE Women’s championship, she’s made history, competed in matches worthy of being standouts of the year, and won over the WWE Universe completely but Lynch must hold one more title to take the position of the true top dog in the WWE, the RAW Women’s championship. The win over Rousey in itself is enough to cement Becky as the new baddest woman on the planet and create a whole new buzz around her name and the women’s division but taking hold of that RAW Women’s championship enables Lynch to most certainly call herself the face of the WWE Women’s division. This match is huge for the Irish star and taking home the win here is a career-changing move for the man.

Stone Cold Becky Lynch

And finally, over recent weeks we have seen Becky Lynch stand toe to toe with both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, attacking both and sending a major message. With the build to Wrestlemania focusing in on Lynch being a coward, afraid, and not the superstar the WWE wanted at the top you can’t help but watch everything the WWE are doing with Lynch and make a comparison between her and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Getting suspended and kicked out of RAW, attacking and standing up to Authority figures, making her own rules, becoming a major fan favourite and rising to the very top, Lynch is a modern-day Austin and taking the win at Mania in April certainly opens many doors. Proving all those higher ups wrong, standing tall, and creating an opening for the WWE to show more tensions between Becky and the McMahon family allowing something very exciting and fresh to happen here in the women’s division that could change things greatly!

Regardless of the eventual outcome of the Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch match up there is simply no denying this is one of the biggest and most anticipated matches in recent memory. The man is a clear fan favourite and there are plenty of reasons to back her and believe the right move is to have her walk out of Mania as champ. This is a woman that has risen to the very top and changed the game completely, but can she take the biggest victory of her career in April? We shall soon find out!

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