We are on the countdown to WrestleMania! The Grandest Stage of Them All and after the Royal Rumble, we currently don’t have an opponent for the WWE Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan. He defeated AJ Styles in controversial fashion at Royal Rumble with the unlikely help from former Wyatt Family brother, Erick Rowan.

So who could D-Bry face at Wrestlemania that could potentially steal the main event spot from Becky-Ronda?

  1. AJ Styles –  Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles has the potential to sell out arenas all across the world. Two of the most popular wrestlers in the world on the biggest stage, it just makes sense right? If you were to give Daniel and AJ 30 minutes at the top of the card there’s a fair chance you could have a match that would have the wrestling worlds attention for a very long time. My only concern is that they have gone so much over the last few months that I don’t know what else you could do to keep this feud as hot as it can be, but saying that, if there’s two people that could pull it out of the bag it’s these two guys.

 2.  The Miz – Admit it. You love The Miz. Disregard all of your feelings to the former MTV reality star you adore present day Miz. He has worked his butt off to make you care about every single thing that he has done over his career. Of course, Miz and Bryan have got history, from the original screenings of NXT as a talent show all the way to Talking Smack. But now the roles have reversed, The Miz is the one you want to love and the new Daniel Bryan and his new attitude is the guy you just want to punch in the throat. With 2 months build, this could be the match worthy of stealing the show.

3. Triple H – Stay with me here. Daniel Bryan has called the WWE fans fickle while standing at the merch stands. Who better to defend the fans than the man who is in charge of the show they love? Now Triple H is not the “Authority” member we used to hate, he is seen as the man who could “Save WWE”, he is the man who will defend the fans at every chance they can. I personally would build this around the history of the Yes movement, how Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H to go on to the Main Event of WrestleMania to win the title to become the biggest star of that year. The reason Daniel Bryan got to where the main event is down to the fans, not to underestimate the power of the fans because when they’re behind you you’re the greatest when they’re against you, you can quickly fall from grace, just ask Roman Reigns.

There are my three choices for who Daniel Bryan should face at WrestleMania. All of the above, for me, would be great matches and all for different reasons and could stand out on any WrestleMania card. Failing that Vince, my DM’s are open. www.facebook.com/TheAlanKay, www.twitter.com/TheAlanKay and www.instagram.com/TheAlanKay. Let’s have a chat.

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