From Full Sail University, I’m Scott Hammond with the weekly roundup of NXT TV.

Dominik Dijakovic vs Shane Thorne

We started hot with relatively green Dominik Dijakovic, and he seemed to have fallen victim to the composer of the Forgotten Sons theme song because, man, his theme is generic. He’s got a great look though and he’ll do great things in NXT. He’s wrestling the dude from TM-61, right? Sadly that’s all I know him for. Hopefully, this second repackaging as a singles star will help him get where he needs to go. Both men were gritty to start, with Thorne working the arm and then hitting a few kicks, into a standing missile dropkick.

Dijakovic was selling the arm like a champ, and Thorne hit a high angle back suplex before going back to the arm. This led into the finish, as Dijakovic hit a backflip from the top rope into a superkick on Thorne. Dijakovic then hit an incredible corkscrew plancha over the top rope on Thorne. The big man was athletic. That’ll get him over with this crowd. Dijakovic hit Feast Your Eyes for the finish.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

A backstage promo from the Undisputed Era here. Roderick Strong was back to being a singles wrestler, and this was more proof that Adam Cole is an excellent talker.

Io Shirai had a promo, her English is a little broken, but it didn’t last long as Kairi Sane showed up, they were happy with getting the win over Shayna Baszler. Belair interrupted and told them that she’s first in line at Baszler.

Humberto Carillo & Stacey Ervin Jr vs Street Profits

So Stacey Ervin Jr looked like a more jacked up Carlito. Cool hair. The charisma vacuum Kassius Ohno interrupted and said that the Full Sail crowd makes him sick. He added he’s going somewhere where he can show he’s the best. Keith Lee came out and hit Ohno with a rolling elbow. Lee took the mic and says ‘Oh No’, which was mildly funny, and then told Ohno not to let the door hit him on the way out. Bit pointless really. The Profits made their entrance whilst mocking Ohno on the ramp, but the spot seemed out of place in truth.

Carillo and Montez Ford started the match, great athleticism by both men, before Angelo Dawkins tagged in, and exchanged some deep arm drags with Carillo. Ervin Jr tagged in and hit a standing shooting star press on Dawkins before the Street Profits got the upper hand and began to cut the ring off from Ervin Jr making the tag. The Street Profits were noticeably more aggressive this week, I liked it. Montez Ford then hit a high angle back body drop on Ervin Jr, who landed on his upper shoulders/head.

That bump looked very scary. Ervin Jr made what should have been the hot tag, but because of the bump, it took the heat out of the moment, Carillo hit a handspring elbow on Ford, to try and get some heat back, and Ervin Jr then hit a Tsunami-sault. The Profits quickly retook control before hitting a super blockbuster on Ervin Jr for the win. Ford then took a mic and stated that the Street Profits want gold. He said that they have had a roller-coaster in NXT but they are having fun, but they are now ready to go to war. Decent stuff from Ford here.

At first, I assumed that two German stereotypes were interrupting, before realising it was Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Haven’t seen these guys since I started reviewing. Talked about cookie cutter. They barely went past the word ‘Nien’ before Orny Lorcan (I still can’t get my head around his name, he sounds like a horny leprechaun) and Danny Birch interrupted.

Before they can say anything, the War Raiders interrupted and states that there is lots of talking about the titles, but no fighting and they are right there. The Undisputed Era attacked the Raiders and threw them to the Wolves in the ring. The War Raiders recovered and cleared all teams from the ring and finished the segment standing tall. Man, that was a weird segment, from Kassius Ohno and Keith Lee, from a tag match to a tag title brawl. Too much? Possibly.

Winners: Street Profits (almost forgot that)

Great Johnny Gargano promo here. Super storytelling promoting his match with the Velveteen Dream next week.

Taynara Conti vs Aliyah

I kind of feel like Aliyah has been in NXT forever. She looked different here. Conti was quite impressive at the beginning with some mat wrestling and MMA moves, and then randomly ‘The Vision’ Vanessa Vaughn was at ringside looking on.

Conti hit a Judo throw followed by a thrust kick. Conti worked an over the top rope armbar, before Aliyah recovered, and with the distraction from Vaughn, put Conti into the Kimura for the tap-out victory. Very weird match. No heat whatsoever.

Winner: Aliyah

Straight after the match, Shayna Bazsler, along with Shafir and Duke hit the ring, taking out both Aliyah and Conti. Baszler took the mic, stating that this is your reality now, and not to piss them off. Great intensity. I kind of think I’m starting to warm to Baszler’s character. I never thought that would happen.

Another great Velveteen Dream promo aired. Superb build to his match with Gargano next week. Visuals are everything.

Ricochet vs Adam Cole

Both men started the match aggressively, with Ricochet getting the upper hand and hitting the tope-suicide dive on Cole. Back in the ring, Ricochet hit a step-up enzuigiri before Cole replied with a superkick to Ricochet’s left ankle in the corner. Cole then started working the leg, hitting it against the ring post while Percy screamed on commentary about this going too far and causing permanent injury. Calm down Percy, that move has been done thousands of times. Cole slowed the pace down and continued working the leg. Ricochet attempted a comeback but was selling the leg really well, instead of hitting an inside out clothesline on Cole.

Ricochet tried a fireman’s carry but buckled under the weight on his leg. Cole then hit a uranage for a two-count. Cole then hit a suplex shoulder breaker for another two-count. Cole then hit a delayed superkick to the knee, before Ricochet out of nowhere hit a reverse hurricanrana. Ricochet then hit a ridiculous one-legged springboard senton for a two-count. The crowd were chanting ‘fight forever’. Guys, it’s good.

It’s not that good though. Ricochet fought Cole into the corner and, after a back and forth exchange, hit a top rope Frankensteiner into an axe kick, followed by Vertigo for the finish and a clean pinfall on Cole. After the match, the Undisputed Era hit the ring and attacked Ricochet. Aleister Black hit the ring and attempted to make the save, but it was beaten down by the numbers. NXT signed off this week with the Undisputed Era standing tall.

Winner: Ricochet

All in all, a strange episode of NXT this week. Dominik Dijakovic looked impressive, but the tag segment, with Kassius Ohno, Keith Lee and then the multiple teams after the finish, felt very long winded and not chopped up properly. Cole and Ricochet put on a decent match, but nothing that is going to change how we look at either of them. After a great build this week, next week Johnny Gargano will defend his North American title against Worlds Collide winner, the Velveteen Dream.

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