The two thousand and nineteen Elimination Chamber PPV marked yet another historic night for women’s wrestling as the first ever WWE Women’s tag team champions were crowned. Not only was this contest one of the best matches of the night and sure to go down as a highlight of the entire year but fans witness two pioneers in the women’s division capture gold and create more history. The victory picked up by the Boss N Hug connection may not have been a surprise to the WWE Universe but it’s clear their win last Sunday has set the standards high for the women’s tag team division but what exactly can we expect from their reign?

Trish and Lita may Make Wrestlemania Return

Since the Evolution PPV took place last October there have been heavy rumours suggesting WWE Hall of Famers Lita and Trish Stratus will go on to compete for tag team gold in the women’s division and this was way before tag titles had even been announced for the female competitors. Their rumoured opponents were of course set to be Banks and Bayley and after the pair picked up a historic win at the Elimination Chamber capturing gold it appears this contest may not just be a rumour after all. These four women sharing the win is sure to make for a must-see match up! Trish and Lita burst back onto the scene last year competing alongside each other as a tag team and its evident a bout like this on the grandest stage of them all is a major draw and exactly what the women’s tag team division needs at Wrestlemania.

The Four Horsewomen are Coming

For years now, fans have been patiently waiting for the inviable collision between the four horsewomen of MMA and the four horsewomen of the WWE and with every single woman now under WWE contract it truly is only a matter of time before these female superstars collide. Sasha and Bayley’s tag team victory has set up a perfect angle for the near future and it is now safe to assume that Mariana and Jessamyn coming after those tag team titles is something we can sure expect to see quite possibly in a matter of months. These two women have been working very closely as a tag team far more than singles competitors and it, of course, makes sense for the two up and comers to set their sights on the two women within the four horsewomen of the WWE who are standing alongside each other. This truly is a greater foundation set for what is an inevitable collision and Marina and Jessamyn may just be the women to dethrone the historic champions.

A Clear Representation of What the Division Stands For

The Elimination Chamber match that saw the first women’s tag team championships crowned really was a fantastic contest. What made this match so special was the storytelling and how well the WWE really did allow these women to show what they all individually bring to the table as teams. The future looks extremely bright for tag team wrestling in the women’s division but what Bayley and Banks did in this match was very special and eye-opening. In the weeks building up to the PPV we saw an injured Banks forced to sit on the sidelines at times leaving Bayley having to fight for her team and on the night of the PPV the roles reversed and when Bayley was down Banks took control and led the Boss N Hug connection to a historic win. Their history, their story, their friendship and their chemistry is exactly what the women’s tag team division is about and from this point onwards they really will be showing the world what the standard is for tag team wrestling for female competitors is and how every other team should follow.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley Done Right

From the moment both Sasha Banks and Bayley were sharing a spotlight on the RAW roster fans have been waiting for the pair to collide recreating their epic NXT rivalry yet the WWE have messed up something that could have been phenomenal for quite literally years. With both women teasing a turn on the other fans have been left confused as to who exactly we are supposed to cheer for, who is the heel, and what on earth is going on. Their relationship has been a rocky one, we have seen them both attack each other, take part in cringe-worthy segments, and even go one on one but the WWE has never fully gone ahead with their rivalry, however, the historic win at the Elimination Chamber PPV may have been the start of the end and the beginning of what should have been years ago. Creating an angle in which see’s the Boss finally fully turn on Bayley after dropping the tag team titles in the future is something the WWE can most certainly explore. They finally have the chance to really save something here and build big story fans can truly get behind over a course of months! This is the WWE’s final chance to really get this right and provide fans with an angle they have been waiting for for a very long time!

A Wide Variety of Opponents

Looking at the current WWE Women’s tag team division it’s evident there are significantly more heel teams and so seeing Banks and Bayley walk out champions does mean there are an array of different options in terms of future opponents. Whether it be the likes of the Riott Squad who had an excellent showing at Elimination Chamber, Jax and Tamina in an angle that sees Banks and Bayley’s teamwork really put to the test especially while in the role of the underdogs, or Smackdown LIVE stars such as the IIConics. The long list of heel teams sets up plenty of options for the Boss n Hug connection meaning a lengthy and exciting title reign may very well await them.

There is evidently work to be done In the women’s tag team division in terms of creating storyline’s and developing more teams but the future looks very exciting! They may have been very obvious picks for the win but there is clear evidence to prove Sasha Banks and Bayley make for very smart picks as the historic first ever WWE Women’s tag team champions.

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