Since the Summer of 2018, wrestling fans around the world has been completely obsessed with all things Becky Lynch. Prior to her “heel turn” and “the man” gimmick, Lynch had always been a hit with the WWE Universe, but it was after her action at the Summer Slam pay per view we saw the former NXT star go from a fan favourite to the biggest star in the WWE today. Looking back at her career so far Lynch has been a part of an array of standout and historic moments but what has truly been her best WWE moments so far?

Confronting John Cena

In a rather recent episode of Smackdown LIVE, Becky Lynch stole the show once again when she interrupted John Cena of all superstars. The opening segment of the night was a true representation of just how far Becky has come as a star in the WWE today. Standing toe to toe with the biggest talent of the past decade and one of the biggest names in the history of the company Lynch had the fans in attendance eating out of the palm of her hands! The segment was strong and the mixed tag team match that followed was another highlight of Lynch’s career. Sharing the spotlight with John Cena was huge and the respect and attention Cena gave her was a big deal and sent out a huge message!

The Star of Smackdown LIVE

When the brand split made a return several years back the WWE put a great spotlight on Becky Lynch. As we mentioned in the intro, Lynch has always been a hit with fans and the decision to have her drafted as the first woman on Smackdown LIVE and the later decision to crown her the first Smackdown LIVE Women’s champion was a big step forward for the former NXT star. It was the opportunity to give her a major role and that really was something fans had been waiting a long time for. Since her debut on the main roster, Lynch had always been slightly overshadowed by the likes of Sasha Banks and Charlotte but these two historic moments gave Becky true bragging rights and a spotlight in the women’s evolution she truly deserved making her the face of the SDLive Women’s division.

Vs Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover

A match that I don’t see enough people talk about is Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks’ NXT Women’s Championship contest at Takeover Unstoppable. This for me was the night I truly became a Becky Lynch fan and to this day I strongly believe this is one of Becky’s best in-ring performances. A lengthy match that saw the best of Becky’s in-ring skills she really did turn heads and the standing ovation from the NXT Universe after was a special moment and told the WWE that fans really did believe the Irish star was just that… a star.

Stealing the Show at Evolution

Talking of standout matches, arguably the best match to come from Becky Lynch’s WWE career so far is her last woman standing match against Charlotte Flair at the first ever all women’s PPV, Evolution. Despite not main eventing the show many fans felt as though this match should have in fact closed the show and the performance from both women left this match truly feeling as though it was the main event. The contest of the night, Lynch proved herself completely at Evolution stepping in the ring with Charlotte one on one, she raised the bar, added to the Evolution of the women’s division even more and proved once and for she not only deserved to be champion but was the top superstar in the WWE today putting gender aside completely. This was badass Becky Lynch at her best!

Winning the Royal Rumble

One of the best feel-good moments for Becky Lynch so far was her huge win at this year’s Royal Rumble match. Taking Lana’s spot and entering in the Rumble Lynch put up the fight of her life and despite a gruelling match earlier in the night against Asuka Becky was able to outlast the remaining female talent to be crowned only the second ever women’s royal rumble winner. The entire crowd in attendance was behind Lynch as was everyone at home as we all sat on the edge of our seats cheering on the former champion. A huge career defining, and heartfelt moments in Lynch’s WWE career to date.

I Choose YOU

After winning the all-women’s Royal Rumble match Becky Lynch made a surprise appearance the following night on Monday night RAW making it clear she did not have to wait to consider her decision and confronted Ronda Rousey choosing the baddest woman on the planet to face at Wrestlemania. It was a predictable and inevitable moment, but a moment done so well. Looking back, I get Goosebumps watching and hearing the crowd reaction makes this even more special. It was in this moment there was real confirmation that this was the real Wrestlemania main event and there was no doubt that these two women should most certainly make history and close the biggest event of the year!

Stone Cold Becky Lynch

In recent weeks Becky Lynch has faced more comparisons to WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin than ever before. Confronting Stephanie and Vince McMahon along with Triple H has taken fans back to the days of Austin and Vince’s rivalry/story and the comparison is yet another huge indication of the type of star Lynch has become. Whether it be directing harsh words at the chairmen, slapping Triple H or punching Stephanie McMahon in the face and going against Authority figure rules, Becky Lynch has been running circles around the top dogs in the WWE and a week of confronting her bosses have shown Lynch to be the real badass in the WWE right now.

That Promo

Since kick-starting her fresh new gimmick as “the man” Becky Lynch has massively upped her game in the area of mic work. She has been given plenty more time to actually speak and when she has taken hold of a mic Lynch has provided some memorable and rather epic promos. The one, however, that truly sticks out is the promo in which saw her speak of her actions at SummerSlam. While her new role was supposed to see her adopt the position of a heel Lynch had the crowd were red hot and firmly behind her. Becky’s new character was on full show here and the passion, the attitude, and the drive in every word she said made this arguably her best promo/mic work to date.


Invading Monday Night RAW

We’ve touched on just how much of a badass Becky Lynch really is several times here today but has any moment proven that more than when the former champion invaded Monday night RAW? On the last episode of RAW before Survivor Series Lynch looked to prove a point and send a message to Ronda Rousey and the entire RAW Women’s division. Leading the women of Smackdown LIVE Lynch took out the rest of the RAW roster including her planned opponent for Survivor Series, Ronda Rousey. The night and the invitation did see Lynch suffer an injury at the hands of Nia Jax leaving her face covered in blood but Lynch continuing to fight, led a pack of wolves and sent a message concluding  the night on a huge high, got fans talking once again and the segment as a whole was a huge part of why this Wrestlemania season is so dominated by Rousey and Lynch.

Turning on Charlotte Flair

And finally, the moment that completely changed Becky Lynch’s career and took her from a fan favourite to the biggest and most talked about star in the WWE today is, of course, the night she turned on Charlotte Flair at the Summer Slam PPV. The turn was something fans has been anticipating for months and while many were unsure of whether it would be Becky or Charlotte who would make the turn when Lynch was the one to snap it all made sense. Fans saw built up frustration, passion, and fire, the reaction from the WWE Universe volumes. This was the start of the Becky Lynch we are seeing today and a moment that had to happen in order for Becky to take the spotlight but who would have guessed she would not only steal Charlotte Flair’s spotlight but the entire WWE rosters?

The story of Becky Lynch’s WWE career has so far been one that inspires so many and entertains even more and with no sign of things slowing down for Lynch exciting months await the woman who has become the hottest star in the company. What fans witnessed from Lynch at the Elimination Chamber PPV was yet another epic moment that showcased the impact she has made and could very easily have also been included in this list. A Wrestlemania main event, future championship reigns, and collisions with Authority figures await Lynch in the near future and the WWE universe are buzzing for the man and her complete takeover.

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