On February 27, 2019,  Road to Double or Nothing Episode 5 (watch below), All Elite Wrestling announced their next female talent, an upcoming event in Jacksonville, FL, and a new partner. This is an exciting time for wrestling and the roaster continues to grow, while we are on the road to Double or Nothing.

Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes made the call to Bea Priestley for AEW. She advised the British female talent that there will be an event in July for AEW. The name of the Jacksonville, FL event for July will be called Fight For The Fallen. There has not been a card released for the event just yet. However, we are sure with the addition of a fantastic female talent such as Priestley, the event will be memorable.

Pic courtesy of Bea Priestley Twitter account

Bea Priestley is a unique but technically accurate talent when it comes to in-ring performance. She is a talent with outstanding qualities and confidence in who she is. She is fearless as a competitor. She was listed in the top 100 PWI top female wrestlers. Priestley has competed in promotions such as Defiant, WOS (World of Sports Wrestling), and STARDOM.

Bea is an inspiration of a strong female and in-ring competitor, she is a role model when it comes to overcoming hardships. At one time Bea survived and suffered from a brain tumour. Priestley overcame the issue with surgery and trained for her in-ring return. This would be the rebirth of a new competitive attitude from Bea in STARDOM. In STARDOM, she shined with incredible in-ring psychology and strong style influence.

“Our children might have autism, but autism does not have them.” -KULTURECITY

Brandi Rhodes also announced a new partner for AEW in KultureCity. KultureCity is an organization that strives on acceptance for a better future of children and their autism. For decades KultureCity has worked, focused, and supported families with disabilities. They strive to make lives better and prove that with the right support system they can accomplish anything regardless of challenges.

As the Journey of Double or Nothing continues and the excitement of the aspiring wrestling promotion grows. Wrestling fans around the world are enthusiastic about the addition of one of the best wrestling talents, The positivity of the promotion continues to enlighten and inspire fans with the new support of KultureCity added.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIKkAym4Wh0]

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