Bayley is without a doubt one of the most beloved superstars in WWE today. Her honesty and love for wrestling are infectious, and it does not hurt that she’s torn down the house at major shows on more than one occasion. She’s also a part of the prestigious ‘Four Horsewomen’ group with Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks, and made history by competing in the first ever Iron Woman match and becoming one-half of the first-ever WWE women’s tag team champions.

However, since moving to the main roster, it’s fair to say Bayley has had her fair share of ups and downs. From defending the RAW women’s title in a fatal four way at WrestleMania in 2017 to not being involved in the title picture for months. Things haven’t always been easy for the ‘Huggable one,’ but now she looks to be heading to ‘the grandest stage of them all’ with her best friend Sasha Banks to defend their tag titles in the first-ever women’s tag team title match at WrestleMania.

VultureHound had the pleasure of joining the former RAW women’s champion on a WWE media call. Bayley discussed her frustration prior to winning the tag team titles, wrestling Ronda Rousey, and also shares her thoughts on the new film Fighting with My Family.

Before your victory at Elimination Chamber, and perhaps before you even knew the WWE tag titles were a thing in WWE, you seemed to be in a strange position being in and out of different feuds. Was there ever a period of frustration for you because you were not involved with the Ronda Rousey’s and Alexa Bliss’ of the world in the title picture?

Bayley & Sasha Elimination Chamber

Yeah, it’s always a little frustrating. You always want to be in the conversation. I knew with Ronda Rousey coming to RAW that it was going to overshadow everything else. You know, Ronda’s kind of the talk of the town, and she’s the champion and things like that. So I was a little bit prepared, but it’s always frustrating to sit back. I was lucky that I was on RAW every week, going back and forth with Sasha and things like that. But I was not fighting for anything I believed in, and it was like I was just there.

I think that’s where my patience comes in. I am a very patient person. I am patient, but I never lose focus. And now I’m here as the tag champion. You have to stay persistent, and trust, and believe, that’s all you can do. And that’s what I did.

Did you ever try pitching any ideas during this time or did you do your best with what came your way?

A little bit of both (laughs), you kind of have to do both.

We mentioned Ronda Rousey. What was your experience like working with Ronda and what do you think of her run thus far?

Bayley vs Ronda

Working with her was very different. It was just what I expected. It was very competitive. You know, she didn’t train like we do, and I don’t train like she does (laughs). She put me in things where I didn’t even know what was going on. She’s a different athlete. She’s the complete, elite athlete, and I’m glad we got to have that match together because it tested me. I felt like I needed that at that time.

And I think she’s done so much for us. If I talk to a stranger about what I do, and if I mention WWE, they’ll bring up Ronda Rousey. So I think she’s brought in a lot of attention and a lot of eyes, and I think that’s an awesome thing for us. It also shows that WWE is tough because she’s not the greatest at it, she’s great, but she’s not the greatest. She’s learning how hard it is, and I love to see that. People can say whatever they want about us, but it’s a very difficult sport and lifestyle.

Bayley vs Ronda RAW

In the VultureHound review of Fighting with My Family, it said that it was “the film wrestling fans have been waiting for.” Would you agree with that statement?

Yeah, I think so. I think it gave a good insight into what we go through, and the struggle it takes to make it this far. And it was just a good look inside Paige’s life. I remember when I first met her and learning about how she trained with her family, and I’ve also wrestled her Mum. Back in the day, I used to wrestle her Mum for SHIMMER. So knowing what her Mum went through, and what Paige has gone through, their type of lifestyle is like no other. It was awesome for fans to learn that about her, and then to kind of see the backstage of our everyday life.



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