This week’s NXT UK once again came to us from Coventry where it would be main-evented by a tag team match featuring the current United Kingdom Champion and his soon-to-be challenger teaming up. This uneasy alliance would have to coexist if they wanted to defeat the common foe of the pair, Gallus. The Coffey Brothers had a strong hatred for both Dunne and WALTER so were all too eager for a match. Elsewhere we saw tag team action and the debut of a new member of the Women’s division. Let’s get into it.

Flash Morgan Webster takes to the air

Wolfgang defeated Flash Morgan Webster via Caber Toss

Gallus had the joy of being the starting match and the main event of this week’s NXT UK. Wolfgang went one on one with the ‘Modfather’ Flash Morgan Webster to open the show. Morgan had a distinct size disadvantage so had to use his speed to gain the upper hand early on. Unfortunately, he was caught off a springboard and punished by Wolfgang. From there he was picked apart until once again his speed gave him a chance to take control again. He pulled off a trifecta of dives to the outside, going under the bottom rope, through the middle rope and over the top rope. He then tried to go for a swing move around the ring post but got caught again. Wolfgang delivered a crushing slam against the ring post followed by a Powerbomb to the apron. He then pushed Webster into the ring and finished him off with the Caber Toss for a three count. After the match, he continued to pummel Webster until the refs dragged him away kicking and screaming.

This was a decent opening bout that saw speed vs power come to blows. The fans rallied behind Webster but he was unable to get the job done against the bigger opponent. On two occasions, he fell to the flashiness of his own offence leading to his defeat. That being said he put on an exciting starting match and really you can’t ask for more than that.

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley via Swanton Bomb

Kenny Williams lands a Missile Dropkick on Saxon Huxley

Next up was a tag team bout featuring two rather makeshift teams. Both had worked together before but only one would be successful here. That team would be Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan. They had the task of trying to defeat the bigger and stronger team of Saxon Huxley and Tyson T-bone. The smaller team had the advantage early on, running rings around the larger opponents. Unfortunately, a distraction would see Jordan ambushed and worked over for a large part of the match. He would be worn down and trapped in holds as he desperately tried to make a hot tag to Williams. After managing to reverse a power move into a splash, both Jordan and T-Bone tagged out and the pace speeds up as the fresher Williams took out Huxley. The two went for stereo dives to the outside and then finished the match with a combo of moves that ends with the Swanton Bombay (as Nigel McGuinness called it) from Jordan.

This match played into the same formula as the last one only this time speed overcame power. That being said it was still enjoyable and the pairing of Williams and Jordan are slowly finding their footing. Not a whole lot more to say really, it was more an exhibition match than anything.

Noam Dar Moves to NXT UK

Noam Dar's words stoke the ire of Mark Andrews

So the dafties of NXT UK got called out by the one and only Noam Dar in the following segment. The Scottish Supernova and former 205 Live Star announced he had officially joined NXT UK and was ready to bring the brand to the next level… once it came to Scotland. With those few words, he turned the crowd against him and just continued to wind the crowd up more. Eventually, he got round to shaming wrestlers on the brand for only making flying visits to 205 Live. In the end, his words got to Mark Andrews, who came out to confront him. Dar fled before a fight could break out. I doubt this will be the last we see of these two.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Candy Floss via Dirty Bomb (Gory Bomb)

Kay Lee Ray lands a vicious kick to Candy Floss' head

We went from one return to the next as Kay Lee Ray made her return to the WWE. She made her debut on NXT UK against the bubbly Candy Floss. Ray had last been seen in the first Mae Young Classic. She didn’t make it out of the first round but certainly left an impression on the WWE Universe. The NXT UK crowd tried to welcome her but she was more focused on destroying her opponent. Candy Floss couldn’t really get much offence in, as Ray started with some arm manipulation and quashed the comeback from her opponent with a devastating chop followed by a vicious kick to the head. She then finished the match with the Gory Bomb, which she calls the Dirty Bomb in ICW. This was short and sweet and did everything it needed to in establishing Kay Lee Ray as a threat. Her credentials alone should have done that but this match just showed further proof she’ll be one to watch going forward.

Whilst we’re discussing the women’s division, it should also be noted that Jinny once again hinted at her desires to go after Toni Storm’s title and Xia Brookside wanted to get her hands on Rhea Ripley after her bullying towards her.

Pete Dunne & WALTER vs The Coffey Brothers via Golden Bomb

Walter hits a German Suplex to both Coffey Brothers

The main question surrounding the main event was not who would win, but if Pete Dunne and Walter would be able to coexist as a unit. Since Walter is being flagged as the next title contender, it is hard to imagine him and Dunne being able to work together to beat a common foe. That foe being the Coffey Brothers. However much to the disappointment of the Coffeys, they not only worked well but won the match. It wasn’t easy but they managed to put tensions aside to ensure that Gallus bit the dust.

The match started well for the champion as he controlled the arm of Mark Coffey and managed some body manipulation. He respectfully tagged with Walter and the two continued to work over Coffey. However, the one upsmanship would begin as Walter mimicked the elbow stomp of Dunne. In return on the next tag, Dunne delivered a chop to which Walter quickly responded, again to the misfortune of the Coffeys. They wouldn’t be out for long though, using a blind tag to get one over on Dunne and worked him over. Eventually, Dunne got the hot tag to Walter and the match sped up a bit as he once again blistered the Coffeys. Dunne and Walter made use of a blind tag of their own to obliterate the Coffeys again. Both teams continued to shift momentum and put the other down. One of the most notable moments was a Doomsday Device like-move the Coffeys managed to execute on Walter. Dunne and Walter continued to work together and executed a double German Suplex. Mark busts Walter open with a rope rebound but can’t keep Walter down and the two get trapped in submissions. Joe Coffey escaped and broke the Sleeper Hold Walter had his brother trapped in. Joe attacked Dunne outside and attempted to use the belt on the champ. Dunne kicked it out of his hands so Mark tried to use it on Dunne but Walter saveds him, delivering a Big Boot and finishing Mark with a Golden Bomb.

After the match, the two have an intense staredown when Walter picks up the belt and thrusts it at Dunne. Neither the commentators nor the audience can work out if it’s a show of respect or a warning. Overall though this match was awesome, the tension between Walter and Dunne was palpable as they managed to work well together but there was no guarantee it would last. The Coffeys may have gotten the short end of the stick but they didn’t slouch. They could have credibly won on multiple occasions. Walter will always be fun to watch, so it’s even better when he’s paired with more technical and hard-hitting opponents.

Pete Dunne and his future challenger stare each other down

With that, we come to the end of another episode of NXT UK. It delivered a kickass main event and some strong matches leading up to it. Whilst it may not have been as extreme as last week’s main event, it certainly carried the same level of gravitas. The brand is slowly starting to establish more stories and challengers, as time goes on. It’s been a slow road and there’s still a lot of exhibition matches littering the card but they’re not horrible to watch so they’re still welcome. The future is going to be interesting as Kassius Ohno appeared to be coming to claim some NXT UK scalps and Tyler Bate is coming for James Drake. Tumultuous times are ahead.

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