After re-signing with WWE nearly two years ago, Drew McIntyre has been on an interesting and exciting journey with fans playing very close attention to the position he claims in the company today. His NXT run saw McIntyre stand as NXT Champion fitting in memorable bouts and standing out as the top babyface of the black and gold brand. Today, Drew finds himself as one of the most exciting prospects on the main roster working as a monster heel with bags of potential. However, smart booking has only taken McIntyre so far and today we are going to be exploring the next best options for the Scottish Psychopath.

Moving Him to SmackDown Live

While there are still many options in terms of booking decisions for Drew McIntyre on RAW it has become more evident in recent months that moving him over to SmackDown Live may just be the next best move. With an entirely new batch of opponents awaiting McIntyre its career changing collisions and storylines against the likes of AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens amongst many that make for must-sees. The new set of opportunities, opponents and the ability to provide something totally new on Tuesday nights makes this a move the WWE must consider for the former NXT champion moving forward. There have been mistakes made for McIntyre on RAW and things may improve and move much faster if he is to make the transition from Monday nights to the blue brand.

Moving Away from Alliances

Since coming up to the main roster, McIntyre has found himself aligned with multiple superstars. With Dolph Ziggler, the first of many Drew has progressed to find friendship in the form of Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin in recent months and these alliances haven’t taken McIntyre to the level at which many expected him to be at by now. In fairness we have seen some great tag team bouts come from these relationships with other stars, however, moving forward it’s about time McIntyre begins to show what he can do on his own, what he is capable of and focus more on singles bouts, solo feuds and setting his sights on championship gold alone.

Becoming WWE Champion

One of the best booking decisions the WWE can make for McIntyre moving forward is crowning him WWE champion. Now, it’s clear the Scottish Psychopath is a long way away from that becoming a reality but if the WWE can begin to build McIntyre up for that style of push and send him in that direction things could work out amazingly well and come the Summer Drew could easily find himself standing as WWE champion. The first step would, of course, involve moving him from RAW to SmackDown Live, crowning a babyface WWE champion during Wrestlemania and slowly building McIntyre up to be the next big thing on Tuesday nights. It’s a transition that works, steps that make sense, and McIntyre, being the hugely talented star he is, makes this is a legitimate plan that could change the shape of SmackDown Live and McIntyre’s career massively!

Putting Down a Legend

Now, I’m writing this week before WrestleMania and at this current stage, there are no clear plans for McIntyre heading into Mania despite the former NXT champion high on momentum and a major part of RAW. With McIntyre already doing so much, competing in an array of standout matches and making an impact there is no denying this is a man who deserves strong booking heading into WrestleMania 35 and this year there are several options. From taking on Kurt Angle in his farewell match to going one on one with John Cena, McIntyre has options to explore but moving forward it’s vital he gains greater momentum and truly shows his dominance. Taking out a legend regardless of who that may be, is a huge step in pushing McIntyre as one of the next big things in the WWE and making sure fans know he is a man to keep their eyes on. McIntyre needs to do something different and big to stand out in a dramatic fashion and taking out an all-time great to make space for his own spotlight may just be the way to go.

The Chosen One

The final angle I want to explore and a creative option that could massively turn things around for McIntyre is looking at the Chosen One story. Long time, WWE and Drew McIntyre fans will remember the young star first appearing in the WWE as Vince McMahon’s “Chosen one” and from then its been clear just how strong the potential has been when it comes to Drew. Now, things may not have worked out the way many expected to back then and the way they should have but looking at the state of things in twenty nineteen it’s clear the WWE has another chance with McIntyre and getting the chosen one angle right. We have seen in recent weeks Vince McMahon play a major role in storylines from getting himself involved with Becky Lynch’s Road to WrestleMania and more recently Kofi Kingston’s own journey to the biggest event of the year. There have already been many opportunities this year for Vince to activate the chosen one angle once again with McIntyre and while it hasn’t been something the WWE has gone ahead with just yet its most certainly something to explore moving forward with Drew and his main roster run. It’s an angle that writes itself, we know there is history between the two men, and this may just be the quickest and most entertaining direction to send McIntyre in.

There really is no hiding nor denying the potential and talent Drew McIntyre possesses and always has done. He is an incredibly charismatic and talented superstar with loads to bring to the table and the WWE have handed his second run very smartly, but he very clearly deserves to be and should be at a bigger position. As we have explored today there are options for him, and I do personally believe the future still looks very bright for McIntyre in the WWE.

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