If something is predetermined, is it not relevant? Can we resurrect the art of the finish? A title being held at a smaller promotion compared to a larger one, is it not as applicable?

Some of the finest and highest in-ring champions come from Canada. Canadian wrestling has been one of the oldest grounds to ingrain wrestling tradition in the minds of fans with ambassadors like Chris Jericho, Stu Hart, Bret the Hitman Hart, Owen Hart, Rowdy Piper, Edge, Lance Storm, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Don Callis to name a few.

On March 22, 2019, the Canadian wrestling promotion PCW (Premier Championship Wrestling) announced The Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega would be attending their 17th Year Anniversary Spectacular. PCW is the premier home promotion of one of the supreme superlative pro-wrestlers to have ever stepped into the squared circle.

In addition to making this announcement. PCW also announce that they would be making a return and addition to their Hall of Fame. Jason Geiger would be inducted in that hall of fame. Geiger was trained by Don Callis. He also debuted in 1999 and has 2-1 professional record in mixed martial arts with a black belt in Brazilian Jitsu.

Premier Championship Wrestling is one of the most relevant Canadian promotions to premier since March 3, 2002. The promotion has been home to some of purest in-ring competitors gifted in strong style and technical wrestling. Competitors with the willingness to put their bodies through radical actions to satisfy a loyal fan base. The loyal cultivating audience attempts to purchase what tickets they can. PCW stars perform as much as they can at public events and their main home, Doubles Fun Club. The PCW fan base can only be described as devoted they are invested in the show. They will wait all month long to be one of the few 400-500 people that can fit in the building. The audience becomes invested in the Suspend Disbelief of the psychology of each match that takes place in the white roped 16 x 16 ring.

PCW has a list of premier talent that can only be seen in Canada. They are a  promotion known for giving wrestlers their start and welcoming veterans and putting on shows lacking in size but not struggling in knowing how to sell or what to work creatively.

The current roster has a mix of different styles. There are your technical wrestlers and eccentric ones as well. You have several champions that have come and gone from the promotion. Some that remain and some continuing to develop themselves. One of the few interesting things about this promotion is the precise ability some of the talent has for a smaller promotion.

The Glitch in the System, Jay Walker who can raise your loathing of him as a heel but also could become the underdog. He can play on your emotions as a casual viewer and you think for once I understand why that performer is the way he is. He could only be pushed down for so long and told he could never become anything more than who he is. His opportunities taken or ruined by another person. Outside of the ring, he becomes one of the most inspirational people with his podcast, interactions with people, and Vlogs of behind the scenes of wrestling. After winning his golden ticket he will have a chance to become a champion again after so long and face Alix Vanna.

Alix Vanna, debuting in 2013 and trained by Lance Storm, won the PCW Premier Cup Winner in 2017. He is also noted to have been a 2x PCW Canadian Champion, and a 2x NXW Heavyweight Champion and a former member of the promotion’s faction Gentlemen’s Club. Jackie Lee was added to the London Dynasty when Scorpio attacked Gentlemen’s Club due to him being kicked out.

Gentlemen’s Club also consisted of The London Dynasty (Leo & David London) and Jackie “The Jet” Lee.

Leo London of the London Dynasty has one of the most impressive championship runs in the promotion. Known in Canada as a technical ace, his style consists of technical submission wrestling. He could adapt to any opponent in the ring. He can execute a near-perfect LaBell Lock, Calf Slicer, Double Stomp, Spider Superplex, Black Sunday,  Orienteering with Napalm Neath, along with others. He’s a five-time PCW Tag Team Championship w/ David London, once with w/James Beaver, an NXW Heavyweight Championship, NBW Mid-Canadian Championship, C4W X-Division Championship, Gold Dragon Wrestling Tag Team Championship  -w/David London, CWF Tag Team Championship, and many more.

The PCW Tag belts at one time also held by a young up and coming Kenny Omega. In August 19, 2004, Kenny Omega & Rawskillz teamed to face Shaun Houston & Chris Raine. This is how Omega & Rawskillz gained the PCW Tag Team championship.

Kenny Omega’ Canadian accomplishments include being a four-time PCW Heavyweight Championship, a four-time PCW Tag Team Championship, three times w/Chris Stevens, once w/Rawskillz, an NWA Canadian X Division Championship, the 2005 & 2007 Premier Cup Tournament Winner and CWF Heavyweight Champion.

Kenny Omega has made several appearances for his home promotion. This is the promotion where it all began. Where he learned his fundamentals and began to develop his art. PCW will also be featured in the Kenny Omega documentary Omega Man: A Wrestling Love Story, one of the most heavily anticipated wrestling documentaries.

It is unclear who the Best Bout Machine’s opponent will be when he arrives in his home country of Canada but one thing is for sure, he will be arriving ready and strong-minded.


Kenny Omega is one of the most impactful wrestlers in the business today. His style will continue to inspire and stand out for future generations to come. Omega’s style is not just Strong Style but a mix of different influences that can only come from experience and cultural perceptive. The cultural perceptive he showed in wrestling is partly influenced by his roots coming from Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

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Pics courtesy of PCW Wrestling & NJPW. Video courtesy of Leo London & Jay Walker.

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